How Paraphrasing Tools Help To Write SEO Friendly Blog?

Paraphrasing tools are growing in popularity. But, how do they assist SEO writers today?

Google determines a website’s quality and content’s integrity before placing it anywhere near the SERP (Search engine results page). Experts say that it actually looks for over 200 factors before ranking a website—most around content and its originality.

That’s why it’s imperative to write content that’s not only SEO-friendly but up to the standards of Google. However, various problems such as unoriginality, plagiarism, lackluster content, and keyword stuffing get in the way.

So, can paraphrasing tools help you with that? Since paraphrasing tools are AI-enthused programs, many people use them emphatically these days. But are they effective? Let’s dive in deeper and find the answers to these burning questions.

What Is a Paraphrasing Tool?

Paraphrasing is the practice of restating an existing sentence, paragraph, or whole content by altering the words used within it. Manually, this process takes time, as it requires the writer to understand and grasp the text before changing it up.

However, with the help of a paraphrasing tool, a writer can change their content with the click of a button. Since these tools rely heavily on AI and NLP, it enables the tool to paraphrase said content within seconds.

They execute this process within minutes, which would usually take a human around an hour. That’s why their quickness is one of the main reasons they’re popular. So, what exactly does a paraphrasing tool do?

They Analyze & Rephrase Content

As the name suggests, the primary job of a paraphrasing tool is to rephrase the content. However, they don’t paraphrase as you would normally imagine.

While a human mind’s intuition is to recreate word after word, a paraphrasing tool analyses the content before making adequate changes to it. This process through NLP allows the tool to grasp the content’s idea and rephrase it accordingly.

They Offer Various Content Tones

A paraphrasing tool’s job is to rephrase the content and other problems that a content might have. One of these problems happens to be adequate content tone—for which writers use such tools.

Therefore, you will find many tools in the online world that offer such content tones. While others would depend on their AI to decide the best tone for your content.

They Improve Content’s Flow

One of the major problems of any content today is inadequate content flow. In SEO blogs, content’s easy flow and readability are particularly necessary.

That’s why paraphrasing tools ensure that content flows smoothly and employs a consistent and concise tone. These few aspects, too, are made possible by the thorough use of AI.

5 Ways Paraphrasing Tools Can Help Write SEO-Friendly Blogs

Writing SEO-friendly blogs requires you to have a little checklist. The first item on this list needs to be avoiding plagiarism, as you need original content to stand out. Then, you need proper delivery of your ideas, have a readable content tone, avoid grammatical errors, etc.

So, does a paraphrasing tool help with all these? Let’s find out.

1. Avoid Plagiarism Emphatically – Renders Everything Original

Avoiding plagiarism through paraphrasing tools is an essential process. It can help you rewrite plagiarized content into something original without any hassle.

So, we took content with direct plagiarism then used a paraphrasing tool to rephrase it.

Does it avoid plagiarism? Let’s see:

SEO Friendly Blog

As you can see, the content has changed a little bit from the initial shape. However, since it’s a direct/complete plagiarism case, we need to make sure it’s completely unique. So, let’s run it once more:

SEO Friendly Blog

As you can see here, the content that we initially paraphrased, we rephrased it again. This way, the content is a bit better and more original. However, you need to repeat this process until your content is 100% original.

2. Uses Better Synonyms – Enhancing Your Content’s Delivery

One of the best ways that a paraphrasing tool improves your content’s delivery is by changing existing words into something better. If the content isn’t delivering ideas properly, then SEO blogs may not perform well.

Here’s an example of such content:

Writing good content requires you to fix your content’s tone and make sure you get your idea across properly to your reader.”

The sentence is uneven and isn’t exactly giving us a context of what it’s about. Let’s put it through ParaphrasingTool.AI

SEO Friendly Blog

Once again, an AI-based tool proves that it can help us improve our content vastly.

3. Improving Your Content Tone – Making It More Readable

Making your content readable for online masses should be your priority. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to write something like this:

“Writing good paragraphs depends on how well you format each one of them. In order to get your point across properly, you need to be able to write content that embodies your subject matter. “

This passage isn’t bad, but it’s not ideal either. Can we improve its tone and make it more readable? Let’s use a paraphrasing tool again:

SEO Friendly Blog

This time, the paraphrasing tool improved our content by removing unnecessary fluffs and improving the passage’s overall flow.

4. Correcting Grammatical Errors – Ensuring Quality & Integrity

Can paraphrasing tools help you improve your content by fixing grammatical errors? Yes, they can. Since they use an intricate AI, they are able to peruse and fix any sort of grammatical errors.

Here’s an example:

SEO Friendly Blog

As you can see, the paraphrasing tool didn’t only rephrase your content but also fixed its grammatical errors.

5. Helping You Save Time – All At the Flick Of A Switch

Saving time is perhaps the most important factor of paraphrasing tools. Since you need to write SEO blogs day in and day out and post them frequently for online relevancy, paraphrasing tools can help you achieve that easily.

Your content can become better in all the ways mentioned throughout this article by a simple click of a button. So, their time efficiency should be one of the main reasons you should use them.


This is how a paraphrasing tool can help you write SEO-friendly blog content. The practical application of these tools depends on your understanding, so make sure you use them accordingly.