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Best Ideas for an attractive and SEO friendly website

While developing a custom website, it is essential to create it appealing and according to your business and make it SEO friendly to top in the search engine list.

To develop the website SEO friendly, you need to add some of the basic requirements of SEO to overcome its needs. Once your website becomes search engine friendly, it will provide a relevant and valuable web page to the users based on their search.

What do you mean by an SEO-friendly website?

In simple terms, a Search Engine Optimization friendly website attracts more search engine users to use the website and better understand website structure and content.

Let us discuss how to make an SEO-friendly website.

An attractive title and description for all pages

For having an SEO-friendly website, all the web pages involved in the website application development process must have unique and attractive titles along with a unique description.

The title must be short and sweet, and the description also must be quick so that users don’t get bored while reading it. The titles can give an idea to your users about what the website contains.

Clean URL structure

You must ensure that the URL of your website is clean and it follows the best practice for search engine indexing. If you want a permanent index, then assure that they all are in lower case, descriptive, separated by including dash, and contain keywords.

Fast loading webpages

No one likes to refer to web pages that load slowly and take a lot of time. However, to develop an SEO-friendly website, it must undergo a thorough SEO audit to find the solution to improve page loading speed.

Actions such as optimising images can help you increase the page loading speed and benefit your website application development process to get rid of slow page loading speed.

Unique content

You must ensure that the content on the website is unique and not plagiarised. If the content is plagiarised, search engines can flag your website, reducing your website’s SEO friendliness.

Optimised images

If the custom website images are large, they can affect the page loading speed and increase the loading time. Therefore, you must make sure that your images are optimised.

Make proper content structure

You need to ensure that your website content is in proper structure as it will be easy to index the website. Therefore, the website’s general design must be in the form given below.

  • Header
  • Page title
  • Content with subheadings
  • Author bio
  • Footer

Responsive website

The page of your website must be responsive on every device that the user visits. Therefore, you will fix your website or pages which are not responsive on any device to keep it SEO friendly.

Internal links

Internal links will create all-around maps of your custom website for search engine users. In addition, it will help the users attach relevant web pages and make a robust architecture to enhance the website’s SEO friendliness.

Why does a business need an SEO-friendly website?

Now you know how to make a website search engine friendly lets us know about its benefits.

Helps in increasing organic traffic

If your website is SEO-friendly, it will be helpful to generate more organic traffic. As a result, your website ranks higher on the search engine list and can attract more users.

Increase your brand reputation

If your website ranks at the top or on the first page, users are more likely to access and trust the website over other websites.

It is a great way to increase the brand’s reputation not only for the users but also for the search engines.


If a custom website is SEO friendly, it will gain a targeted audience by itself daily. In addition, if your website follows best practises for search engine algorithms, you don’t need to spend more money.

Enhance user experience

The best SEO practises are made to improve the user experience. Hence, implementing such techniques on your website will make the user journey more smooth and eye-catching and improve the overall user experience.

Tips for developing a website SEO friendly

Here are some tips you must consider while undergoing the website application development process.

Use responsive design

In such a contemporary epoch, you can’t assume which device the user uses to go through your website. Every user uses various devices at their convenience to access the website or web apps.

Responsive design will make your website suitable for every device and fit users’ search. Then, no matter the device, the user can operate the most appropriate version of the website.

Include targeted keywords

Making unique and valuable content is an essential part of any website. Such targeted keywords in the website content can traffic your website and generate valuable leads.

The website’s content can boost your domain authority and help you get high-value leads based on a relevant search. Targeting related keywords in your domains is necessary to increase the visibility of your content.

Optimise header tag

More complex tags are also essential for making structured and recognizable content for search engines. Therefore, augmenting header tags can be fruitful to create a website SEO friendly.

The headings that will describe any particular content section’s start point should always have a header tag. While augmenting header tags, you can assimilate the most relevant keywords.


Many websites are available in the market even if we search for a particular word and look attractive and unique amongst all the other websites and rank at the top in search engines. You will need to develop your website SEO friendly.

You can follow the tips mentioned in the blog to seamlessly develop an attractive and SEO-friendly website. You will also get to know in detail what an SEO-friendly website is and how to make and much more. You can hire the best web app development company to develop an SEO-friendly website.