7 Proven Methods to Promote Your Blog

Attempting to build a blog’s audience is an uphill battle that any corporate operator who has ever maintained a blog can relate to. Although we’d all prefer it if readers simply miraculously flocked to us, the fact is, it needs some effort to establish a following.

While it’s tempting to give up on writing when the going gets tough, remember that your efforts will pay off in the long run. A consistently updated blog may increase website traffic, expand your social media following, and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Here are seven tried-and-true blog promotion methods that have been shown to enhance blog traffic and reading.

1.    Start A Community-building Initiative

Why not share your fantastic new article with other influential members of your target audience? It’s an influential way of advertising a blog in the modern world.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to start blogging and effectively promote your content, check out our comprehensive guide on ‘How to Start a Blog‘ for expert tips and strategies.

Whenever you are preparing to compose an email, the secret to effective communication is to consider this inquiry: Two very good reasons for spreading the word are:

  • You wrote about that individual (or their work).
  • You’ve got something revolutionary in your content that this individual hasn’t heard of but is keen to learn about.

The second justification is what makes plan number one successful. Top professionals in your sector will naturally spread the word about your great work. You need to produce something of note.

For the same reason, when companies send out promotional emails, we always make sure to market the piece itself rather than making a covert request for a retweet.

2.    Guest Posting on Well-Known Websites

This is another method that has been proven effective. Indeed, it may be considered one of the first forms of advertising. To use this strategy, you’ll need to get in touch with other bloggers in your field and see if any of them will distribute your work.

If you are passionate about composing, seeking help at a legit writing company isn’t a sin, right? The arrangement is a win-win for both organizations involved. This is a premium piece of writing in their eyes. There will be a backlink created for your benefit.

It’s hardly a walk in the park, however. It may take some time to put up a high-quality visiting blog article. It’s not simple to persuade other sites to share your material. Utilizing the services of copywriters might greatly assist in this area of job reduction.

Supplement your blog entry with some extras. This implies that you have something to provide that compels visitors to contact your page. If not, then fewer people will visit your site.

3.    Find The Best Keywords to Target

Finding out how to undertake keyword research is a further step in promoting your blog to search engines. Finding the exact terms/expressions that your intended audience is using to search for something on Google or another search engine is called “keyword research.”

Therefore, if you can generate excellent content that performs well in search engines for those tried-and-true searches, you’ll be in a situation to attract those viewers to your site.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the greatest, most long-lasting strategy to advertise your site. If you’ve just recently begun posting, you probably won’t be able to immediately compete with the most searched search phrases. To get things moving, look for keywords that include all three of them.

4.    Create A Page About Your Gratitude

Users who are commenting for the first time should be sent to a special “thank you” section. It’s an effective way to promote your blogs in the future as it will give them a sense of belonging to your page. How? Well, they will notice that you are truly grateful for the audience’s time and efforts they put to follow your content.

First-time comments should be sent to the gratitude you page where they may be properly welcomed to the site, their connection with the blog owner can be developed, and they can be nudged closer to subscribing to the blog’s newsgroup. For instance, using SeedProd, you can quickly and simply create a polished “thank you” page.

You can easily create stunning landing pages with this plugin for WordPress. In addition to the many available starting points, you can further personalize your landing page by arranging pre-made pieces.

How to Promote Your Blog

5.    Spend Money on Reliable Hosting Providers

A poor hosting provider might hinder your site’s performance regardless of the subject matter or quality of your content. If you possess a decent host, your web page will load quickly. Hence, you can see how places to promote a blog have an important role.

Companies that are quick to load will fare well in organic search results. More money will be made through advertising these services. If it takes more than four seconds for your blog to load, you will lose a quarter of your visitors.

The quickness of a website is a major consideration in search engine rankings. If your site is ranked higher, you’ll get more visitors, which means you’ll make more money. Utilizing a sharing hosting solution will result in slower page loads.

Sites maintained on a virtual private server (VPS) often load substantially faster and don’t charge significantly more than shared hosting. However, you should still take measures to make your page load more quickly.

Website loading times may be decreased if photos aren’t optimized to use as little storage space as possible. Passive downloading and computer storage may also help reduce load times.

Ways To Promote Your Blog

6.    Get Behind a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to take your media with you wherever you go. In addition to YouTube, Spotify, and Google Play, you can find them on a number of other popular distribution channels. Perhaps that’s why many Americans listen to such shows every single month.

As Libsyn shares, They provide a great opportunity to reach younger fans and get new readers. More fortunately, participation in this medium may be undertaken in a variety of forms.

In light of the fact that many programs depend on advertisements, you may choose to provide financial backing in exchange for an advertisement or headline.

Ways to Promote Your Blog

7.    An Effective Backlink Strategy Can Be Essential

Whether you’re aware of it or not, hyperlinks play a significant role in how well your sites perform in search engines. One study analyzed the first 50 search results for about 15,000 terms.

So, connections are particularly crucial to achieve quicker ranks and boosting fresh articles for improved returns, and the research team was able to analyze the frequency with which various parameters correspond with improved search engine rankings.


Blogging’s many benefits include raising awareness of our companies, informing our target demographics about new offerings, attracting new customers, and boosting sales via digital marketing.

This, however, will not occur automatically. Hard effort on blog post marketing pays off in increased traffic, brand awareness, and sales. There is a plethora of methods and thousands of papers covering this subject.

Our goal here was to highlight what has been shown to work in terms of promoting blog postings. They should be useful in getting you where you want to go.