Why You Should Combine Paid and Organic Social Media Activity

We all are well aware about the decline in the organic reach on social media. Organic social media reach is getting more and more difficult to achieve for businesses. To prove this point, look at the statistics: Almost 70% of the Instagram posts are not even viewed. At the same time organic reach has been declining drastically on Facebook for the last few years. A study by social@Ogilvy says that very soon Facebook’s organic reach will become zero, it says that between 2012 and 2014 the reach dropped by almost 49%.

As the social media landscape continues to change, businesses need to look for new ways which can help them go past the digital noise and reach their end consumers and prospects.

Gartner is an International research firm, it believes that to achieve sustained success in the areas of social marketing, paid advertising is a must. It says that around 80% of the social media marketer’s state have already implemented or are working towards implementing paid social media advertising programs.

However one needs to remember that focusing only on paid media advertising strategies or simply working with organic social media won’t be helpful. Only businesses which will combine paid media strategies and organic social media strategies together will be able to achieve great results. They will be able to see the most return on their investment.

Below mentioned are 3 reasons why your business should combine both organic and paid social media strategies for getting better results:

Getting a better understanding of your viewers

By combining organic and paid social media strategies, one can get a better understanding of the following:

  • Analyzing the demographics of the viewers which engage with your organic posts. Once they are identified, you can target these individuals with your advertisements since you know that they are more likely to positively respond to your sponsored content.
  • Organic posts help you to get an insight on how well your content is received by the viewers. For example, if any of your Facebook posts receives a lot of clicks or likes, and the engagement metrics are high, you can maximize the success of this post. You can promote it by making it a sponsored or paid advertisement. There are high chances that you will see high click rate and engagement on the post.

Growing the online presence

By combining your paid social media and organic social media strategies, you will be able to maximize your online presence. Paid social media advertising will help in building loyalty. They both are dependent on each other and can do wonders when used in a combination.

E.g.: A visitor notices your brand because of a Facebook ad, the user will then browse through your social media profile to know more about your company and brand. In simple words, the ad brought awareness to your brand and having a strong social media profile, helped you connect and engage with your potential customers.

Supporting each other

Organic social media and paid social media can be named as the two sides of the same coin. One cannot work without the other. Organic social media content refers to all the tweets you make on Twitter, posts on Facebook or pins on Pinterest. It lays the foundation for the social media efforts. When you eliminate organic social media from your strategy, you will end up eliminating a major chunk of your social media activity. This will result in huge sufferings for your ads.

One may wonder how organic media presence can be important when we are spending on paid advertising. You may believe that people will click on the paid ads and keep coming back for more business. Yes, people may see the ad and click on it, but if you do not have enough organic social media presence, they won’t stay with you, they will not return for more. Paid social media is how you can take your content a step further.

The right way is to integrate the organic and paid media strategies seamlessly and design a complete social media plan. This will help in maximizing the success of your overall social media marketing strategy.

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