Is WordPress better than Wix, Which should you use?

Are you planning to build your website and confused which platform to use for building it? From the two popular options, is WordPress better than Wix

WordPress is the most popular website builder which powers around one-third of the websites across the world. At the same time, Wix is also fast gaining popularity and boasts of having several celebrity fans like Karlie Kloss.

Both WordPress and Wix are great platforms, but they both are very different from each other. While Wix is a website builder, WordPress is a content management system (CMS).

Wix offers website building tools and hosting under one roof. For users with less or no technical knowledge, who want to build a simple website without having to learn something new, Wix is the ideal option for developing and launching a website quickly.

At the same time, WordPress is a multi-purpose content management system that offers advanced features and customization options required for building and managing a complex website.

A CMS helps in customizing the design of a website, add multimedia to the content, and organize it, manage multiple users, etc. Since the customization options are higher the time involved in setting up and launching the website will be longer.

Because of its popularity and vast reach, presently WordPress is the most sought out platform for launching and managing a website.

Let’s take a closer look at both the platform’s key features and the difference between them to decide is WordPress better than Wix or not.

Wix vs. WordPress Pricing, which is better?

The cost involved in building a website plays an important role while choosing the website building platform. The cost of developing and maintaining a website completely depends on your requirements.

Let us compare Wix Pricing with WordPress cost to find out which is more expensive and which offers more at an affordable cost.

  • Wix Pricing:

The basic website builder from Wix is free. However, the catch behind offering the website builder at no cost is that it adds advertisements on the top and bottom of your website. Secondly, with Wix you cannot have your own customized domain name, your website address will be

To get rid of the advertisements and to get add ons like Google Analytics, you will need to buy one of the premium plans. There are different paid plans that start from $4.50 per month. Each plan has different storage and bandwidth limitations.

The best plan is the Unlimited plan $12.50 / month which offers all the required features for building a professional website.

  • WordPress Pricing:

The WordPress software is open source and is free for everybody. However to avail of the free services you need to have your own domain name and web host.

Depending on how much you are ready to spend, one can choose the basic plan with Hostinger (a WordPress hosting provider) which starts from $0.99 per month.

If you have a higher budget you can opt for WP Engine which is a managed WordPress hosting and costs $29 per month.

WordPress offers thousands of themes and plugins for free which can be used to reduce your costs. One can add features using plugins to the website without upgrading the hosting plan. The cost of the website will increase if you choose to go for the paid themes or plugins.


WordPress is better than Wix as it offers flexible plans which are available from a number of web hosting companies. The cost completely depends on the resources you wish to use.

Is WordPress better than Wix for SEO?

Both WordPress and Wix have basic, built-in SEO tools. Both the platforms offer apps or plugins which provide advanced SEO features.

But from an overall perspective WordPress is considered a better platform SEO wise. The range of plugins it offers can perform any optimization required for having a 100% optimized website.

With WordPress, you can choose your own server which helps in scaling your infrastructure with time. Whereas in the case of Wix you are required to use its own server which can end up making the Wix site very slow when the traffic is higher.

With WordPress, you can easily customize your files, pages, etc. in order to match the requirements of the latest SEO trends. With Wix, one does not have the option for much customization and scalability.

Therefore if your website has basic SEO requirements and you want to work on an easy platform, then Wix is a good option. Wix sites are known to rank well on Google.

However, if you wish to use SEO as a long-term strategy then it would be advisable to look into platforms like WordPress for scalability and customization.

Hence we can conclude that if you are looking for a website building platform with a strong SEO foundation, then in Wix vs. WordPress SEO comparison, WordPress is better than Wix.

Wix vs WordPress, which is better for eCommerce?

Setting up an online business and selling their services or products online is an important feature which most beginners are looking for while building a website. In the battle of Wix vs. WordPress let us see which of them is better from an eCommerce perspective.

eCommerce services are available under the premium plans offered by Wix. This means the users of the Wix free plan cannot build an eCommerce store without upgrading to a premium plan.

You can use a few third-party apps for selling things online, but even those apps are paid apps that require a monthly payment.

Whereas with WordPress you can easily build an eCommerce store using WooCommerce. WooCommerce powers and hosts more than 40% of all the eCommerce websites across the world.

There are several other eCommerce plugins that can be used for selling goods or services online. Most of the WordPress eCommerce plugins have their own dedicated themes and add-on plugins.

Therefore if you wish to build a proper eCommerce website then WordPress offers much more flexibility and choice in comparison to Wix.

Final Words:

Looking at the above-mentioned points, the answer to the question is WordPress better than Wix is Yes, WordPress is a far superior website building platform in comparison to Wix.

Though Wix is an easy to use, user-friendly website builder, WordPress would be able to help you accomplish a lot more in the longer run.

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