Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tools for Your Website in 2021

The domain authority (DA) is common amongst the marketers that are performing digitally. Bloggers and webmasters are usually concerned about the domain authority because of different purposes.

If you are new to know this field or you are not aware of the best tools to check the domain authority in bulk then this article will let you know.

Reading this article will help you to know the following outcomes:

  • What is Domain authority?
  • Why domain authority is important for your website?
  • 5 best bulk domain authority checker

What is DA or Domain authority?

The domain authority (DA) is an SEO related measurement of a site that is dependent on multiple factors. The Domain authority is introduced by the famous SEO tool website, Moz.

This is an important number because it is generated upon different factors including the following:

  • The link profile of the website
  • Content marketing
  • Social Appearance of the website
  • Speed of the website
  • Site structure and internal link of the site

The domain authority helps the marketers to know the strength of a website and most people use this number when purchasing or selling a website.

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Why domain authority is important for your website?

The domain authority is important because it is developed on behalf of different SEO factors. This number indicates the SEO of a website for a search engine.

For example, the algorithms of the Moz for DA and the ranking factors for the search engine are somehow similar to each other. If the domain authority is better then there are more chances that the site would rank higher than other websites.

Digital marketers usually consider this number when making their efforts. To measure the effects on a site, this number is measured before and after the efforts are applied.

Below, we have mentioned some of the further importance of DA for a website:

  • Quality of the backlinks: The quality backlinks are more beneficial for SEO as compare to the quantity of the backlinks. However, checking the quality of the backlinks manually is quite difficult but the DA score can help you to know the quality. Domain authority only increases when you have more qualitative links and less spammy links.
  • Guest posting: We know guest posting is an effective method of making brand awareness and increasing backlinks. Before applying for posting an article, SEO considers the domain authority and spam score of a site to know the worth of the guest post.
  • Worth of a site: Looking for the worth of a site? Then considering the domain authority can help to know the actual worth and strength of the site. This is because the domain authority number is based on multiple factors.
  • Competition: Making an effort without knowing the SEO score of your competitors won’t worth your efforts. However, you can easily make competition easy by knowing the DA score of your website and your competitors’.

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4 best bulk domain authority checker

Although Moz itself provides the free tool for checking the DA of any of the websites it doesn’t offer the checking in Bulk. Different other tools are based on the APIs of Moz and offer for bulk checking as listed below:

  1. Prepostseo’s DA PA checker is the best because of the facility of checking the domain authority and Page authority in bulk. The application is developed with all the premium MOZ APIs.

The most useful part is you can easily check the DA and PA of your site or blog on this tool at no price. It doesn’t require any downloading of the tool; the application is entirely and readily accessible on the web.

Even the Prepostseo DA PA checker supplies its user with the choice of pasting 500 links to estimate their Domain authority.

The most amazing features of this website include the outcomes of the page authority, Spam score of the entered websites, IP address, as well as the indexed pages of each website.

All of this information can be get in the state of bulk with just one click. Moreover, you can also find all of this information with Raw Data.

With the Raw data option, the tool will automatically extract the URLs for any given format. Here is the screenshot of the tool of how it looks like:

Prepostseo’s DA PA checker

  1. Bulk DA Checker Tool

Bulk DA Checker is another tool that’s available on the internet, which may be utilized as a bulk DA checker of as many as five links at precisely the same period without any subscription.

In the event, you intend on assessing more checking then you need to wait for another query that is available after the first scanning in order is complete.

The application uses MOZ API; this usually means they display your website’s domain authority number with authenticity.

To start the scanning, you merely need to gain access to their site and then insert the links. The application presents you with different choices; you can choose those of one’s selection.

It’s possible to assess the Page Authority and Domain Name Authority with a single click. What’s more, also, it provides you the choice of assessing the spammy links, Moz rankings, Alexa rankings, internet protocol address, and also the Google index for the site.

The report generated after the entrances are made shows each of the different metrics. You have to continue to keep a close watch on it, which has the potential to assist in overcoming the issues along with improving the overall DA score of one’s website.

Bulk DA Checker Tool


The Project Backlinks “Bulk DA checker tool” enables you to assess the domain authority of various websites in a single search.

Most importantly, this online tool is applied to simplify the job of search engine optimization marketers and allow you to measure the website’s strength by knowing the DA score. But this bulk Da checker tool enables you to hunt your domain name authority as well as your competitor’s sites.

This amazing site’s checking tool even allows you to maintain a closer eye to inspect the domain authority number to take care of different sites.

This is a quick tool that can check the DA in bulk and this is the reason why most marketers consider this tool for checking domain authority.

The automated frame with the DA PA checker tool additionally scans the URLs within the huge database and also yields the very most useful outcome.

They got the information of whatever very important to SEO marketers including different rankings (MOZ, Alexa), page authority, spam score, IP Address, and some other information.

  1. Click Minded

The Click Minded Authority checking tool is a straightforward one. It doesn’t require any registration or credit card for checking any website’s information.

There’s a single particular option for pasting the URL of the websites, and this user-friendly interface allows most marketers to use this tool hassle-free.

You just need to enter multiple URLs of different websites (for which you want to know the domain authority) and then you need to click the button for checking bulk DA.

The analysis result includes just two results, Page Authority, along with Domain authority. But, there’s one very beneficial component of this and that’s the tool does not restrict its users by simply imposing a links limit.

There is no limit on using this tool instead you can use this tool as many times as you want.

Click Minded