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Know why fresh content is very important for SEO

If you have ever interacted or have been associated with a SEO specialist, it is no surprise that you would have heard them repeatedly mentioning that “Content Is the King.” Bill Gates of Microsoft is responsible for popularizing these words. Way back in 1996 he published an essay “Content is King”.

Over the last 2 decades, many professionals have altered and reworked on the phrase, making it suitable to the current times. The updated phrase popularly used today is “Fresh Content Is King”. This means that websites which update and publish fresh content on a regular basis, enjoy more benefits as compared to the others.

So let us try to understand why Fresh content is so important for your website

Frequent Indexing

Most of the top search engines depend highly on bots or WebCrawler to classify and index any fresh content which can be included in the search results. We all know that a website’s search engine ranking determines the number of potential visitors who visit the website. When a search engine visits your website frequently, you get an opportunity to improve your rankings. These search engine rankings keep getting updated on a regular basis through the indexing process.

Indexing by a search engine is determined by number of keywords used, the type of keywords, the outgoing and incoming links for the website etc. Each update which you make on your website, it is noticed by the search engine. The search engine then reworks out the web site’s ranking. However, one has to understand that quantity is not important but the quality is. Hence it is important to update fresh content to keep your search engine rankings high.

Building Customer Loyalty

One of the important reasons to update fresh content on your website is to keep your viewers well informed and updated. Fresh content helps in passing on necessary information to the new visitors, converting them to customers. Offering updated information which is engaging and interesting, helps in keeping the visitors to keep returning for more. This returning traffic is very valuable for your website.

Fresh content helps in updating the new visitors about your products and services. If a visitor has reached your site by clicking on a link posted in search engine results, it is important that after viewing your website and reading the content, they are convinced about your product and company. Updating fresh content regularly on the website will help in building customer loyalty and will also help you earn good rankings on Google.

Keyword Optimization

When you update fresh content on your website, you get more opportunities to introduce more relevant keywords to your content. Keywords play a very crucial role in determining the website’s search engine indexing and ranking. By adding content regularly in the form of blogs you can introduce important keywords in them, which can help in attracting more viewers to your website.

At the same time one needs to understand that only adding keywords is not the end of the game. The content should be effective and interesting. Google looks for top quality content while indexing the websites. So you need to balance the use of keywords, and use them in the content without making it look crappy and made up. Using keywords in Meta tags, title tags and descriptions along with the content would be really helpful.

Each time you post engaging fresh content you end up creating various opportunities for keyword optimization. Optimum keywords utilization results in highly improved search engine ranking.

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