Why Link Whisper is the best Internal Linking WordPress Plugin

From an SEO perspective adding internal links to your webpages or blog posts is important for a great user experience. Internal links help users to find relevant content easily and quickly.

It helps search engines in indexing your website content without any issues. Moreover, internal linking also helps improve user engagement and reduces ounce rates as users find it easy to find relevant content and end up spending more time on the website.

Internal linking is very useful but it can become tiresome and tricky if you have a large amount of content. If the linking is not done carefully, you may end up having orphaned pages, which will be as bad as having no content on your website at all.

Many bloggers or website owners use related posts section for interlinking, but this is not the best approach. From an SEO perspective to make your on-Page SEO and on-site SEO strong, proper internal linking is required between the blog posts.

If working on WordPress, there are many SEO plugins that can help interlink your blog posts. Some of the popular WordPress internal linking plugins are Link Whisper, Rank Math, Yoast SEO, Internal Link Juicer etc.

Before we learn about the internal linking WordPress plugins, let us first understand the benefits of interlinking blogs and articles.

  • Interlinking helps in crawling and deep-indexing the articles effectively by various search engines.
  • Correct and relevant interlinking of blogs or articles helps in reducing the bounce rate to a great extent.
  • It helps to pass link juice from one page to another.
  • Internal linking is very useful in on-page SEO.

The Link Whisper plugin is the best Internal Linking WordPress plugin and it is the best tool for any website owner.

What is the Link Whisper plugin?

As we all know that interlinking of web pages and blog posts is one of the key parameters of on-page SEO. This internal linking building process helps the blog to rank higher in the search engine.

Link Whisper Plugin is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps to easily build internal linking. This plugin offers the simplest and fastest ways to build internal links in a WordPress website.

The plugin is named Link Whisper as it ‘whispers’ internal link suggestions which are beneficial to the readers and at the same time helps improve the website ranking on the search engines.

Link whisper is one of the most advanced interlinking WordPress plugins. It is very easy to install and as soon as it is installed, it starts scanning all your WordPress websites and starts offering internal link suggestions for words. It is a unique plugin that is very useful in improving the internal linking structure of WordPress.

Some of the key features of the Link Whisper Plugin are:

  • Very simple to install and use
  • Offers free suggestions for internal links so that you do not have to search for them manually.
  • Helps optimize the WordPress website.
  • Offers automatic linking suggestions while writing.
  • It is powered by artificial intelligence technology.
  • It is compatible with the Gutenberg Editor.

How Link Whisper works?

  • Once the plugin is installed, it will start suggesting internal links under the post editor. You can easily add links from the editor itself by just selecting the links and clicking on ‘Update post’.
  • The link reporting dashboard displays the number of inbound and outbound internal links and outbound external links.
  • It is very easy to add inbound internal links to a newly published blog post by just clicking on ‘Add’ in the inbound internal links column.
  • One can also tweak the internal link suggestions in the settings section to ignore certain words or phrases. This can help in receiving more relevant and optimal link suggestions.
  • You can also set keywords and the URLs that you wish to link the target keywords to. The plugin will search for those target keywords and link them to the URL.

Link Whisper Review – Pros and Cons


  • It is a freemium WordPress plugin.
  • It offers suggestions for automatic internal linking, reducing the time spent on building manual internal linking.
  • Offers free contextual internal link suggestions.
  • Helps the website or blog post to rank better in Google search as it helps create a great link structure.
  • Link Whisper is the best tool for creating internal links and is used for other affiliate website builders besides WordPress. For example, it can be used for Shopify also, and this is enabled by Drop In Blog. Using this third-party blog builder, Link Whisper can be integrated with an SEO-friendly Shopify blog by embedding code into the existing HTML page. Therefore, it is versatile and available for other blog options too.


  • To add inbound internal links to existing posts and webpages, you need to buy the premium version, it is not possible in the free version of the plugin.

Internal Link Building and SEO Services

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