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Remote Hiring Guide: How To Hire Remote WordPress Developers

More than 60% of US companies are now interested in hiring remote WordPress developers (Says Arc). It is because when businesses hire remote WordPress developers, they get exposed to talent worldwide.

With accelerated dynamism, businesses have dramatically shifted to remote work and changed the way of their source and hire WordPress developers.

But to build a remote team, you’ll have to consider a couple of factors before hiring a remote WordPress developer.

One is to hire a skilled and well-versed developer in their domain. The second is to ensure that it is suitable for cultural fit, and the list continues.

Well, this article has put together a few thoughts on how effectively you can hire a remote WP developer. We’ll cover the following:

  • What Is Remote Hiring?
  • What Are The Different Remote WordPress Developer Job Roles?
  • Why Should You Adopt Remote Hiring?
  • Why Hire Remote WordPress Developers In India Best?
  • 3 Top Platforms To Hire Remote WordPress Developers
  • Top 20 Interview Questions To Ask While Hiring A Remote
  • WordPress Developer
  • A Checklist To Hire Remote WordPress Developers
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What Is Remote Hiring?

Remote hiring is the process of finding, hiring, and interviewing talent located in different geographical regions. The remote hiring process is virtual, where you find and hire talent using collaborative tools and technology.

However, finding and hiring a remote WordPress developer is gruelling; therefore, some take the help of outsourcing agencies that provide pre-vetted remote developers to companies at a very reasonable WordPress developer salary and compensation.

Adoption of remote hiring is critical as when companies hire remote WordPress developers, they get access to a vast talent pool, better employee retention, increased company productivity, and, most importantly, cost-effectiveness.

5 Different Types of Remote Hiring

If you have decided to outsource a WordPress developer, here are five different approaches you should know:

1. Offshore Remote Hiring

If you have no specific project deadline, you might need to hire a remote team from another country with a different time zone.

For example, an American WordPress development firm in California, working with WordPress developers in India or Ukraine, would fit this outsourcing approach.

The advantages of hiring a remote offshore developer are- charging reasonable rates, access to global talent, and staying up-to-date without overpaying.

2. Nearshore Remote Hiring

Through the nearshore approach, you will hire a remote WordPress developer through your staffing agency located in a nearby country- with a minimum three-hour time difference.

For example, K-12 staffing agencies in Los Angeles help in hiring staff in Canada, Mexico, or Central or South America.

The advantages of this hiring approach– are standard business hours, high-quality developers at lower rates, and being culturally fit.

3. Freelancing

Hiring a freelancer is one of the prominent ways to bring flexibility to your project. They are someone who works remotely and use their own resources. They charge hourly, monthly, or on a project basis.

The advantages of hiring a freelancer are- offers high-quality work, is cost-efficient, and is good at brainstorming ideas.

4. Hybrid

This approach combines offshore management with nearshore management. Hybrid companies manage the development locally but contract off- or nearshore developers for the bulk of the work.

The benefits of the hybrid model are ensuring top-quality work, cutting communication barriers, and offering better flexibility.

5. Fully Remote

This approach offers the flexibility to hire a 100% remote WordPress developer globally. Mainly, it allows developers to work anywhere or everywhere by maintaining quality work.

The benefits involve- offering quality work, increasing productivity, and improving employee engagement.

Let’s move further to learn some different remote WordPress developer roles to hire.

What Are The Types of Remote WordPress Developer Jobs?

To hire remote WordPress developers, you must familiarize yourself with different remote WordPress developer roles. Here is the checklist for the same:

1. Junior Remote WordPress Developer

They are responsible for building custom themes from design files. With basic WordPress knowledge of programming language, JavaScript, and coding, they help clients build basic-level websites.

The minimum junior WordPress developer salary is $37K/yr, and the maximum range is $84K/yr.

2. Senior Remote WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer with a minimum of 5 years of experience is considered a Senior remote WordPress developer.

They are responsible for building professional websites and adding functionalities to the website. A starting salary for a senior WordPress developer is $80K, while for the most experienced developers, it can reach $126K.

