SEO Of Website Content: Success Factors

Proper text optimization begins with text writing: website content should meet the expectations of users and the requirements of search engine crawlers. For people, content should help them achieve their goals (ordering a product, downloading a brochure, getting information); and for robots, it should show the most relevant information possible.

Matching text to these goals at the same time is a difficult task, so it is often necessary to look for compromise approaches. Therefore, content optimization involves the use of different styles, changing the structure, etc.

The editors of the service suggest you read the list of recommendations that will simplify the process of creating textual content.

SEO content optimization: tips for writing useful texts

  1. Content should be logical and structured. Several complex and long sentences are better replaced by capacious but filled with meaningful phrases. Paragraphs should have a semantic connection with each other.
  2. Do away with bulky materials. Today, the Internet is a means to quickly find the exact answers. Each sentence should stimulate you to read the next, so you need to get rid of unnecessary content. There is no precise definition of the optimal length of text, but statistics show that a rare user reads more than 3000 characters on a single web page.
  3. The first sentence should be transparent thematic idea. For example, the phrase “Welcome to the site of the company” does not benefit the visitor. It is easier to go to the neighboring site for issuance, where the text will begin as follows: “Our company has 5 years engaged in repair of cars.” This sentence accurately describes the specifics of the resource, so the user knows he got on the right site.
  4. Exclude grammatical errors, unnatural turns, and overspam keywords from the text. All this catches the eye, which leads to a decrease in the credibility of the resource and the business itself.
  5. Although the site address is not textual content in the full sense of the term, but to increase the usability of the resource it is crucial to use a clear encoding. All pages should have a semantic URL, understandable to both users and robots.

Tips for content search engine optimization for robots

  1. Logical allocation of parts of content plays an important role, so you need to properly use the possibilities of markup of the page. To do this, enter the title of the web page (title), title (h1), subheadings (h2 – h5), as well as use the emphasis on words using em and strong tags.
  2. Keywords from the semantic core should always be used in the title and title of the page, and they should be evenly scattered throughout the text in direct occurrence and in different word combinations, preventing search engine spam.
  3. The number of keywords should be natural. The optimal keyword density can be found out by analyzing the texts of competitors – it is important not to exceed this figure.
  4. When calculating the relevance of content, the number of exact occurrences and individual words from key phrases is of particular importance. The page should contain thematic words in different forms, as well as their synonyms — this allows you to protect the site from sanctions for the re-optimization of texts.

To create content optimized for search engines and useful for people, you must first prepare two documents. The first – a term of reference, which is formed by a specialist on the basis of analytics of sites from the top 10 thematic output. The second – a brief for the text, which helps to create good content for the perception of the audience. The prepared brief is filled in by the owner of the business or a marketer because they know best how to position the company, how to address users, and what are the advantages of their business. Based on the prepared documents, the text is written and SEO-optimized.

How to get optimized texts

Competent SEO-optimized text plays a crucial role in the search engine promotion of the site. First, quality content gives the user specific and complete information about a product or service. The good text reveals the benefits of the offer and gently stimulates a person to take targeted action. Secondly, such content is liked by search engines, which value uniqueness, lack of spamming keywords, and relevance. There are several ways to get quality texts for the site.

  1. Self-writing. No one knows the intricacies and advantages of business better than the owner of the company. So the text, written on their own, will accurately convey all the nuances. But remember that this will take a lot of time, which businesses have very little. In addition, search engine optimization text requires certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, it will be difficult to write a good text the first time.
  2. Ordering content on the exchange. To order a text, it is enough to prepare a detailed term of reference, in which you need to tell about the features of the business, as well as define the technical parameters of the optimization of the material. The text will be written by a freelance copywriter, so the quality of the work will depend on his experience and professionalism.
  3. Buying content from companies specializing in writing services. Users of such a website are given the opportunity to quickly order SEO text. In case of cooperation with this company, a copywriter, an editor, and a proofreader will work on each text, that is, a whole team of specialists. Therefore, the customer does not have to independently check the material for errors and calculate its optimal technical parameters. As a result, you get selling content that search engines like.