How Web Host May Affect Your Website Performance

Most people do not consider Web hosting to be important enough to have widespread consequences to the business. But for all those who are not aware, web hosting can affect your website’s performance as well as SEO. It is important to select the best web hosting for SEO as well as performance as it plays an important role in launching a website on the Internet. Businesses believe that their job ends by paying the monthly hosting fee to the provider. However there is a lot more to web hosting. There is a very strong correlation between the efficiency of your hosting company and the ROI of your business.

The issues faced by choosing an unreliable hosting service will have wide-ranging consequences, making it absolutely necessary to study all the details about your provider before signing him up. The choice of web host will affect the performance of the entire website on different parameters like Speed, Security, SEO and Uptime. Click here to visit AccuWeb Hosting, the Cheap, secure, and scalable hosting service

Below mentioned are few reasons on how web host may affect your website performance:


Over the years research has also proven the relationship between the web loading speed and final customer conversions. The faster the loading speed of your website, the higher are the chances that customers will visit your site for business. As speed plays such an important role in running an online business, it becomes very crucial for a business to check with their hosting provider to consider what is included in their service package and whether it requires an upgrade. While browsing, one is ideally accessing the files stored in remote web servers. The faster the speed of the remote computer, the faster will be the access to the requested pages. Hence the choice of web hosting company or package becomes very crucial for a business.


Cybercriminals generally target the web host for gaining access to your website. If your website is attacked by a hacker, it will have an adverse impact on your business, at time leading to loss of revenue. Hence it is very critical to take stringent steps, ensuring that the web hosting provider offers the best measures for protecting your website. They should provide reliable malware and vulnerability scanners for detecting and getting rid of any malicious code dropped by the hackers.

Nothing is worse than having your website hacked and losing all the data. Hence it is very important to keep checking regularly with your web hosting provider on matters like, the frequency of the data backup, the storage of the backed up data and the kind of data which is backed up.


In early 2010, Google made page speed as a ranking factor. Which means, faster the website or pages are loaded, it would earn higher SEO rankings as compared to the slower ones. Hence as discussed above, web hosting plays an important role in determining the loading speed of the page. Hence web hosting plays an important role in determining the SEO rankings too. Higher your SEO rankings, higher will be the number of people who are likely to do business with your company.


We all know that website downtime means huge loss of revenue for your online business. The downtime also impacts your SEO. Hence it is very important that you ensure that your website faces no unwanted downtime, as it will have an adverse effect. The best way to avoid downtime issues is to by ensuring your web host offers you a repeated uptime guarantee.

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