3. Remote WordPress Theme Developer

They are someone who can create a WordPress theme to make your website looks pleasing and appealing.

Remote WordPress theme developers are responsible for compiling theme elements to create a modern and aesthetic theme for WordPress. However, the salary of a remote WordPress theme developer ranges from $25K/year to $135K/year.

4. Remote WordPress Plugin Developer

Hire a WordPress plugin developer who helps in creating the best WordPress plugins, and custom tables, filter content, and activates and deactivates plugins for the website.

Companies often prefer to hire a WordPress plugin developer for their professionalism, dedication, skills, and expertise. The salary of a plugin developer ranges from $90K/year to $105K/year.

Now you know the types of remote WordPress developers. Let’s further learn why remote hiring is essential in today’s world.

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring A Remote WordPress Developer

To help you explain why hiring a remote wordpress developer is essential, here are some benefits:

1. Reduced Hiring Time

Data suggests that high-quality talent stays up to 10 days in the job market (Data: Glassdoor). If your traditional hiring process isn’t up to the market, you might miss out on top tech talent.

However, in remote hiring, you must post a WordPress developer job description on the job listing sites and filter out the right fit. This way, remote hiring reduces time spent on hiring and cuts down overhead costs.

2. Boost Productivity

70% of remote WordPress developers say they are more productive while working from home (Data: Hubstaff).

If you want to hire remote WordPress developers who can dedicatedly work with you and your company, then hiring a remote WordPress developer is the better option. You can improvise your company’s productivity by hiring remote developers that fit your needs.

3. Expands Your Talent Pool

WordPress talent development runs on different trends and advancements.

It means developers have to upkeep with the new technologies and trends. However, in this tough competition of hiring top talent, finding the one that fits your needs is challenging.

But that’s not the case with remote hiring. You will get the broader net for hiring remote WordPress developers. In addition, remote hiring significantly offers flexibility to attract job seekers.

4. Better Employee Retention

As per Fiverr, 95% of employers believe that remote working positively offers better retention. Remote hiring of WordPress developers offers flexible options and increased productivity that keeps the employees on board for longer.

Also, it makes recruiters easy to attract top talent. Thus, better employee retention in remote hiring also signifies a reduced talent turnover rate.

Why Is It Best To Hire Remote WordPress Developers From India?

Hiring remote WordPress developers witnessed a spectacular 159% growth over the last 12 years from India. Over a few years, India’s tech industry has grown tremendously at 7.5%.

However, India offers the most prominent talent pool of 800,000+ skilled developer talent in the most popular domains, such as WordPress, Python, JavaScript, C/C++, and PHP. Here are a few reasons why India is the world’s promising source of global tech hiring-

1. Innovative

The Indian innovation ecosystem has experienced urbanization, demographic trends, and venture capital investment growth in the past two years.

2. Upkeep with Trends

Indian outsourcing companies provide web and mobile app development services with the latest IT infrastructures and technologies.

3. High-Quality Deliverables

Remote WordPress developers from India deliver high-quality software development solutions, web development solutions, mobile app development solutions, etc.

4. Latest Technology

Indian developers can quickly adapt to changes and new technologies.

5. Cost Effective

Another significant advantage of hiring a WordPress developer from India is cost-effectiveness, transparency, and no hidden charges.

Top Platforms To Hire Remote WordPress Developers

In case you find difficulty in hiring a remote WordPress developer, then here is the list of platforms to hire remote WordPress experts at ease:


Uplers is always a top platform to hire WordPress designers and WordPress developers. Access to a vast talent pool helps clients find the right fit. They will enlist the candidates that fit your requirement.

So far, you will witness top tech talent, including python developers, AngularJS developers, WordPress website designers, and WordPress developers.

You can find the right developer by just following the 4- steps. Hire from the top 3.5% of India’s tech talent. Also, you can save up to 50% on salary over remote talent without compromising quality.

WordPress Jobs

It is another platform for hire remote WordPress developers. You can access various WordPress jobs, including development, plugin development, theme customization, design, and more. They list out the candidates based on your requirements and needs.

