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Is Blogging Still Significant in 2022? 10 Reasons Why

Marketers use hundreds of tactics to increase the company’s visibility. It’s either social media channels, email marketing, or blogging.

Blogging shows your target consumers that you mean business, you are credible, and you know what you are doing.

Over 400 million users still read almost twenty billion blog pages each month, so you know.

Companies gain nearly sixty percent of web visibility when they include blogging in their marketing strategies.

The result is massive when you blog about how-tos, guides, or step-by-step.
Based on the HubSpot survey, almost fifty-five percent of more visitors visit websites than blogs. That means fifty-five percent more possible profit or conversion rate for companies that blog-optimized content across the web.


It adds more meaning to your community that follows your company and a better conversion rate too.

By giving back to your community, you gain more.

Even though video content is a trend nowadays, people would turn to blogs in the mighty Google to look for answers. Yes, blogging is still relevant. Keep on reading on.

Amidst the Trend in Video Content, Is Blogging Still Relevant?

In a nitty gritty fact, yes, your blogs are still relevant in 2022.

You tell your users or customers that you are building a connection with them. You are not just a one-day person that disappears after making sales out of yourself. You are there to assist them when they ask questions about your product.

You are there to help them and give well-informed advice about your product.

First, you created your product to ease your customer’s problems, right?

So we may say that blogging is another way not only to get more conversions but you are bridging a gap between you and your users.

Makes sense!

There are ten critical reasons why blogging is essential for your marketing strategies for your brand.

10 Reasons Why Blogs Are Important

1. You Can Build Your Authority

Blogging can help you reach out to your target audiences by bringing in blog posts that show your expertise.

Add data to your post. In doing so, you create a multitude of ways to show how your product is helpful for them.

2. You Can Create a Brand Identity

One vital point you develop when trying to increase your brand reach is trust. You gain the popularity of your brand through awareness and identity.

How can you do so?

You make your product known by telling your audiences what your product is all about.

For example, you ask for Kleenex if you need a tissue or Dunkin Donuts if you want to bite a scrumptious donut.

3. You Can Gain Profit From It

Blogging increases the company’s likelihood of raising the conversion rate of its visitors to customers. How can that happen?

You get to showcase your product to your audiences through functionality. Show your audience that your product is helpful through the articles you write.

One example is Grammarly, which helps you write mistake-free messages, especially at work or school. How do they show that? They make blogs, video creatives, and social media reach out.

4. You’ll Get More Traffic.

According to a Hubspot survey of their users, blogging can increase your traffic by more than fifty percent. You will have a higher conversion rate by increasing visitors to your blogs.

Businesses that blogs can reach their marketing goals and their efforts are well compensated.

Here are strategies and some blogging tips to increase your traffic:

Talk to your audiences: a blog about topics that are useful to your audiences. So that you will gain more clicks and shares across your social media channels. For example, if your brand is about trendy clothes, you choose a topic about clothes that goes along with the season. In doing so, your blog post will reach more audiences with the same niche, thus increasing your visitors. Also, you are trying to capture your audience’s interest. Blogging is fun when you put your heart into it as well.

Publish your blog frequently: There are two different ways on how you can reach your audiences. According to Hubspot, your blogging is either for organic traffic or brand awareness.

When blogging for organic traffic, you should optimize your blog for at least three to four weeks for new posts and four to five posts a week for updated posts.

When you want to reach out to your audience for brand awareness, it is helpful that you diversify your content and provide valuable information. It is helpful that you post for new blogs one to two times a week and three to four times a week for updated blogs.

5. Generate Leads and Conversions

Gaining traffic is one thing. Converting your visitors to become your customers is another thing. It is famous for this strategy to create a lead magnet by giving out promotions or free stuff such as ebooks that are downloadable, free webinars, and coupon codes for their favorite items. Something that they are willing to give their emails for.

At this rate, when they leave you their emails, it is your trigger button that they are ready to purchase from your store. Always ensure they follow your social media channels, such as Instagram or Facebook.

6. You Can Show Why Your Products or Services are Worth Buying

Show the value of your products by writing about the functionality of your product.

Showing your product value may answer the question, Is this helpful for your audiences? Is this product worth it more than buying other brands?

When you get the gist of answering this question, you know that you have shown the value of your product to your audiences. Make sure that your audience is willing to pay for your product.

