Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

In the early years, when social media was just introduced it was considered as a medium for the youth to interact and get connected. However, with its growing reach and importance, business owners are now realizing the potential benefits of social media marketing for their businesses.

A survey conducted by Global Web Index shows that 30% of Internet users search for products or services on social media. It also indicated that 37% of internet users follow their favorite companies or brands online.

Hence it is now very important for business to start marketing on the social media platform to gain more exposure and higher turnovers.

Some of the benefits of Social Media Marketing for a Business are:


Social media helps in increasing brand recognition and visibility. It gives you an opportunity to market your brand to new customers each day instead of targeting the same old customers with marketing messages or promotions. By creating profiles on all the major social media platforms, you will be able to increase your business’s visibility and reach a larger audience. To begin with you can start with buying Instagram followers from credible sources. That will help you build social proof. You can also encourage your loyal customers and stakeholders to share your page and content regularly on different social platforms. This will help you reach out to more potential customers.

You’ll be able to monitor your brand and competitors using keywords and hashtags across all major social media networks with the help of tools such as Onclusive’s social listening insights.

Search Engine Ranking:

Search engine optimization is essential if you want your website to appear in search engines. You may also want to consider conversion rate optimization too if you want to maximize the percentage of conversions. While onsite and offsite SEO plays a big part in that, social media also has a part to play.

You can improve your search engine rankings on top portals by including targeted keywords and phrases on your social media posts. You can also include links to your business website on your posts or blogs by using marketing communication assignment help. Every time your post or blog is shared, and your followers click on the links, they will be immediately directed to your website. The objective here is to reach as many people with quality content which they can easily forward.

Customer relationships:

Since olden days, people have always like to do business or interact with people and not institutions. People are more comfortable with a human touch when buying any product.

Social media gives you and your employees a chance to offer this human touch and build close relationships with your clients. You can respond to your followers’ queries and comments on a one to one basis.

By replying on time, and showing empathy in case of complaints, will help on increasing their level of satisfaction. You can even use a platform like Chatfuel or SendPulse to create a social media chatbot and stay in touch with your customers 24/7.

Your customers need to feel that care and concern, they should not feel you are there only to sell your products.

Conversion rates:

When you give a human touch to your brand using social media, your conversion rates will automatically begin to increase. The importance of responding to all reviews and comments including negative comments is that it increases the trust and loyalty in potential customers. Growing brand awareness and visibility also help in improving the sales.

Marketing Costs:

While marketing on traditional offline platforms, you need to run a number of campaigns and spend a lot on marketing and advertising. Social media provides cost-effective methods of advertising and marketing targeting millions of customers at the same time. You can also opt for paid advertising on social media. You can plan your strategy and method of advertising depending on the results on your conversion rates.

Customer insights:

The primary goal for conducting market research is understanding your customers’ needs and desires. This information can help you introduce products in the market and to target the right audience for the same. You can access this information while networking with your customers on social media. Learning the demographics, the likes and dislikes of potential customers can help you understand how to respond to their queries or needs.


It is very clear that social media marketing has a number of advantages, so if your business does not have its presence on the social media, it is high time your start creating your profiles. There are practically no reasons why you should not implement social media marketing.

It is extremely cost-effective, and you won’t have anything to loose. Your competition is most likely already active on social media, so don’t lose this opportunity to gain your foothold in the field of social media marketing.