Benefits of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) for SEO

With the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), SEO will be hugely benefited. Firstly it will be designated with a “Fast” label on the search engine results pages, and secondly it will also act as a ranking factor. But first let us understand what is AMP and how it is going to be beneficial for SEO.

What is AMP?

AMP is a free, open-source framework used for creating and developing mobile pages to deliver fast content. It contains HTML, JS, and cache libraries having specific extensions and AMP-focused properties. This helps in accelerating the loading speed for mobile pages, even if they are loaded with ‘rich and heavy’ content like pictures, PDFs, audio or video files.

The main objective for AMP is to help publishers develop websites which can load quickly on mobile devices since mobile responsiveness generally tends to be slow due to the heavy resources used in desktop websites.

AMP is a skeletal version of the website’s mobile pages. Only important content is displayed and all the unimportant elements taking a toll on the website’s speed and performance are eliminated.

SEO Benefits of AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP pages definitely enhance the mobile user experience, however they are also hugely beneficial for marketing and SEO purposes.

  1. The principal reason AMP content is important for SEO is because these pages will be displayed on the Google News carousel. Whereby getting priority above-the-fold placement on the mobile search engines.
    Hence if your page is featured as an AMP page it will surely mean more attention for it. With the number of companies signing up for AMP, it is becoming very important for businesses to be on the AMP network to beat the competition.
  2. Loading time of your website is a major factor determining your SERP ranking. With AMP your average mobile user will not have to wait for more than six seconds for a page to load. As a result, the faster your page loads, the higher is your rank. Higher ranking will ensure more visitors and more content visibility.
  3. The loading speed will ensure that your visitors stay on your page for longer, helping you reduce the bounce rate. Though bounce rate is not the most important SEO ranking factor, a low bounce rate surely helps in validating to search engines that the audience finds your pages helpful and useful. By focusing on AMP for blog writing, the reader retention rates will surely go up.
  4. AMP helps in improving server performance. By using AMP if your site starts generating major traffic from mobile, it will help in reducing the load on your servers and improve their performance.

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