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Best Marketing Automation Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

The marketing automation industry is now in the mainstream with $7.63 Billion in 2025. This means that now is the best time to add automation solutions to your business.

In this article, You will learn what marketing automation is all about, how it can help your business, and discover the best automation tools that you can use for your marketing strategy.

But first…

What Is Marketing Automation?

When it first came out in the 1980s, marketing automation was a costly tool reserved only for large and established businesses.

As a digital tool, it works as software intended to systematize the processes of marketing campaigns. It enables marketers to have a strategic and creative marketing campaign that delivers consistent results, among its many benefits.  Its main purpose is to have the right content and deliver them to the right customers at the right time so that trust for the brand is nurtured.

Marketing automation ensures that businesses stay relevant, competitive and can keep up with the industry demands. It is a time-saving solution that increases productivity, tailors the customer experience, and keeps a unified campaign across all channels.

When Should You Get a Marketing Automation Tool?

Although marketing automation tools are obviously beneficial to any business, many find them overwhelming to use. The best way to go about this is to understand how it truly helps in scaling your marketing operation.

You are ready to automate your marketing operation if you are in at least three out of the following situations:

  1. Only one person works on your marketing. A marketing team of one can only do so much. There are too many activities involved in any marketing effort. Although having an automation tool will not give you an extra hand, it can free you up some time.
  2. You have a marketing channel that suits your business. You can only scale up with your marketing if you have something that works. Automation tools are not for finding which channel will work for you. It is more about helping you enhance the strategies that are already in place.
  3. You have a defined strategy for marketing. Like the reason above, you can get the most out of automation tools if you already have a solid strategy that needs to be improved.
  4. You can afford to have it rather than lose time. The beauty of marketing automation is that it allows you to buy time. It gives you the freedom to explore more without being unproductive.

Remember that you need marketing automation beyond alleviating the marketing department from doing repetitive tasks. You can think of it as an optimization tool that will not only optimize your marketing processes. It will also maximize the efficiency of your campaigns and let your team overcome any challenges associated with your efforts.

Best Marketing Automation Tools to Make Your Workflow Faster and Easier

Marketing automation is the perfect solution to navigate the hurdles associated with increasingly complex digital marketing channels. The last thing you want to do is invest in an automation tool and then get only 20% of its features. You need to make sure that you and your team will fully utilize your marketing automation tool.

To help you figure out what you need, we have here eleven of the best ones that will fit your needs:

1. Social Cham

Social Cham is a powerful marketing automation tool that enables marketers to manage multiple social media accounts in one place. With features such as content curation, team collaboration, and detailed analytics, Social Champ can help streamline your social media marketing efforts and improve your ROI.

Key Features

  • Organize the social accounts of your clients in separate workspaces. 
  • Create a ‘Shareable Calendar’ with your team with a link.
  • Manage and approve content created by your team members via the Post Approval feature


  • Social Champ offers a Free Plan with UNLIMITED features
  • Starting from $29.

2. Encharge – For email marketing automation

One of the most popular and effective marketing strategies is email marketing. It is great both for growing your audience and customer retargeting. The main challenge of email marketing is that you need to send emails at the perfect time. Encharge allows you to create action-based triggers to convert, onboard, and retain customers.

Key Features

Encharge is like an extension of your marketing team. It helps you implement a seamless email marketing campaign with its exceptional features. Aside from creating highly personalized emails, it has a visual flow builder to make remarkable user journeys.

It automatically sends emails according to user behavior on the website. Best of all, you can also use it to take care of transactional emails, such as payment receipts, single sign-on links, and password reset.


Encharge offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try the features and see for yourself how it would make a huge difference in your email marketing strategy.

They have very flexible pricing plans, which means you can pay only for what your company currently needs. It starts at $49 for 0-2,000 subscribers and up to $1,199 for 100,000 – 150,000 subscribers. Paid plans come with premium features, such as unlimited emails, broadcasts, flows, email verification, and team collaboration.

3. Post Planner – Your social media scheduler

Social media marketing demands fresh content regularly. It is crucial to post relevant content to keep the audience’s interest at its highest. A social media service scheduler software, like Post Planner, is the ultimate solution to increase efficiency, especially with scheduling posts in advance.

Key Features

Post Planner is valuable for automating your posting calendar. Unlike other tools, it lets you cross-post seamlessly while tailoring each post according to different networks. This would save you plenty of time personalizing each post to fit different channels.

It also helps with content curation by filtering content from social media networks. Post Planner is also great for organizing your content with its built-in media library.


You may try using Post planner for free, or you may want to fully enjoy its premium features with its low-cost plans. At only $5 per month and billed annually, the Starter plan is the best choice for small businesses with one user who needs to schedule at least 300 posts at 12 posts a day for up to 3 profiles.

Businesses with up to 4 users maintaining up to 25 social media profiles and scheduling 5000 posts at 24 posts a day will get the most out of the Business plan at $29 per month. This plan is also billed annually.

4. AI Writer – The modern article writer

It is not easy to write engaging marketing copy. Fun and relevant content are what fuel any marketing campaign. AI Writer could help your team generate relevant and quality content in minutes.

