Advanced link building tactics that boosts the rankings

Every web developer and designer knows that link building is the most important skill required for successful SEO. In simple words, if you are looking for higher web traffic then linking building is a must.

As per the recent updates from the Google algorithm, link building is still as important as it was earlier. Backlinko’s recently published Google’s 200 ranking factors mentions that backlinks and brand signals are the top factors for determining Google’s search engine ranking. Looking at the Google algorithm and the importance of backlinks, as a developer, one would be required to adopt advanced link building strategies for SEO to scale the website’s google rankings.

If you are still working on the old fashioned link building strategies for improving your SEO ranking, then sorry to say, but you will not find much success. Strategies like posting guest blogs, commenting on the blogs, and taking part on forum discussions, answering questions on Quora, and promoting and posting content on various social media platforms may work to some extent for your business. But these tactics are not good enough to help you climb the google rankings and to get featured on the Google’s first page.

At the same time, google has very strict link guidelines. In their webmaster guidelines, Google has said that any links which try to manipulate the page or website ranking will be treated as a spam link and would be considered a breach of the guidelines. Any form of paid links, or freebies being offered in exchange for links would be considered as spam tactics.

Listed below are seven advanced link building tactics which will help boost rankings and at the same time keep you safe from any penalties from Google.

1. Skyscraper Tactic

Using original content is very important for a successful website, however now both the quantity and quality of the content have become equally important.

Under the evergreen skyscraper tactic, businesses will focus on improvising the existing content to make it more effective. This is called the evergreen Skyscraper technique.

Under this advanced link building tactic, one has to search for the best content covering the important keywords and create a better version of the content. The tactic aims at creating high-quality content which people will be happy to share and link with. Using tools like BuzzSumo, YouTube, etc. Approach high-authority sites from your industry, for whom the matter would be relevant, if they would be interested in publishing your content as a guest post on their websites. Another way of using this advanced link building tactic is by publishing the new improvised content on your website, from where other sites can link back to you.

2. Mention Influencers

If you are able to find a way to come in the good books of the Industry Influencers or social media influencers, they can become really powerful allies for you. There are many influencers in the market who have a huge list of followers. Just by mentioning the name of the influencers in your content in the form of example or a case study or for industry statistics, you are going to grab the attention of their thousands of followers.

Smartly try to introduce their name in your content, and you can get high levels of engagement. If you handle this well, it can turn out to be a highly effective advanced link building tactic for your brand.

The influencers too will appreciate your work, as they too will earn backlinks from you.

3. Thought leadership

The most effective advanced link building strategy is by becoming a thought leader. By opting to become a thought leader, you as a company or brand would be required to contribute and post content on topics which you have expertise of and which you care deeply about.

Motivation always exists in the unconscious minds of people. Even if consumers or readers do not have any idea about your products or services, motivational and leadership stories can help in igniting interest and the need to know more in their minds.

It can be rightly said that leadership means having your finger on the pulse of your industry. As a leader you can inspire and educate the viewers and followers of your industry. If you build an image of a though leader, others will start back linking with you, as using you as a link will help them strengthen their own content.

4. Build Tools

Don’t stop at just creating new and interesting content for the readers. Go one step forward and create tools, and templates which can help in simplifying tasks for people. These tools will be appreciated by the readers and followers, whereby providing you an excellent opportunity to get backlinks from them even without you asking from them.

Consider an example of a psychology book author, if the author offers tools for testing intelligence or for psychological analysis, he is creating a wider base of followers who will not only read his books but also get him backlinks to other websites because of his popularity as his tools are a hit amongst the viewers.

The popularity of the tools can help them to be mentioned on a number of reputable sites or get links to important lists published on the web.

5. Infographics

Other than creating improvised and well researched content, you can offer the same content in a different form. For example using infographics to present the same content. Infographics are easy to understand and viewers prefer reading them over long pages of content. If you create interesting, informative infographics many people would be willing to post them and backlink them to you. When these infographics are contributed to guest sites, it is known as guestographics. Guestographics is an excellent advanced link building tactic.

6. Instructographics

Another strategy is to create Instructographics. Instructographics are one step ahead of infographics, they are images with instructions or information. They can easily replace an article, all the information which can be written in the form of an article, can be smartly presented in the form of an instructographic using image and small sentences or bullet points. You can give instructions to your readers on what to do or what to avoid using instructographics. As they are attractive and easily understandable, people tend to share them easily, which can help you earn a lot of backlinks. Introducing instructographics in your advanced link building tactic, can be highly beneficial.

7. Wikipedia

If your brand information or data is not available on Wikipedia, it is time that you create information which can be published on Wikipedia. Definitions or words found on Wikipedia have an easy reach to the Google’s snippet area. If not the snippets, they would be easily published on the sidebars.

Having your brand presence on Wiki presence, can help you easily grab the attention of scores of people searching the web for new information. Create Wikipedia descriptions of your brand and products along with a number of relevant links to your website, this can turn out to be the most effective advanced link building tactics for your company.

Final Words

The advanced link building tactics may change with passing time and changing technology, but you cannot deny its usefulness and utility even in the changing times. Anybody who believes that link building is not important for a website, they are wrong.

Link building is one of the most important element of SEO that can help in improving your website ranking. But at the same time, it is a really difficult task to successfully implement advanced link building tactics. This service can help you get a strategy in place so you can start seeing results.

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