Web Development

Reasons To Learn Web Development

Web development involves building, creating, and maintaining a website, and includes aspects such as web design, web programming, web publishing, and database management.

If you are not sure whether you should pursue a career in web development, you are at the right place. Below, we provide reasons to learn web development that might convince you to enroll in one of the reputable web development 4 year online college programs, in a web development school or online Web Development Courses today.

Staggering Demand

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the employment of web developers is expected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030.

Now is the perfect time to enroll in web development school because your chances of securing a job afterward are high since web development is a skill that is highly attractive to employers.

Understanding the differences between Angular and React and Vue can significantly enhance your skill set and make you a more competitive candidate in the rapidly evolving landscape of web development.

Work Flexibility

As a web developer, you get to enjoy a freedom that is not present in other industries. You can work part-time, full time, as a freelancer, for yourself, for an organization, for the government, from home, or while on holiday in the Maldives.

Good Money

Web developers make good money. In the United States, web developers earn $46.15 per hour or $89,984 annually. The best paid 25 percent earn $107,620 annually, while the lowest paid earn $55,390 annually.

Many Ways to Make Money

In addition to making good money annually, you can supplement your income by pursuing other opportunities. As a web developer, working for a company is not the only option. You can make money on the side by:

● Starting a Blog

● Starting a Podcast

● Creating Digital Products

● Starting a YouTube Channel

● Teaching People How to Code

Diverse Opportunities

Being a web developer does not mean that you will only focus on creating websites or developing applications. There are many career opportunities that require web development skills, including:

● SEO Specialists

● Game Developer

● Application Developer

● Web Content Manager

● Multimedia Programmer

You can choose from a wide pool of jobs as long as you have the necessary skills and knowledge for web development.

Develop Research Skills

Web development school teaches you how to research to find solutions to the most pressing problems. With your newly acquired research skills, you can solve problems, keep up with changes, learn alternative methods, and stay relevant in web development.

Learn Web Development

As you can see, opting for web developer course and learning web development can benefit you in many ways and PrepAway can help you with it. Not all industries offer these benefits. As such, you should pursue a career in web development while the demand is still high.