What Customers Expect to Find on an Ecommerce Website

Consumer trust drives sales. If a visitor doesn’t have confidence in your brand, its product quality, or the dependability of its services, they are unlikely to buy from your business.

As your website is the front door to your business, you must make it your mission to boost confidence in your brand on every page.

To convince visitors to become customers, you must ensure you meet or exceed their expectations when they scroll through your landing pages. Find out what customers expect to find on an eCommerce website.

A High-Quality Web Design

The chances are you would expect many customers to walk out of a cluttered, smelly, and disorganized brick-and-mortar store, so why should your website be any different?

If your site is overwhelmed with many images, colors, and text, it will force people to click away from your landing pages and visit an industry rival.

Meet expectations by turning to a web designer or agency to create a professional, attractive, clean, and easy-to-use website. It will encourage visitors to scroll through your landing pages and provide the confidence to place an order on your eCommerce site.

A Fast Page Speed

Modern consumers lack patience when it comes to page speed. If a page takes longer than three seconds to load, you can almost guarantee a visitor will click away from an E-Commerce website. For this reason, you must find ways to increase your site’s loading time.

For example, you could:

  • Reduce a site’s plugins
  • Use web caching
  • Change to a more reliable web host
  • Optimize images
  • Minimize CSS and JavaScript files

A Reputable Business Address

If a visitor doesn’t recognize your brand, you can trust they will research your business before placing an order. Most consumers will scroll down to the bottom of your E-Commerce site or visit your contact page to find out where your company is based.

A genuine, reputable business address in London will provide the confidence you run a reputable company worthy of their money. It is a symbol of trust that could provide your online business with a bigger return on investment.

However, don’t worry; you don’t need to set up an expensive office in the Big Smoke to build faith in your growing business. You can sign-up for virtual office services from, which includes a business address, mail forwarding, and a UK phone number with professional personal assistant support.

Social Media Integration

Similar to your business address, visitors will browse your eCommerce brand’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to ensure your brand is who it says it is. Frequently updated profiles with high-quality images and many followers will boost consumer trust.

As a result, they will likely follow your brand, browse your website, and purchase your products or services.

For this reason, you must integrate your brand’s social media accounts into the E-Commerce website to build more confidence, secure many followers, increase the likelihood of returning visitors, and augment your company’s annual revenue.

With these simple tips, you can produce an eCommerce website that pleases customers and encourages them to part with their money.