Important UI elements for Ecommerce

User Interface (UI)

Before we learn about the importance of UI for an ecommerce business, let us first understand what is the meaning of UI? The visual part of the application or hardware which is displayed on the screen and which interacts with the end user is termed as the User Interface (UI). UI covers the areas of visual design, interaction design with a focus on enhancing the user experience.

UI and Ecommerce Websites

While designing eCommerce websites the designers are required to specially focus on displaying the product showcases within the set layout. User interfaces (UI) are not actually complex in nature, however they do require additional metadata like the product prices, quantities etc. for an ecommerce website.

The Importance of UI in eCommerce

The objective of an UI is making the end user’s interaction simple and efficient. While building eCommerce websites, instinctive interfaces and engaging designs are very important. They can be directly responsible for the performance of a website, resulting in higher or weaker sales.

A good UI concentrates on those interface elements which the users are comfortable and familiar with. This will help in the process of task completion and improving the efficiency, which will result in user satisfaction. Therefore while designing an ecommerce website, some of the important interface elements which you need to pay attention to are:

  • Input elements: Elements like the checkboxes, dropdown lists, toggles, text fields etc.
  • Navigational elements: Elements like the search field option, sliders, image carousels and more.
  • Informational elements: Elements like notifications, message boxes, pop-up windows etc.

Clever implementation of the above mentioned UI elements on your website will help in creating a wonderful shopping experience. It will help in guiding the customers through the website and help them find things which they are looking for conveniently. Providing a hassle free browsing, and shopping experience will help in reducing the bounce rate to quite some extent.

Below mentioned are a few concepts and designing elements which can be incorporated in the UI for a modern Ecommerce website:

1. Deep Nested Navigation

Ecommerce websites offer a wide variety of products. These websites need to ensure that their data is organized carefully. Regular websites have navigation menus which are made up of a group of links with few of them having possible sub-menu links too. However, E-Commerce websites generally require several levels of nested navigation links. There are so many levels that they can’t be displayed all together! The links have to be designed and developed in such a manner that each time a user browses through the product categories, the navigation menu should be able to display further options. These links should be hidden and should be visible only for the selected topic.

2. Magnified product views

You can attract your customers by offering them the best viewing experience of the products you want to sell. They should be willing to spend their money on what your website is offering. You can arouse their interest by posting high-quality images of the products and offering them a wonderful viewing setup. Introduce a zoom option, with which the viewers can zoom the product and view the intricate details. A large zoom box appearing over the product content, which moves as the user scrolls through the image.

3. Suggested Products

Not all customers visiting your website know what they want to purchase. They just browse through categories searching for something which they would like to purchase. These customers who are unsure are the ones whom you should target with related product results. You can display products on the side bar or at the bottom of the product page with the title “You may also like” or “Similar Products” or “Related Products”. These type of widgets or side bars, narrow down the search for the user and help them to take a quicker decision or choice. eCommerce websites should use a built-in plugin or template function for displaying these products.

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