Choosing the right Front-end Frameworks for your Website

Over the last few decades industry has witnessed a significant increase in the number of front-end development frameworks.

The best front end frame networks, ensure an improved user experience. They also provide the web developer with an assortment of tools like web apps, API integration to a robust architecture and a many more. Their flexibility and absolute capacity can highlight why they are so important for anyone who is looking to build scalable and competent frontend applications.

We have summated a few important points which will help you decide which frontend development framework is the best for your website.


Each framework comes with a huge load of documentation, tutorials, courses, books and support documents which can help the web developer to work on it and manipulate them when needed. Understanding and learning these resources are essentially important for the development process, as this understanding will determine how efficient and useful your codes are. If these supporting resources are not easily available, then your learning will be affected and it will be difficult for you to write the optimum code. This usually happens with new or poorly supported frameworks, one should try avoiding using these. Angular and React, have an excellent cache of supporting resources which are easily retrievable when searched on Google.


For easy customization and configuration of personal preferences, web developers need to work on a flexible front-end development framework. While choosing a front-end development framework one needs to find out, whether the framework will automatically preselect architectural decisions or will it allow you to specify your requirements? The efficiency of your end product is highly depended on the kind of frontend application one is trying to build. From the number of frameworks available, Angular 2 is primarily a static framework which is preconfigured with state of options. Vue, Aurelia and React are much better options as they are customizable.

Compactness and Weight:

Addition of even one single byte can determine whether your will achieve optimal performance or will face lags while implementation. In terms of bandwidth and processing time browser performance is severely affected by the size of the code in bytes. If developing compact frontend solutions is your company’s goal you should opt for a frontend development framework which can minimize every block of code. Vue is able to compress its core libraries to 23kb. Aurelia and React are not far behind at 64kb and 32kb respectively. Angular is no match for the others with its rather bulky 143kbs.

Community and support

If you are looking for maximum productivity and efficiency in the frontend development process, it is necessary for your company to start off with a frontend development framework which has been tested and trusted in the developer circle. In most cases, a flourishing community for a particular frontend development solution, means it has a good support and followership from other developers. React and Angular from Google and Facebook respectively are the obvious winners with their versatility and huge community support.

Finally, the choice of framework you choose for you company is entirely dependent on your requirements. Looking at the above points, React seems meet all the requirements of performance, scalability, and efficiency. It is highly popular and has a vast collection of libraries, making it ideal frontend JavaScript framework. There is a steady increase in the number of React developers on the market, which means business owners are not at risk of experiencing a shortage of such experts.

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