The Best Social Commerce Platforms For eCommerce Brands To Drive Growth

In recent years, the growth of social commerce platforms has tremendously increased all over the world. Brands are now directly selling their products and services with the virtue of social media.

And why not? Social media is the largest platform where millions of people actively participate, engage, and inspire other people by regularly uploading huge amounts of data.

90% of the online consumers believe that social media influences their buying decisions, hence it is a great deal for marketers and brands to capitalize on their marketing efforts on these platforms.

Now you might be thinking of how to grow your social media strategy and where to start selling? If so, then we provide you with the best social commerce platforms that you should start investing in now, promising you to drive significant growth and exponential sales for your eCommerce brand.

So let’s get started,

5 Best Social Commerce Platforms To Drive Brand Growth


Instagram is the prominent social media channel for social commerce or selling through social media platforms. With the largest number of active users, Instagram ranks on the top and most promising social commerce platforms to marketers.

The major age group that actively participates on Instagram is between 14 to 35, hence making it the best choice for brands and marketers as this is the major age that is most likely to make frequent purchases compared to others.

The only challenge in front of you is to grab the attention and derive maximum engagement of Instagram users with your brand and products. The more users interact, engaged, and aware of your brand, the more they are interested in buying your product.

But how do you sell your product through Instagram? From time to time, Instagram is upgrading its platform with features that allow Instagram business accounts to easily sell their products.

These features are Swipe-Up link, Link in bio, Insta Shop, Tagged Product, Shoppable Instagram Posts, Shoppable Instagram Ads, etc.
Using these Instagram features, brands can make direct sales at the point of contact when a user interacts with the brand’s Instagram posts.

Moreover, Instagram offers to make content more interesting, attractive, and engaging that brands are also sell their products with enrapturing Instagram Stories.

So Instagram is the most social media platform to start with social commerce strategy for your brand and derive exceptional growth of your eCommerce brand.


As the eldest social media platform, Facebook is also the eldest one to start social commerce practice on their platform. With 2.2 billion people as the daily active users, Facebook is the priority of brands and businesses to strategize their social media marketing game plan.

Facebook enables marketers to reach the potential audience effectively and efficiently that delivers desired results.

Facebook introduced social commerce activity in 2007 by allowing its users to buy virtual gifts for their friends; then, this same year, Facebook opened its platform to allow marketers and businesses to sell their products using the reach of Facebook.

Then, after a few years, Facebook introduced the “buy button” feature, allowing users to buy their favorite product directly from the Facebook post without leaving the platform.

And recently, Facebook has converted into a complete marketplace with Shoppable Facebook Pages, Facebook Shops, product tags, etc., built into the next competitor of eCommerce giants like Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.


As visuals are the major reason behind the growth of social commerce and its platforms, Pinterest is the emerging and exponentially growing social media platform expanding sales at an enormous scale.

People love to engage with the Pinterest pins and find amusing content that also brings inspiration for future purchases.

Seeing this huge engagement of users and vast opportunities with marketers, Pinterest also allows the marketing to grow their brand sales by making Shoppable Pins.

Through Shoppable Pins, brands can tag their products in the pins and provide necessary details about the product that helps users better understand the product and provide a buy link to purchase the same product in the Pin. For eg. If you are into grooming business, you can create a pin for best wooden combs in India which will help users to know about your grooming brand.

Taggbox Commerce

Social commerce is limited to social media platforms; it is more than that, including every marketplace where you are selling with social media boon.

This introduced us to the Taggbox Commerce that allows marketers and brands to create social media galleries with shoppable functionality, allowing customers to get the social proof and features to buy the social media recommended products.

With Taggbox Commerce, you can collect social media posts like UGC in which your branded product is featured, add your inventory on the platform, create a shoppable gallery, and embed it onto your brand’s official website.

Taggbox Commerce helps you increase the authenticity of your website with user-generated content that acquaints your customers with the social proof of your brand & product. Hence, it inspires your customers to make purchases with informed and authoritative decision-making power.

Wrapping Up!

Social commerce is the new eCommerce marketing trend, with no doubt that it increases sales of many brands and businesses utilizing the potential of social commerce.

With the right strategy and rigorous efforts, you are not away from blowing the competitors with your success.
Hence, start capitalizing on the social commerce platforms mentioned above and see the exceptional results.