Instead of spending time putting together articles, this tool will provide full-length article drafts and lets you work from there. Like any other campaign, you need unique and original pieces to entice the audience. AI Writer guarantees to meet both criteria while ensuring an easy content generation process.

Key Features

Because it is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, you can kick start your content marketing process according to your preferences. AI Writer will research and write the article from a headline.

It can also rewrite specific content that you plan to republish on your page. If you are worried about accuracy, rest assured that AI Writer will provide you with verifiable citations so that your content will be accurate.


You can use AI Writer for a week for free. The basic plan that is great for startups with one or two blogs is only $29 and will generate up to 40 articles. The standard plan is $59 for up to 150 articles.

Both plans give you two extra months free if you pay for a full-year subscription. Large-scale content requirements can also be accommodated and priced accordingly by their team.

5. Text Blaze – Templates for super-fast messaging

Typing errors are bound to happen with many tasks to do for marketing. Aside from mistakes, the time spent typing replies also decreases productivity. Text Blaze is a huge life-saver and can help you save up to $10,000 a year, assuming that you type 200 characters per minute and with a value of $30 per hour.

Key Features

Text Blaze lets you create dynamic templates to simplify your work and reduce the time spent on full-length typing replies. Snippets and templates maximize productivity by automating repeatable processes.

It allows sharing and collaboration with the whole team. This means that you can update and improve the snippets and templates so that everyone hits the same notes when sending messages.


A free starter version will let you use up to 20 snippets at 2,500 characters each. You can create up to 1,000 snippets with 25,000 characters each for the Pro plan at $2.99 per month billed yearly.

The Business plan at $6.99 per month billed yearly increases the number of snippets at 4,000 with 50,000 characters each. Both paid plans also come with premium features, such as snippet sharing, forms support, and adding images in snippets.

6. Missinglettr – Manage your social media on a different level

Social media marketing is a complex process. It does not stop at creating and posting content. Missinglettr is a simple but smart tool that allows a unified content strategy to grow your brand. This means more followers, traffic, and leads while giving you more time to do other things.

Key Features Increase inbound traffic and engagement with automated social media drip campaigns. Set up content curation to avoid long hours of manually curating content.

You can also organize social media feeds and posts, see your progress, and collaborate with the whole team with its social media calendar. Best of all, you can use its robust analytics feature to analyze campaign results.

Pricing Missinglettr lets you try the tool for free but only for up to 50 scheduled posts for one workspace and social profile. The most popular paid plan is the Solo at $19 per month, letting you have up to 500 scheduled posts with one workspace and up to 3 social profiles.

At $59 per month, the Pro plan will give you 3,000 scheduled posts and three workspaces for nine social profiles. There are also more premium features for both paid plans, like stock image library, direct post scheduling, video posts, and more! Plus, you can save two months’ worth of subscriptions if you pay for a whole year.

7. Icons8Mega Creator – Customize social media photos and graphics

Photos and graphics add life to dull, plain text social media posts. However, note that not any photo or graphics would do for killer content. You need to have unique and stand-out ones that will add more appeal to your content.

Icons8 will help you have astonishing photos and graphics with its Mega Creator. What you will have are striking materials that would accompany your social media posts.

Key Features

Using Mega Creator is like having a multi-talented in-house designer in your team. There are infinite ways to use it because you can edit photos, generate illustrations, create Instagram posts and stories, design Facebook cover and posts, create Youtube thumbnails, and more!

You only need to choose from thousands of templates, customize them according to your needs then export them to the proper format for your socials.


You can start using the Mega Creator for free, but the formats are limited and can be downloaded in lower resolutions. Although the software with a full suite of assets and app is at $29 a month, you can also choose to pay for specific assets according to your needs.

For example, you can pay $13 a month if all you need is to have stunning photos in PNG, PSD, and JPEG format for up to 50 downloads. This is great if you are cutting down on your expenses and considering having professional-quality photos and graphics.

8. Filecamp – Manage all your digital assets

Asset management is vital in any marketing organization. It will help unify online and offline marketing strategies to have a more efficient process that will deliver the best outcomes for your company.

Filecamp is a nifty digital asset management solution to manage all of your digital marketing assets in one place using the cloud platform.

Key Features

Filecamp has unique tools to help you manage files for collaboration with your marketing and creative teams. Its key features include granular access, multiple themes, creating custom pages, receiving files, creating collections for easy collaborations, auto tag assets, custom thumbnails, and many other useful things.


There are three plans available for using Filecamp. The most affordable one is the Basic at $29 per month and is intended for growing businesses. The most popular one is the Advanced at $59 per month, and the other is the Professional at $89 per month.

You will enjoy large storage, top-most security, custom branding, and all other premium features and functionalities that you will need to manage your digital assets more efficiently. All plans are offered for a free trial, so you can test which plan will suit your company best.

9. Slazzer – Instant Background Removal

Photos play a major role in enhancing the customer experience, especially with any marketing strategy. But first, you have to make sure that your photos are all ready before they can be used in any campaign.

One way to do this is by removing backgrounds and changing them for a more suitable or pleasing look. Slazzer is among the top tools for this purpose.

