Why does the quality of content on your website matter to your business?

A professional-looking web site design plays a crucial role for success on the Internet, however it’s only one-half of the equation. High quality content is equally important. Good content is vital for any website in order to retain visitors and have a high ranking on search engines. The design of the website makes the first good impression for the visitors, but the content of the website is what will keep them hooked on and make them keep coming back.

Top search engines like Google are very particular regarding the content of a website. If any website does not have contain quality content then it will simply not rank them high in the search results. Google is not interested in the look of your website, all it is interested is in the matter and content on the website.

Need for Original and Varied Content

Every person has a limited amount of time in hand to spend on-line and as a website developer you need to offer your visitors some really worth watching or reading content that will tempt them away from social media for few minutes, to see what your site is offering. Therefore not only original content but varying information is equally important to tempt your visitors to visit your website again and again.

A news / information site will need to update their content on a daily basis in order to remain relevant, ensuring regular flow of visitors. Whereas for other sites adding a few pages every month or every few weeks, will suffice to attract visitors.

Google penalizes all the websites who do not update their content for months together, hence it is advised to keep adding some new content to your website on a regular basis.

Usage of Meta Data and Title Page

Over the last few years, websites have had a tendency to depend more on using page titles and Meta data like the common keyword and description tags. This ensures that Google ranks their websites highly for using certain keywords or phrases. However with the improving computing power, search engines are now using algorithms to accurately analyze the complete content of a page whereby reducing focus on the Meta tags. The title tag of a page is still an exception, as it is still considered a very important factor to determine the quality of content on the page.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords rule the SEO world, and to attain a higher ranking on the search engines you need to analyze and learn what keywords your potential customers are looking for. Search engines scan through for keywords in your website content to define what your page or site is all about.

Usage of the correct keywords on a website can push up your search engine rankings, but in case you have overused a keyword, then be ready to be penalized by the search engines. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and it is the most common issue with older sites and their content.

Most web site content writers would keep in mind the below points to ensure high ranking on search engines and for successfully converting the website visitors into buyers:

  • Your content should catch the attention of the prospect
  • Use content which talks directly to the prospect
  • Persuade the prospect by describing the benefits and uses of your products and services with sincerity
  • Exhibit how your product or service will be able to solve the problem or need which led them to your website
  • Position your company as the industry expert or the top player in the field.
  • Propose an incentive to buy from your website

In today’s competitive world, your prospective customers will often tend to judge your company or products based on the feel of your website. Be sure you’re offering the best with superlative copywriting that will convince them that your company is exactly the solution they were looking for.

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