Social Media Marketing

Sharing Videos On Social Media Platforms

Everyone shares videos on social media these days, so how do you make your content stand out? There are various ways you can maximise your video content’s reach on social media platforms. Read on for our top tips.

Choose the correct platform

Knowing your target audience and having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in your videos are vital to maximising how well your content performs on social media. YouTube, for instance, is ideal for longer, in-depth videos, although you’ll find it harder to attract traffic from this; whereas the likes of Facebook is much more effective in attracting viewers as they’ll happen upon your video when scrolling through their feed.

However, the latter is more suited for shorter video footage. You can buy cheap facebook views and get a boost to your social media presence. Also look at the demographics for each platform. For instance, Tik Tok tends to have younger users, so is an ideal channel to share your video if your target audience is mostly teenagers or young adults.

Capture your audience

It’s all very well creating good quality video content, but it’s no use if no one’s going to see it. Use eye-catching cover images to encourage clicks. You should accompany this with a captivating and descriptive title which attracts viewers while also informing them exactly what the video’s about. Follow this with an interesting intro that stands out but also leaves the audience wanting more. Another way to entice our audience is to actively engage with them.


Don’t just share your video to social media and leave it at that – use it to interact with viewers. Respond to any viewer comments and encourage discussion. You could also encourage interaction by including a call to action in your video or ending it with a question that will inspire viewers to comment on it.

Quality content

Online viewers tend to have short attention spans, so it’s crucial that you make your videos short and sweet, especially if you’re looking to share them on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Get your point across in your videos while being clear and concise. Your content should be unique, engaging, and interesting, but you should also be mindful of any legal issues. If you’re using music in your video, for instance, always make sure you have permission.

Remember that people will often browse social media with their audio turned off, especially when they’re using their mobile devices in public places or on their daily commute. Therefore, you should always include subtitles if there’s dialogue in your video. If there is no dialogue, then you can still use subtitle text throughout the video to explain to viewers what’s happening. Consider consulting a company that offers playout services to help you connect to your viewing audience through a range of platforms and to ensure that your videos are slick and of the highest quality.

Determine peak times

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is working out a strategy to ensure the highest possible reach and the best way to do this is to determine the best times. You could have the most engaging, unique video content out there but it’s completely pointless if you share it at a time when nobody’s likely to see it. This is why all successful brands have their own detailed social media marketing schedule based on data. Publishing your videos during times of high traffic will optimise your reach, so keep an eye on social media trends and use data analysis software to determine the best times to post.


Sharing videos on social media platforms is relatively straightforward, but there are several factors you must consider if you want to maximise your online reach. Creating video content that’s unique and engaging with eye-catching and concise text is important, but you must also be mindful of the peak times for traffic.