7. You’ll Become a Better Writer.

Practice makes perfect!

When you write regularly, you learn how to express yourself in writing. Well, not all people are good with that, so why not try now?

You are creating a new experience for your audience. Not only that, you are learning new skills.

8. You Can Share and Prove Your Expertise to Millions of Readers

Through blogging, you create an avenue of opportunity for people to see your expertise. Share what you know through your blog article. Make how-to posts or write about your experiences and how you handle issues when using your product.

9. You’ll Increase Your Network and Build Relationships.

Blogging allows you to connect with your audiences through your social media posts, your blog’s comment section, and surveys. Listen to your audience’s feedback so you can grow as a business with more profound connections with your customers.

One of the blogging tips you keep in mind when you want to increase your reach is to get the conversation going!

It would help if you communicated with your audiences to develop a better relationship.

10. Blogs Help People Make Buying Decisions

When you write an article about your product and its usefulness to your audiences, you build a bridge in the gap between your audience’s buying decisions.

They may be thinking about the app for photo editing. You are there to offer your audiences wise decisions about how to outsource professional photo retouchers.

In this way, you get to help your audiences decide for themselves which product is best for their current situation. So everyone is happy!

Short Tips on How To Make Blogging Easy

1. Make Use of Tools

These tools can help you optimize your content across your social media channels and website. Using any of these tools is also best to make your work easier and fun. Blogging is difficult because you put in a lot of effort and time so that these tools can lessen that burden.

Tools you need for brainstorming your content:





Tools you use to organize your ideas:

Google Calendar






Tools that you use to update your content:

Keyword planner

Google Trends

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

Tools that will help you make your writing skills better:

Egg Timer

Google Docs





WordPress Distraction Free Writing

Tools that will help make your visuals look better



Meme Generator




Share as Image

2. Make Sure to Conduct Keyword Research First

For your blog to be successful. You do keyword research first. To increase your traffic is the research you are going to do to find out what your target audiences are searching for across the web.

By using this technique, you would know your next step is when you are planning about the topics that you are going to write about.

Also, you would want your topic to be relevant to the audience search. When you do this, you will gain more traffic. More traffic means higher conversion. Lastly, a higher conversion rate means more profit for you.

3. Focus on What Matters.

Remember that in your business, your clarity is what fuels you to move forward. No matter what happens, if you align with your goals, you know you are on the right path.

Put your effort into the things that matter to you the most. If your business is in line with trendy clothes, then focus on it.

4. Educate Yourself on the Best Practices of Blogging.

You are not the best today but you may be the best tomorrow. Educating yourself first on blogging is one of the tips you may always want to remember.

Knowing the importance of blogging to your business, you also learn about the best practices for blogging.

Here are some best practices that HubSpot pointed out so you can move forward:

Identify what your audiences search about

You should write the same way as you talk.

Make sure that you give your point over again.

You don’t just tell them about your personality but show them.

When you start, you choose a specific title.

The type of post you use is best if it is specific. Make your outline, then for easy reading – use headings.

If you want your audience to return to you, give them something. Such as free ebooks or a coupon code.

Research your article well backed up with reliable data to earn credibility.

Give examples, so your audience knows why your article is essential.

Give due to other people’s work. Cite the author if you add their idea to your work.

Follow the thirty-minute edit time for your work. Take a walk or a little stretching before going back to your work. Your health is much more critical.

Just publish it!

Make yourself an editorial calendar and take your blogging consistently.

Building traffic to your work takes time. So be patient and believe in your journey.

Set up an email newsletter so you can reach out to your audiences if they want to learn more about your work.

And develop a working relationship between them.

You should update your content regularly, at least twice a week.

Remember to diversify your content reach. Add all social media channels that you have.

Always promote your content. So people would know what you are working at and your expertise.


2022 still embraces the importance of blogging to business marketing strategies. It has evolved from blogging about your thoughts to eCommerce.

Show your audience that your product is helpful for them. Also, learn to say thank you when your target audience visits your blog. Give your audience something extra to remember you about, like a coupon code or a free webinar from you.

Also, make sure that your blog includes visuals. Use a removal background application that can help you with your tasks. Such as Removal.AI, in which you will only click on the remove bg button to remove your eye-sore background.

In blogging, you get an opportunity to be discovered by the world and what you are good at.

Have you thought about your next article yet?