Reasons how a good website can take business to new heights

Investing in a good and impactful website design is the best thing one can do for growing their business and taking it to new heights. There is nothing better than an appealing and informative website, to inform your customers both current and prospective about your brand, your products and how better you are than your competition.

Statistics prove that it takes a mere 0.05 seconds for a viewer to form an opinion about the website once the page loads. Which means what impression your website makes one the viewer will either make or break your business. Research by Adobe says that companies having a strong web design are expected to outperform other competitive companies with weaker websites by 219% on the S&P index, over a period of 10 years.

At the same time a survey by Tyton Media showed that 48% of the surveyed people believed that design of the website was the key factor in determining the reliability of any business.

One needs to understand that a poorly designed website will harm your business prospects. It is very important to avail the services of a professional website development and designing company, which can help in developing an impressive website for your company.

In this article, we have listed down reasons why you need a professional website design and why a good web design means good business:

1. Strong impression

A good website design is about using a harmonious combination of colors, textures, space, images and content. In this digital world, businesses have only a few seconds to impress their customers, so that they do not exit a website and go ahead and make a purchase. These few milliseconds are so critical that they can either make or break a sale, and a good website design can become the deciding factor.

People have a very short attention span and it is true that they make judgments or decisions depending on the appeal and credibility of anything. It is applicable to websites too, they take a mere 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. A good, appealing design signals a customer to buy from the website.

2. Google Rankings

An attractive, informative, responsive and mobile-friendly website has higher success in reaching out to potential customers or buyers. A good website designer will implement SEO and create great content for the website along with maintaining the aesthetics of the website. This will help the website to rank higher on the Google rankings, resulting in getting higher views and clicks. A good professional website has a higher chance of being listed above other websites.

3. Customer Service

A good website design, allows businesses to be in touch with their customers 24/7. By creating a user-friendly website, the company can provide right information about their company and products to the viewers any time of the day.

A good website is the one which is customer centric. A website which provides easy navigation, simple layout, clearly mentioned contact information, updated links to other pages and information and above all good quality content.

4. Brand image and consistency

Easy brand recognition helps in creating positive associations with the consumers. Every consumer relates with a product or business through its brand image. A sudden change in branding or continuous updates in it, will confuse the consumers and they will no longer feel that association with the brand.

Similar to a logo of the company, the layout of Google’s search results are a very important part of the design elements for the companies. Consistency is the key for building a consistent brand. A customer is unconsciously tied to the brand, any inconsistency in the brand image will create chaos for the business.

A chaotic brand is considered to be less trustworthy by the consumers. Consistency helps in taking an advantage over the competition, resulting in increased value of sales.

Hence a good website designer will ensure that your brand image is highlighted well through the website and there is no inconsistency in the same.

5. Higher sales and higher revenue

As mentioned in all the points above, a good website design is very beneficial to the business. A good website design will help in increasing the company’s value and push sales, earning higher revenues.

Right through making strong impressions to increasing revenue to building strong customer relationships a good website design will help your business to increase sales and become more profitable.

Final words:

Many a times small-to-medium-size businesses develop and design their own websites, to save money. Unfortunately most of these businesses fail to build effective and efficient websites, resulting in a sheer waste of time and money. It is always advisable to avail services of professional website developer and designer to build attractive and impactful websites.

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