Social Media Marketing

A Guide To Social Media Marketing In 2022

If the internet is one of the largest and most influential powerhouses which affect and influence businesses in the modern world, then social media is certainly one of its most important assets.

Whether you are a department head or executive of a large national or even international business, or else are a successful small business owner who is looking to grow and expand, then continuer reading for a comprehensive guide social media marketing in 2022 and beyond.

What Does Social Media Marketing Actually Relate To?

As little as just over a decade ago, the concept of social media marketing would have sounded like business jargon with no real meaning or impact, as social media platforms were very much in their infancy.

However, these days social media marketing is one of and in some cases, for businesses across the length and breadth of the country and beyond, the primary means of marketing and promoting a company and brand.

Essentially, social media marketing solely refers to the use of various social media platforms to connect directly with both existing and potential customers or clients and to drive traffic to the official business website.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing (When Done Properly!)

When a company either invests a large amount of time, money, energy and resources into managing their social media marketing campaigns, or else make the commendable and advantageous decision to outsource the entirety of their social media marketing to a reputable third-party company, they are rewarded with a myriad of benefits:

  • The enticement of new talent in ambitious employees who can learn the advantages of working for your business, such as ancillary health insurance and remote working options
  • A significantly improved level of rankings on popular search engines
  • An enhanced level of customer service and subsequent customer satisfaction
  • A boost in traffic directed to the official website which will result in an increase in sales
  • A higher conversion rating
  • Much improved levels of brand and company loyalty from both new and existing customers

Proven To Be Effective Social Media Marketing Tips & Techniques

The key to successful and effective social media marketing is to ensure that any and all of your brand content is fresh, innovative and eye-catching.

Some tried and tested ideas for your company’s social media marketing strategies could include:

  • Hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ series, either in video format or as a text conversation, for your social media followers to find out anything and everything about your products, services and business
  • Creating short and aesthetically impressive videos showcasing your latest product
  • Developing and posting how-to tutorials on either how a product works or how a service is provided
  • Running a control product or service giveaway or contest
  • Reposting customers’ feedback and imagery of the products they have bought from you
  • Teaming up with a complimentary brand to engage in a co-marketing social media strategy
  • Two words: Facebook Live
  • Showcase your happy customers and your products being used in real life