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Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2018

Today, Social media is much more than basic networking. Right from advertising a product, to actually selling it online, social media is now being used for a number of marketing purposes.

The social media exposure has increased so much that it has become absolutely necessary for any business to focus on this area of marketing.

Therefore in order to help the upcoming entrepreneurs, we have mentioned a few of the latest social media advertising trends which will be beneficial for a business’s online presence.

Let’s begin with understanding what social media marketing really means.

In simple words, social media marketing means acquiring more visitors or customers by marketing your services or products through different social media platforms. The main idea behind social media marketing is to create content in different forms, which can be liked and shared by numerous social media users on different networks.

With the growing accessibility of internet through mobile devices, the concept of social media marketing is fast gaining momentum. It is a fairly reasonable and effective method for reaching out to the target audience.

Few of the social media platforms which are used all across the world are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the best strategies one can use for driving a successful social media marketing campaign.

Multimedia Content:

In today’s busy world where most of the people don’t have time to read a lengthy article, an interactive video is more likely to get higher views than written content or graphic advertisements. So focus on using interactive social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram to increase your viewership and visitors.

Customized Posting:

Has anyone wondered why are we bombarded with so many different social media platforms on the internet today? The answer is simple, because everyone wants to experience the best of the internet in every way possible. A good social media marketing technique will focus on creating customized posts for each social media platform, and not circulate the same posts everywhere. This will help your followers on all platforms to evaluate your credibility and convert them into your loyalists.

Campaigns and Contests:

People are always attracted to campaigns or contests which offer rewards. When a contest is created related to a popular topic, you are unconsciously generating an opportunity for individuals to participate and communicate based on a shared interest. In simple words, you are not only engaging with your target audience, but at the same time also luring them into purchasing your product or services.


Creating a brand identity is among the top priorities for any budding entrepreneur. And social media platforms are the perfect place to do that. Create your company’s complete profile with a name and logo, this will help you in establishing a credible online presence for your brand. This branding helps people in remembering your company from its name and logo, right from its inception.

Integrating offline marketing with online:

During inception, companies start their marketing campaigns through offline modes like radio, television or newspapers. These are effective ways of creating awareness about your brand. At the same time you can merge these offline strategies with the newer online ones. You can mention your social media profiles in your print or television ads. This will help people in remembering your brand and motivating them to go and check your online presence, whereby increasing their interest in you.

Response to Comments and Queries:

If anyone leaves a comment or query on your social media profile, as the owner of the profile it is your responsibility to respond to the query at the earliest. If the comment is a grievance or complaint, you must apologize and assure them that you will work out the best solution for them. This helps in proving your sincerity to your customers and convinces them that you value their views and comments.

Conduct Online Polls & Surveys:

One of the best way to connect with your target audience and to get their views and opinion is by conducting polls or surveys online. Conducting online polls on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, will make your customers feel that you value their opinions, while also helping you understand and learn about their view on your brand.

Track & Share Results:

If you want to increase the number of followers/fans on social media and also keep the existing ones loyal to your brand, you need to focus on sharing your progress with the audience in any form.

You can gather quantitative results from metrics and present them in the form of a blog or a nice infographic. When you share this data or results with your customers and prospects, it helps in creating a trust for your brand. It shows them how well you are doing as a brand and how beneficial it will be for them by associating with your brand name.