Changing the face of web designing – Web Animations

Let’s go down the memory lane when professional webpages were made up of simple text, basic hyperlinks with one or two images. The few advanced ones at times displayed a homepage along with digital tune in the background.
Even earlier in this decade the basic formula of creating a website was to focus on providing information to the visitor. Though the web designs had improved immensely, better imagery work was used, and user friendly menus had been introduced the goal was to essentially provide information on static pages.

However users’ expectations from websites have evolved over the years; they expect to have an interactive experience each time they visit the website. Web designing has kept up to the expectations and has evolved to take the visual storytelling experience to the next level. Animations have now become a huge part of this new design philosophy.

Animations are now much smoother, sophisticated and mobile friendly thanks to the usage of advanced technologies like CSS3, HTML5, SVG elements, and lightweight JavaScript. Over the years the graphics designers have come to realize the potential of animation and how they can be used in web designing for an improved user experience. Animations can play an important role in growing the sales by increasing the conversion rate. Using CSS and Javascript codes has helped in improving the loading speeds of the websites. There is no doubt about it that web animations are an outstanding tool which can help the web designers in developing enhanced and user friendly websites.

Why Use Animations?

A number of interactive elements are used for designing a webpage, from these elements animations particularly stand out. Some of the major benefits of using animations are:

  • Animations are useful for drawing user attention towards webpage elements, they are also useful in guiding visitors through a process. Presenting them the next step that they should take for browsing through the website.
  • Animations visually attract the users and tell a story. These visuals keep the users engaged for a longer period. They help in generating curiosity for the website.
  • With the growing usage of simplistic, flat, modern design, a number of visual cues are being removed from webpages. Introducing animations without actually changing the aesthetics of the website helps in improving the visitor’s website experience.

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