Key Features

The Slazzer background remover uses AI technology to remove image backgrounds automatically. It can detect the subject instantly and gives a smooth and clear cutout in seconds. It can work for up to 1000 images in a batch, so you can really boost your efficiency. Slazzer can also be integrated into your workflow with its API integration feature.


A free plan gives you two free credits with unlimited previews on the website. What is great with Slazzer is that you will pay only for the number of images you currently need.

Pay only as low as $0.04 per image for 50,000 image credits a month. Price is at $0.13 per image for 100 credits a month. All plans support up to 25 MP resolution and come with API and Windows/Mac/Linux apps.

10. Oktopost – B2B Social Media Management

Social channels are essential for B2B marketers to reach consumers and influence them to purchase. One of the effective strategies to do this is using an efficient tool, like Oktopost. With all of its features, products and services are effectively marketed to business clients and prospects.

Key Features

Oktopost is what you need to manage, monitor, and measure all social media strategies that you use for your B2B marketing goals. The simple platform lets you maximize the visibility of your content, analyze the impact, and create engaging customer experiences.

You can stay productive by planning, approving, and scheduling social media posts. It can also be integrated into dozens of platforms to have a seamless flow of social data within your channels.


Oktopost does not offer any free plan or a free trial for its services. Its services are customized according to your business, so you have to contact them directly for pricing information.

11. Pixelied – Online Graphic Editor

Embarking on any online marketing strategy means that you need to be armed with the best tools to produce outstanding photos and graphics. Pixelied is a full suite of image editing tools and many solutions to achieve this goal. It is the perfect companion if you do not have enough resources to pay for an in-house designer.

Key Features

The best feature of Pixelied is that it is consistent at easily giving beautiful designs. It simplifies design tasks that even veteran designers take hours to do. Only a few clicks are needed to create epic designs with the help of its ever-growing library of professional templates.

It has over 4 million stock photos to create striking branded designs. You can also spice up your designs with icons from its massive library. You can use it to enhance images and remove backgrounds with a single click. It is the ultimate online graphics design software that you will ever need.


You can test this superb tool for free and use its basic features with three downloads, 1GB storage, one workspace, and 5 BG credits a month. To fully enjoy its premium features, you only need to pay a one-time and lifetime access fee of only $97.

This means that you do not need to pay for monthly payments, but you can get the most out of its multitude of features. With a premium plan, you can gain access to its thousands of premium templates, over 4 million stock photos and icons, have unlimited downloads, storage and brand preset, priority support, all future updates, and many other exclusive features!

12. EngageBay – Best Affordable Marketing Automation Tool

Micromanaging all aspects of your small business is not an easy task. That’s why EngageBay is the perfect CRM with marketing automation needs.. This platform will help you automate mundane, redundant, and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the most important goal: growing your business.

Key Features

EngageBay offers a drag-and-drop automation builder with dozens of conditions, triggers, and actions to help you build simple and complex workflows.

EngageBay brings marketing, sales, and customer support together through a single software – it’s all connected to streamline your tasks and complete them efficiently.

You get tools like landing page builder, email broadcasts and sequences, appointment scheduling, lead acquisition, timezone-based delivery, predictive lead scoring, advanced insights, segmentation, and so much more.

You can also manage your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – from a single platform. EngageBay also offers dozens of integrations with your favorite applications to boost the platform’s ability.


EngageBay is one of the most affordable marketing automation software in the market. You get a free-forever plan for up to 15 users, including email broadcasts, landing pages, lead grabbers, live chat, autoresponders, and more.

EngageBay also offers three paid plans starting at $12.99 a month. Even the Pro plan costs just $49.99 a month and offers a suite of professional tools, including advanced marketing automation, web analytics, SSO, custom reporting, a dedicated account manager, and phone support.

13. Leadsie – Automate Getting Access

Onboarding new clients and getting access to their marketing accounts is a long-winded and time-consuming nightmare. Leadsie takes the hassle out of onboarding new clients and gaining access to their accounts.

Say goodbye to password sharing, video walkthroughs, and hundreds of back-and-forth emails. With Leadsie, you can eliminate the drag of onboarding, get to work quicker and impress your clients from the get go.

Key Features

Leadsie generates an access request link you share with your client or prospect. They click on the link and log in to the account they need to grant you access to.

They grant the right permissions, and that’s it! You have access and can get straight to work! Your Leadsie link gives you access to Facebook pages, Ads, Pixels, Catalogs & Instagram, Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console & Tag Manager, TikTok & TikTok Ads.

To make things even simpler, if your client doesn’t have a Meta Business Manager or Ad Account, they can create an account in a few clicks using Leadsie.

You can Whitelabel your access requests to show your branding and logo when you send your client your Leadsie link.

Leadsie also allows you to automate your onboarding with Webhooks by integrating with Zapier, Pabbly Connect, high-level, and other tools.


The price plans are flexible and scale with the number of clients you onboard per month.

Plans start at $49 and customized enterprise plans are available.

An agency plan costs $99 a month which allows you to onboard 10 new clients a month, with access to unlimited team members. If you don’t use all your credits in one month, you can roll them over up to the next 3 months.