Social Media Marketing

Instagram Marketing Strategies That Works

You can use Instagram to grow your business in 2022 by taking advantage of its shopping features, using influencers, and increasing engagement through video stories.

Instagrams Shopping Features

Over the last couple of years, Instagram has bridged the gap between marketing and e-commerce. Your customers no longer have to go to a third-party website to purchase the services or goods that you market on your Instagram.

The Instagram Shoppable Posts tools allow you to tag products in your Instagram Shop catalog. You can do this directly in the feed posts, which means your audience not only see the photo of the product but also a tag on the image that shows its price.

You can add a link to your e-commerce website or allow them to purchase the product directly within the app with Instagram Checkout. Studies show that almost 70 percent of Instagram marketers are already using this tool. So, you can also use to gain popularity.

Influencer Marketing

Many content creators or influencers have created a massive following on Instagram. Businesses often pay influencers with the largest following to reach out to their target audience. Choose influencers that are relevant to your business.

Make sure that the audience actually trusts the influencer because that means they will trust the influencer’s opinion on products or services. The influencer must also be likable and reputable because these are values you want to associate with your brand or business.

You don’t have to approach influencers with millions of followers for this strategy to succeed. Micro-influencers with a 10k to 60k following or those with less than 10k followers are a better option. This is because their follower numbers are still growing, which forces them to engage more with their audience.

Engagement Through Video Stories

High-quality video content always leads to increased engagement. You should post at least two weekly stories on Instagram to keep your audience coming back for more. Videos are more effective at keeping your audience interested compared to images.

Remember that it’s not the Instagram Stories that are important but the information these videos create for your insights. Instagram insights will show you the trends across your followers, which will help you create content that makes your audience want to try out your products or services.

Obviously, these are just a few Instagram strategies that work in 2022. But they are the main strategies that most businesses are implementing.