The Upsurging Role Of Video Content In SEO

If you’re thinking about making videos online, then video content has become a rather crucial aspect of modern-day digital marketing over the last decade. A majority of brands are incorporating video marketing in their business strategies for boosting sales and even engaging better with them.

What makes videos quite a catch is that they offer multiple benefits and help brands fulfill several business goals in a shorter span of time.

That being said, videos aren’t solely ideal for engaging your audience. They are also excellent for boosting your SEO. But how do they boost your SEO? Discover below everything you need to know about the unparalleled role of videos in boosting your SEO ranking.

What Makes Videos so Popular?

About 88% of individuals spend their time viewing video content. About 85% of individuals suggested that they were able to recall the call to action of videos and not texts. Thanks to free video editing tools.

Web pages that incorporate a single video can boost their rating on SEO up to 45 times. Such statistics only showcase the vitality of video marketing in today’s digitally advanced era. Discover below what makes videos so popular in the technology-oriented world as of today.

  • Videos are Brief and On-Point

One of the most obvious reasons why videos are in demand today is that they are brief and on point. They are a much easier form of content to consume as they deliver abundant information in only short timeframes.

  • Videos are Essential Storytellers

Storytelling plays a crucial role in helping brands connect much more deeply with their audience. Videos act as excellent sources of storytellers.

They tend to make a much larger impact on your audience. A study suggests that about 80% of people remember viewing video ads over the last month. The efficiency of videos is boundless and unbeatable.

  • Videos Impact User Experience

Additionally, videos focus on bettering user experience. They smartly communicate everything that you want your audience to know. Moreover, elements like visuals, sound effects, and so on make videos extremely appealing to the eyes.

In addition to this, videos are easily accessible on smartphones. Over 60% of the users across the globe view videos on smartphones.

From the growing statistics related to video marketing, it doesn’t seem like videos will lose their popularity anytime soon. Experts have predicted that about 80% of the entire consumer traffic will be based on videos by the end of 2021.

Video content is moreover assisting several technologies like Google Home and even smartphones. Video content is thus bound to only bring more and more opportunities for brands.

Google and Its Ability to Sync with the Growing Popularity of Videos

With all the ongoing trends related to video marketing, Google doesn’t seem to stay behind. Google works in a deliberate algorithm. Thus, since people prefer watching more videos, Google tries its videos to showcase them in SERPs when necessary for specific educational doubts.

Thus, videos perform quite well not only because they continue to grow but also become continuously recognized by  . Thus, videos play a crucial role in leveraging SERP rankings.

How do Videos Impact SERP Rankings?

Video marketing is not as easy as it may seem. Collaborating with a skilled video production company can enhance the quality and impact of your content. Videos don’t boost your ranking instantly. However, videos unquestionably influence search rankings more compared to other forms of content.

Here are some of the ways by which videos influence SERP rankings.

  1. Extended Dwell Time and Less Bounce Rate

When new visitors explore your website, it can be quite challenging to convince them to stay in such a short span of time. This is why videos are promising. The very nature of video content defines user engagement.

People are more likely to spend their time viewing videos than reading texts or viewing images. A study suggests that people spend less than 2.6 times on web pages without video content. This is quite a big deal when it comes to SEO.

The longer the swell time, the greater your chances of getting recognized on popular search engines such as Google.

This can simultaneously help you build trust among your customers while building your brand’s credibility. Naturally, when people spend a good amount of time watching your videos, they will likely want to learn more about a brand.

This will thus drop the bounce rate. Most marketers face the challenge of bounce rate. With over a myriad of choices online, it is easy for users to get distracted within only a few seconds. However, you can deal with this factor by creating videos with engaging intros.

  1. Enhanced Click-Through Rate

When people tend to explore information on Google, they mostly tap on those results that are incorporated with videos. Letting the search engines learn on the SERPs that your website contains a video can drastically boost click-through rates. And you know what this means. You will have a real chance at driving a larger audience to your website.

Google regularly upgrades its SERPs to offer users much more detailed data about websites and the content they incorporate. This type of data is directly delivered via rich results called rich snippets. These snippets are specially designed to help viewers analyze what they might come across on a specific page before even clicking on it.

In a nutshell, videos are a great source of an element to add to your SEO to drive traffic, generate leads, boost sales, and ultimately attain a peak online presence.

  1. Enhanced Backlink Profile

People love to share exciting content. If you create engaging enough videos via an online video editor that genuinely appeals to your viewers, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll share the videos on their social media platforms. This will further expose your video content to a much broader audience.

Thus, as long as you create high-quality and engaging videos, you are bound to get backlinks to the webpage incorporating your video. It is also a good idea to host your videos on third/party web pages such as YouTube so that you can earn an increased number of backlinks. Furthermore, this can also help you get qualified traffic on your website.

  1. Google Loves Videos and So Should You

Google loves to acknowledge brands that make full use of Google My Business Listings. It further offers rewards to brands that do this with a local pack spot.

Local business listings consisting of posts, messages, images, and so on are ranked much higher compared to the businesses that offer minimal information.

You can only imagine what incorporating a video can do in helping you achieve your GMB listing rated in the local pack. This is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors.

Moreover, incorporating visual information into your GMB listings is quite a unique approach towards helping your audience get to know your brand. The more recent your videos and pictures are, the more clicks you can receive.

Additionally, visual content offers you maximal support in keeping your audience engaged. Simultaneously, Google monitors the overall interactions that may take place via your listings.

Bottom Line

With enough proof all over the internet, you can say that videos will only seem to continue growing with time. The very nature and popularity of videos are what make them a real game-changer in the present marketplace.

Several statistics have time and again proven that people prefer viewing videos rather than texts. Furthermore, videos help build strong relationships with your customers. They not only help brands engage well with their consumers but simultaneously help them grow their brand.

That being said, you don’t necessarily have to use videos for SEO advantages only. Videos have the ability to open up doors of opportunities for users across the globe.

They are ideal for bringing visibility to your brand. Thus, investing your time, money, and effort in video marketing is undeniably worth it, especially if you want to ensure swift brand success.

This was everything you needed to know about the pivotal role of videos in SEO. Make sure that you do meticulous research before optimizing video for SEO.