User Experience is Everything: The Role of AI Chatbots in the Future of UX Web Design

Web design is the digital webpage we see whenever we visit any website. It may be about a company or any business.

What is a UX web design?

UX or user experience web design has the motive to give users a warm experience. This is achieved by understanding exactly what the end-user wants. And then creating an experience personalized just for them.

Previously, in 2010 and before, web designs were focused solely on desktop pages but since then mobile web pages are getting the attention they deserve.

Role of AI Chatbots in the Future of UX Web Design

The Motive of a UX Web Design

With the end-user in mind, UX web design is a webpage that is more interactive. The users more often than not leave the site with answers rather than frustrated. This helps a business retain a customer longer which translates to more profit.

Tailoring the content to the audience also helps. Instead of long paragraphs, adding color and different fonts add character. This in turn allows users to find exactly what they are looking for.

The UX web design is not all about the visually appealing nature of a website. What good is content if it fails to address the user? The UX design places more emphasis on satisfying the user and improving their experience.

AI Chatbots

These are computer-programmed bots that use artificial intelligence to get to know a person.

They then use this added knowledge to engage in a conversation with the user. AI chatbots are one of the most prominent UX web design trends in 2021. The way AI chatbots burst into the scene scared many people right away.

This is because they had the potential to almost replace humans. But they fitted in as an added accessory aiding the people.

Chatbots in the right hands are a valuable asset. Since they can become one with another person, valuable information is extracted from the users.

The Capabilities of an AI Chatbot

Artificial intelligence is the future. This resonated everywhere. Incorporating these into chatbots means:

  1. They understand humans better.
  2. The responses feel more natural.
  3. Customers more often than not get the answers they seek.

These are just the tip of a big iceberg. AI chatbots are key to revolutionize user experience to a great extent.

This is what every business or company wants. A happy customer will feel less inclined to leave that particular brand. To achieve this AI chatbots are the way.

AI Chatbots and UX Web Design

The jury is still out on the debate about whether chatbots will replace humans for good. UX web designers are confident that in implementing chatbots along with their expertise. They believe this can help take user experience to the next level.

Creating a website that is appealing to everyone who stumbles upon them is near to impossible. UX web designers try their best to make content that fits all. With AI chatbots the thing once thought was unachievable is finally attained.

How AI Chatbots Can Change UX Web Design Forever

Enhancing user experience

This is exactly what UX is all about. To deliver an experience that the users find useful. Chatbots can engage in a casual conversation with users. They start the chat with simple questions.

This gives an insight into the likes and dislikes of that particular user. This ensures that the user gets a personalized experience based on what they want.

Better customer support

Getting a customer is a difficult task by itself. But retaining them is the tricky part. When a customer has some queries, they will have to take it with the support team. But this will take some time.

The chances of the customer getting fed up and leaving altogether are high. To mitigate this chatbot steps in.

They are Johnny on the spot 24/7. Whenever a customer raises a question they swiftly produce the answer.

Another bonus of having a chatbot is that they process a lot of information in less time. This gives a company freedom to cut down the cost of the customer support team.

One place – countless information

Suppose a person is running a clothing store. To get to know about that shop, a person will be on Google researching the particular store. But a chatbot can help them get all the information they need in one place.

Whenever a person visits your website, a chatbot pops up. They greet the person and give relevant information about the store.

A good example is the Starbucks chatbot. They converse with people, take their orders, and notify when it is ready. This prevents a lot of hassle for the customers adding to the overall user experience.

Solving problems

Some people enter a website and have no clue what to buy. If they end up leaving empty-handed that is a loss for the business.

Chatbots help to avoid this issue. Instead of slapping potential customers with a generic sign-in form, they ask questions. Based on the answers they receive the chatbot recommends products for them.

Thus by making the shopping experience seamless, user satisfaction is ensured.

How an AI Chatbot Should Be

Instilling an AI chatbot will not guarantee a good user experience on your website. They must be programmed in a certain way. If not, you risk doing more bad than good.

A welcome message is paramount

Whenever a user hops into your website greeting them goes a long way. A simple “Hi, How can I help you today?” will suffice. Don’t just thrust your product down their throat right from the get-go.

Quick response toggles

Baking pre-loaded messages for the users to take advantage of is vital too. This leaves no room for misunderstanding which can often result in a complete conversation. The errors caused when the user is forced to type are limited here.

Asking for ratings

We never know how much our chatbot is performing. Their purpose is to enhance the user experience. To make sure it is satisfying our users, leaving a rating button never hurts. The performance of the chatbot will be reflected in the rating area. We can take the necessary steps after that to make the chatbot better.

Summing up

AI chatbots are proof that there is no limit to advancement in technology. Combining them with UX web designing we got a deadly combo in our hands. The focus on user satisfaction is more stressed than ever. And AI chatbots are the way to achieve that.