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Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Social media marketing services paved the way for some businesses to survive in the pandemic era, but you can still hear a few grumbling comments saying they don’t work. If you ever find your brand stuck in a rut despite your efforts, you’re probably committing mistakes that marketers unfortunately make on social platforms.

If you want to grow where the crowd is, boosting your online presence through social networks is the key. However, you must first learn these common pitfalls and how you can avoid them to ensure that you’re not just thriving but succeeding in social media.

Posting aimlessly

Social platforms are a very powerful tool in marketing, but what is any action without a plan? If you skip building a concrete social media marketing strategy, it’s as good saying goodbye to more reach and engagement for your brand. You can’t just post content and expect it to do well if there’s no purpose and goal for each one.

As with other marketing efforts, you must outline a strategy for your social media that answers these questions:

  • What are your target results?
  • How will you measure the results?
  • What resources do you need to achieve your goals?

A simple story or post can improve your online presence but only if you launch it with a plan in mind. You should also take action regarding social interactions, too.

Focusing on wrong KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can tell you how effective your social media marketing services are, but what should you measure? It’s crucial to identify the KPIs that are relevant to your brand—you can’t be focusing on everything at once because that can cause your social media marketing plan to fail.

Your content is essentially a living document, which means that you have to continually improve them. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to increase your followers but it’s not the only indicator that you’re succeeding in social media.

You can only identify which posts aren’t performing well if you identify the right social KPIs, engagement factors, and demographic filters that work for your company.

Posting one-size-fits-all content

If you want to do better on social networks, you have to make an effort to create tailored content for every account. Experts highly recommend sharing unique content for each site you’re in because these platforms have varying user behavior and expectations.

Think of it as adapting to the language. Your audience won’t understand anything you say in Chinese if they only speak English. Every social media platform has a unique opportunity for engagement; you just have to find what these trends are and capitalize on them.

Saying no to conversations

The beauty of social media is that it’s easy to connect with your audience, but you can’t forge a relationship if you don’t engage in conversations. Something as simple as replying to a user’s question can go a long way in establishing your brand online. You can build trust and loyalty by demonstrating how you are always available for people who are interested in your product or service.

Part of social media marketing services include fostering social interactions on top of posting valuable content. Users are more likely to develop interest in your brand if you talk to them directly. It will also keep them on their toes for your next social media updates, effectively increasing your engagement and reach.

Tone deafness

With everything going on today, people are looking more into brands that provide informative and useful content that they can relate to on a mental and emotional level. Demonstrating that you have a stance about current affairs adds a positive impression to your name.

You must remember that today’s generation on social media are in tune with what’s happening across the globe. If you want to be seen and heard, you have to go beyond providing discounts and offer support and solutions that show you care.

Being in all social platforms at once

Just because a new platform is released means you have to sign up and create an account instantly. Avoid stretching your marketing efforts too thin by jumping on all platforms. Instead, turn your focus on the social accounts where your valuable leads and clients frequent.

For instance, if your product or service is catered towards professionals, you should build a clear strategy for LinkedIn marketing. That way, you can connect with people who truly matter to your brand.

Self-centered promo

Everyone wants to be the star on social media but no one wants to listen to you brag about yourself all day long. It’s a common social media marketing mistake to forget that your audience wants to see content that they can relate to—make your content about them and for them.

Hard selling

Social selling is an “in” thing, but it’s not ideal for you to force your products or services to your target audience. Of course, it’s natural for ecommerce accounts to start selling right away but hear this out: your potential customers will appreciate it if you lay off on the impersonal. You can first research what their concerns and questions are before you sell yourself to them.

Outdated content

Are you still posting texts and media from a couple of years ago? Heads up, the online generation is always looking for fresh content to consume. Aside from creating original posts regularly, you can also repurpose your evergreen content (text or digital media that remain relevant despite changes in market trends). Simply put, don’t post information that was applicable in 2008 but useless in 2022.

Avoiding negative feedback

Have you deleted a user comment because they were overly criticizing your product or service? While that’s still an ongoing practice today, you must take a step forward and face the negative feedback bravely. Social media marketing services are designed to meet customer satisfaction, and that includes resolving issues in a professional way.


If your goal is to boost your online presence, creating successful social campaigns are your best weapon to slay the competition. It’s crucial to avoid these common mistakes and always strive to improve your brand every day.