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SEO vs. Google Ads; What Gives Better ROI

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of practices that you can do to improve the appearance and rank of your website in organic search results. It is the process of stepping up a website’s content relevance, technical configuration, and link popularity to make it more visible to prospective customers.

Google ads, earlier known as Google AdWords, is a pay-per-click online advertising platform developed by Google. Companies bid to place adverts of services or products on search engines like Google and non-search websites like mobile apps and videos.

How Does SEO Differ From Google Ads?

There is a significant difference between search engine optimization services and Google AdWords in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). While SEO generates traffic for your firm continuously even after the campaign, Google Ads only generates traffic during its campaign duration.

If you invest in SEO services, you will likely get continuous traffic from that investment. You may need a few changes to adapt to evolving Google standards, but your content will retain its value throughout. Let’s look into the pros and cons of SEO and Google Ads.

Why is SEO a preference to many businesses?

Every business owner tries their best to cut down their costs, including digital marketing expenses and get the most out of their campaigns. Organic traffic is the number one surefire way of obtaining quality traffic that can lead to a conversion. SEO is at the center of every organic traffic generation campaign.

If wondering why SEO should form the bulk of your marketing campaigns, check out the following perks of implementing SEO for your business:

Lower budget

If your firm is running on a tight budget, you may consider SEO. A one-time investment in the best search engine optimization services will give you long-lasting results. On the other hand, the moment you stop paying for Google Ads, your ads disappear, so does the resulting traffic.

Wider potential audience

SEO services allow you to target a broader audience while keeping the costs low. If you want to target a wider audience with Google Ads, you will have to increase your budget allocation for the function. A greater audience means you target potential clients nearby and away from your firm location. It is beneficial, especially for online stores.

Continuously generates a flow of free and targeted traffic.

As earlier explained, investment in a good search engine optimization service will result in continuous traffic. Google Ads only generates traffic during its campaign duration. With SEO, you don’t spend much to keep your campaigns alive, but the returns will be worth it with time.

SEO is an asset

Your SEO continues to grow as you invest in it. The more you invest in it, the higher the ranking, thus more traffic and conversion into sales. Your SEO gains more value with every additional investment you make.

The Cons of SEO

While implementing SEO, you need to bear in mind that it’s a process that takes time and has other limitations as well. Prepared with that mindset, it becomes easier to measure your expectations as time goes by. Here are a few cons about SEO.

Results can take a lot of time to manifest

SEO takes time to generate results. It is, therefore, not a preferable option when you need an immediate fix to your marketing problem. Seek Social recommends Google Ads when you need results within a short time.

Limited control

You are at the mercy of google algorithms which are constantly changing. You have no control over how much traffic you will produce or how much return you will get. In Google Ads, what you get is proportionate to what you paid for, enabling you to control how much traffic you can get.

You get noticed by more than your target audience

As your firm becomes more visible online, rival businesses will start to notice and may as well up their game. This will lead to more competition, forcing you to rethink strategies or invest further into your SEO or investing in the best SEO reseller services.

Does Google Ads offer better ground for entrepreneurs?

Tom from UppercutSEO, a leading SEO Company, states that Google Ads often come as a life saver to those business owners who want quick results in their campaigns. As opposed to SEO, they promise an easier path to marketing for those who have a marketing fund to spare.

Google Ads often come as a life saver to those business owners who want quick results in their campaigns. As opposed to SEO, they promise an easier path to marketing for those who have a marketing fund to spare.

You can measure your successes better

With Google Ads, you will know when someone clicks on your ad. If the click results in a phone call to order, an application download, or a purchase, you could track that. Knowing which ads are materializing can help make an informed decision on which ads to invest in further.

You can control your cost

Google Ads allows you to decide how much you can spend on the whole campaign, in a month, a day, or per ad. In turn, the results of your ad spend will reflect directly. But it doesn’t always mean the more you spend, the more sales you make.

Targeted advertising

Google Ads can target audiences precisely. You can target specific queries that match your service or product. Your service or product will be visible to the customers when they search for it.

Cons of Google Ads

You don’t own it

It is only yours while you are paying for it. The moment you stop paying, all the traffic you had earlier comes to a standstill.

Every click is a cost

If your firm operates in a highly competitive environment, you can expect to pay more with Google Ads. You end up paying for clicks that did not result in sales. You can use precision targeting to filter out anyone who may not be interested in buying your services.

When Do You Choose SEO over Google Ads?

If your firm is already established and not in need of immediate results, we recommend search engine optimization services. Again, if you are running on a small budget and need long-term outcomes, SEO is the option to go for with your firm.

On the other hand, if your firm is relatively new and would like to focus on faster results, Google Ads is a perfect choice. The strategy is best for firms that want immediate results and want to monitor the progress as soon as the campaign is launched.

If your firm is at a point where you can allocate resources to both SEO and Google Ads, using both of them gives you better chances of getting valuable traffic. Google’s Ads will help you earn traffic quickly. SEO will maintain the traffic in the long term.


Whether you are starting a new firm or have an already established enterprise, your company goals will influence the marketing strategy chosen to a great extent. The allocated budget and the period for the results can determine the marketing strategy selected. It is also crucial to consider your target audience before settling for a particular marketing strategy.

If you need any online marketing expertise, seek assistance from reliable search engine optimization services providers. You’ll get access to the right tools, expertise, and experience to get your digital marketing campaign running profitably.

Whichever strategy you prefer,, a renowned SEO service provider, will provide the relevant support to see your business grow and compete with rival firms.