Role of On Page Optimization for Better SEO Results

In today’s digital world, internet has now become the principal source of information for most of the consumers. Consumers only need to type in the keywords and phrases into any search engine whether on a computer or mobile device. And in a matter of few seconds a huge amount of related content will be presented to them on the screen. Once the search results are displayed on the screen, the user can choose and click on any of the links to visit the particular webpage or website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in improving the visibility of a website on different search engine result pages. It incorporates search engine friendly elements into the website. An effective search engine optimization campaign will include carefully selected, relevant, keywords on the company website. This campaign helps in addressing both on page and off page rankings of the website on any search engine.

On-Page Optimization means optimization of the activities executed on the website itself. Some of the on-page optimization tasks are:

• Unique and Appropriate Page Title:

It is very important for each web page in the website to have proper title tags. A title tag defines the topic of information on the particular web page to the visitors and search engine crawlers. For example, Google displays around 50 to 60 characters of a title tag to the visitor. The visitor can read the title tag and decide whether to go ahead with viewing the page or not.

• Appropriate Meta Tag Descriptions

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes which offer brief descriptions of the web page contents. Search engines derive the summary of the web page information with the help of Meta tags. Meta descriptions are used by the search engines as the displayed narration for the pages.

• Optimization of URLs

A uniform resource locator (URL) is the web address of the webpage. Search engines and users both prefer websites which have consistent and simple to read URLs. The URL of any webpage must be relevant, convincing, and precise from an SEO perspective. It should be both, informative and brief. Any visitor reading the URL should be able to get a reasonable understanding of what will be displayed on the webpage.

• Easy Navigation

A sensibly designed website is very important for search engines. Easy navigation helps visitors to find the required information, it also helps search engines to comprehend what content is important.

• Content Optimization

Great quality content is very important for website optimization. This impacts the whole SEO of a website other than any other factor. The content should include significant keywords, however one should avoid introducing unwanted keywords to the content. This stuffing of unwanted keywords, will have a negative impact on the reputation of the website. The content created should be targeted to the users and not the search engines.

• Anchor text

The text link which appears when a webpage hyperlink is displayed after a search is the anchor text. Anchor text contains important keywords which help in improving the ranking of a web page. Reading the anchor text also helps the user to understand the link’s relevance.

• Optimization of Images and Videos

The content of an image or video cannot be read by any search engine. Therefore, the filename given to these images and videos is very important. Instead of giving a generic filename like image01 or video_01, the filename associated should be a meaningful description of the image or video. Try using keywords as the filename, but make sure they are relevant and as short as possible.

• Heading Tags

A website having H1, H2, and H3 tags are more likely to rank better on search engines, as compared to a similar site without heading tags. The H1 tag is the most important tag and should include a relevant keyword. Avoid using excess heading tags. Heading tags should be relevant to the content and make sense to the user.

• Robots.txt

A robot file informs a search engine spider whether to access a page or not. Most of the websites is made up of pages which the owner does not want the search engine spider to catalogue in its database. The robot file denies access to the search engine from displaying these pages to others.

• Creation of Mobile Site

Developing a mobile site and informing search engines this site is very crucial. With each passing day, the number of people visiting a website through mobile devices is increasing. When you create a separate website for mobile devices, you need to notify the search engines. Users accessing the website through a mobile device should be redirected to these mobile websites.

Final Word:

Studies have proven that when searching for something on search engine, most of the people will not search beyond the listings displayed on the first few pages. Almost 90 percent of such users do not go past the first 30 displayed results. This shows that a high-ranking website has a much higher probability of getting traffic from search engines as compared to a lower ranking website. Hence it is very important to implement on page optimization for better SEO results.

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