Smashing Jobs

The most popular platform to hire remote WordPress developers is Smashing jobs. They boast over 4M+ monthly users and give you access to a large talent pool. If you are searching for a tach talent, this is the place to explore.

Adzuna Remote Jobs

Adzuna’s Remote Job Board equips job seekers with the most comprehensive, up-to-date listings of remote jobs from around the world. With Adzuna, you can search through hundreds of companies and roles to easily locate your ideal position — whether it’s a full-time gig or a freelance opportunity. Their advanced search engine and job matching technology make it easier than ever to find the perfect remote job. With Adzuna, you can save searches, get alerts of new openings, and even apply without leaving the site.

Remote Salt

Discover your ideal remote job effortlessly with this platform. It provides you with a job search by offering a curated collection of remote job listings across various industries and roles.

With user-friendly navigation, comprehensive job details, and real user reviews, it also empowers you to make informed career decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or new to the remote scene tailored recommendations, a vibrant community, and regular updates ensure you’re well-equipped to find the perfect remote opportunity for you.

Top Interview Questions To Ask While Hiring A Remote WordPress Developer

By asking the right interview questions, you can make the best decision on hiring a developer for your business. Here we have enlisted some questions to help you find the right candidate.

  • What is WordPress?
  • What year was WordPress released?
  • What are the minimum requirements to work on WordPress?
  • List some features of WordPress.
  • What is a plugin in WordPress? List plugin that comes with WordPress.
  • Explain the difference between VS
  • Where is WordPress content stored?
  • Is WordPress secure?
  • How many default tables are in WordPress?
  • What is the default table prefix for wordpress?
  • What are the disadvantages of WordPress?
  • Enlist the differences between installing and activating a theme
  • What are Post and Page screens?
  • Explain the difference between the two URLs in General Settings.
  • What is plugin development?
  • What are the types of hooks in WP, and what are their functions
  • What is an action hook?
  • What is a filter hook?
  • How do you enable debug mode in WP?
  • What is a WordPress taxonomy?

3-Step Process To Hire Remote WordPress Developers

Now, if you want to hire remote WordPress developers, then here are the steps that you need to consider-

Step 1- Define Your Remote Hiring Process

Create a robust recruiting strategy plan that includes hiring tools and techniques. The first and foremost thing is to define your goals, make a plan and stick to them.

Take the use of collaborative tools to evaluate tests and questionnaires. Use communication tools like Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, or Zoom to improve communication with the candidate.

Step 2- Sourcing Game Needs to Be on Point

To make your remote hiring process easy, create an online psychometric test to pinpoint the personality traits you are looking for.

Additionally, write an appealing WordPress developer job description to attract a potential candidate.

You can leverage social recruitment tactics to find out better candidates. Platforms like LinkedIn and Uplers are better for targeting reliable remote developers.

Step 3- Conduct Interviews

While interviewing a candidate, try to use online skills assessment tools and psychometric tests to evaluate a candidate. These tests help identify candidates’ hard and soft skills.

Assign tasks and give cognitive aptitude tests to candidates to screen down their work ethics and attitude. Also, be prepared with your questions, stable internet, functioning video and audio, and draft job post while interviewing a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Web Developers Work Remotely?

Yes, 75% of web developers choose to work remotely for better productivity and to hone their skills.

2. What Is the Job of a Remote WordPress Developer?

Remote WordPress developers have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. They are responsible for delivering website projects, planning website looks, maintaining project quality, optimizing website performance, migrating a WordPress site, and more.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Hire Remote Developers?

The rates of remote developers range from $100-200 per hour in the USA and Western Europe to $8-10 per hour in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Mostly, it depends from country to country.

What It Takes To Hire A Remote WordPress Developer: In A Nutshell

You can hire remote WordPress developers by following the above steps. We have mentioned all the possible things that help you find a remote WordPress developer at ease.

Consider your needs, allocate your budget and hunt for the best. This guide has mentioned the top three platforms where you can easily hire remote WordPress developers. Following the resources and tips offered in this article can easily lessen your recruitment efforts.