How WooCommerce Theme Development Helps You Improve Your Sales

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, with more than 6,5 million live websites using WooCommerce (according to BuiltWith).

WooCommerce is based on WordPress, and it is customizable, which makes it a good choice for businesses of different sizes. If you have decided to run your store on WooCommerce, you have several options.

First, you can choose from ready-made WooCommerce themes and customize it according to your vision. Second, you can have a unique WooCommerce theme developed by professionals.

Here, we’ll look at these ways of building your online store and why WooCommerce theme development can drive sales faster.

Creating a WooCommerce Store with Ready-Made Themes

Let’s face it – choosing a WordPress theme can be challenging. Selecting the right WooCommerce theme for an online store is even trickier.

You may find adorable themes with contemporary designs and then discover that they lack the functionality you need. Or vice versa, it’s possible to choose a theme that includes all the necessary functions but has a look that doesn’t suit your store.

What’s more, the theme’s customization options can be limited. The official WooCommerce website offers only 57 themes to choose from.

WooCommerce Theme Development

If you haven’t found the theme that satisfies you, it’s possible to look for themes from third parties. Then, you’ll spend some time comparing designs, functions, and prices to select the most appropriate variant.

After purchasing and downloading a theme, you will finally be able to start customizing your store. As we have already mentioned, you can face limitations in customization options while personalizing your store.

WooCommerce Theme Development to Launch a Store

Another option to launch a WooCommerce store is to have a theme developed. WooCommerce theme development means creating a WooCommerce website based on a specific design.

In other words, if you have chosen WooCommerce as the content management system for your online store but haven’t found an ideal WooCommerce theme, you can order the service of WooCommerce theme development.

You should have a website design in the PSD or any other format. Professional developers will turn this design into your dream online store. This gives you complete freedom regarding the website’s look and functionality.

Why Choose Professional WooCommerce Theme Development

Now, let’s discuss how professional WooCommerce theme development can help you create a website that drives sales.

Attractive and Effective Website

It’s impossible to deny the importance of a store’s design and visual appeal, especially when people visit it for the first time. To create a truly unique niche-specific website, you can envision your ideal store to the tiniest details.

Undoubtedly, in eCommerce website design, no element is too small to be disregarded. You should consider color schemes matching your brand identity, fonts, icons, images, etc.

For instance, the screenshot below illustrates the Kawaii box website design with carefully chosen pastel colors, cute icons, and stylish fonts.

WooCommerce Theme Development

Website development goes hand-in-hand with website design. Although your site visitors will not see the backend, it’s the key to proper website functioning and general user experience.

No matter how complicated your store design is, professional web developers can implement your ideas into a well-functioning website.

What’s more, considerable developers’ experience can help you when you are in doubt or when they know for sure what elements should be added or removed to make your website more efficient.

In any case, you’ll get an appealing online store, each element of which functions properly.

Feature-Rich Online Store

No matter how many features you want to see on your website, your custom WooCommerce theme developed by experts will include them.

Moreover, having completed hundreds or even thousands of projects, developers will ask you to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Some of the features that an excellent online store has to drive more sales are

● featured products and collections

● recommended products

● discounts and sales

● a well-thought shopping cart

● various payment and shipping options

● customers’ reviews

● a blog

Extensions Integration

You’ll likely need various WooCommerce extensions to customize and manage your store in the future. With professional WooCommerce development, you get expert assistance and advice on what extensions should be integrated into your site to suit your needs.

WooCommerce Theme Development

The correct choice of extensions is a sure way to manage orders and get more clients right after your store’s launch.

Better Product Organization

Categories and products can be organized in various ways. Likewise, a store’s category and product pages may vary significantly.

WooCommerce theme development includes creating templates for categories. Well-designed and developed product and category pages lead to better user experience and thus entice visitors to order goods.

Depending on the number of products and collections, you can choose to display all collections on your storefront, using tabs to organize them.

For instance, the Magna-Tiles store attracts visitors’ attention with smartly organized products. This encourages people to explore various collections while the store converts the target audience into customers.

WooCommerce Theme Development

Menu and Navigation

Getting around an online store, browsing different categories, easily returning to previous collections or products, and viewing similar items are essential for website visitors.

During your WooCommerce theme development, you can discuss various design variants for creating the store’s menu and navigation. If the number of categories is not big (like in the Stems Brooklyn Florist website), adding a dropdown menu is common.

WooCommerce Theme Development

If a dropdown menu isn’t suitable for your store, professional developers can offer other solutions. In any case, you are not alone in the complicated process of building your site.

Filtering and Sorting Options

The easier it is for website visitors to find necessary products, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

WooCommerce developers will help you implement necessary filters and sorting options for different types of products if required.

This greatly improves the user experience and leads to better conversion rates. The screenshot below illustrates product filtering for face care products on the Sodashi website.

WooCommerce Theme Development

Visitors can narrow their searches by applying such filters as product type or skin type.

Quality Website Code

With a professionally developed WooCommerce theme, you get a hand-coded website without lengthy code.

This means better website performance due to its faster procession by browsers and search engines. Additionally, expert developers will create SEO-optimized code for your website to make it SEO-friendly from the very beginning.

Definitely, you don’t want your visitors to see elements of code (like in the screenshot below) instead of proper site elements.

WooCommerce Theme Development

The better your website functions, the higher positions it gets in search engine results, and the more new sales you get. With a quality WooCommerce theme managing your store also becomes easier.

Responsive Design

In our time, when many people browse sites via smartphones and other devices, not making your website responsive means losing customers.

With a custom-developed theme, you can ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Moreover, your online store will be tested on various devices to ensure the website looks perfect on all screens.


By creating a custom WooCommerce theme, you get a unique, fully functional online store that converts visitors into customers. Hiring professional WooCommerce developers guarantees that your website will look perfect and function properly. All store elements, both global such as pages and small such as buttons, will get a professional touch.