Digital Marketing

Increasing Website Traffic Using Blogs

Publishing blogs on the website is one of the best methods to drive traffic to a website. Whether you are a corporate or run an ecommerce website, adding a well written blog with great content regularly to your website, will provide useful information and date to your website visitors.

Well written blogs also help in generating more inbound links to your website, strengthening the brand value, and increasing loyalty amongst the readers, both existing and potential customers.

Blogging is the ideal way to increase the inbound traffic to the websites. Other than providing interesting information to the readers, it helps in bringing repeat business or visits. Blogging is useful in increasing the number of indexed pages and improved keyword usage on the website. This results in higher ranks for the website on search engine results.

Following the below mentioned steps will help in increasing traffic to your website by blogging on a regular basis:

1. Key Words and Phrases: When a blog is written with certain keywords which are relevant to the industry or business, it will help in increasing the keyword density on the website, resulting in more visitors to the website. Using web analytic tools for searching and reviewing the keywords is useful to determine a list of keywords to be used in the blog for improving the search engine ranking. Google Analytics is an example of a website analytic tool.

2. Blogs with Keywords: Write your blogs covering the keywords you have selected using a website analytic tool. The more the keywords are covered in your blogs, it helps in increasing the website ranking. For example for a tea manufacturing company or a chain of tea shops, the main keywords will be “tea” or “tea leaves” or “flavoured teas”. So the blogs should be written on topics like different types of tea leaves, different ways to brew teas or how the tea is manufactured etc.

3. Professional Blog Design: Your blog should present a professional image of your company or website to the readers. A professional image will help in reinforcing your brand image, increasing credibility, and help in increasing the sales. One common mistake which most bloggers make is placing too many advertisements and unrequired images on their blog. Many readers will find this repulsive and will exit without even reading your blog. To increase traffic to your website and to increase conversions, make sure your website design is both beautiful and practical.

4. Consistency: The frequency at which your blogs are published or posted on the website will depend on the nature and size of your business. The number of blogs are also determined by how frequently there are news updates in your industry or how information is available to share with your viewers.
One needs to try to publish quality blog posts as often as possible. This consistency and frequency will help in increasing the number of indexed pages on your website. This indexation will helps in creating numerous entry points into your website from different search engines and other sources.

5. Make the Blog Interactive: Try adding questions at the end of your blog posts to engage the readers and to generate a discussion about your blog and its matter. Try asking questions which are related to your blog topic. For example, if you run a grooming business or are a hair products manufacturer, write a blog about different shampoos and hair products, ask the readers regarding what products they use or which they recommend. Ensure that the comments section of the blog is enabled, this will allow the readers responses and discussions to be published in that particular blog itself.

6. Share buttons: Adding share buttons to the blog at the end will give readers a chance to share your post with others through email or other social media platforms. Examples of share buttons which can be added are Twitter, Facebook etc.

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A good and effective content will open a new avenue of lead generation with complete strangers. Engaging the services of one of the best content writing companies in India like Velocity Consultancy is an intelligent way to infuse a dash of freshness to your brand along with all the relevant and meaningful information.