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Benefits of Content Writing Services For Businesses

In today’s digital world, customers first interact with you through your content on different channels. And, your smart customers, build an impression about you even before you could actually pitch your product or service to them.

So, the question is – can you afford to make a lousy first impression? We thought so.

That’s why you need a target-audience-oriented content strategy and quality content across your communication channels.

And, that’s the key benefit of hiring a content writing service. Let’s talk about more content writing services and their benefits in this article.

What are Content Writing Services?

Content writing is the complete process of creating a content plan, writing and editing content for marketing channels, websites, whitepapers, scripts, podcasts, blogs and articles. As you can guess, it takes huge effort and a good amount of time to create content regularly. Hence, businesses often miss out on doing their absolute best when it comes to content.

Hire a content writing agency, and you have the whole end-to-end content creation load taken care of. No worries about how to create the content strategy, the calender, the quality, the research, the optimisation, the production and delivery. It

serves as the perfect support for your brand’s content and digital marketing campaigns.

So here you go. If you were iffy about whether or not to outsource your content writing services, here are the top benefits of hiring a professional content writing service:

5 Benefits of Content Writing Services

1. Connect with the Target Audience

We have observed, especially with a start-up or small business that the content published on their site has no clear goal or target audience.

Your website needs more than a few random blogs to generate customer engagement and sales. The corrective measure that brands need here is to define a clear buyers persona. If you don’t know already, the buyer’s persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. With a buyer persona, not only your content connects better with your audience but also you build trust and a relationship that helps to generate sales.

Justwords, a content writing agency helps businesses to first and foremost define their target audience and understand the effective way to engage with them.

2. Streamline Your Brand Voice

In juggling with other crucial business activities, sometimes brands miss out on defining brand voice across the communication channels.

Brand voice is your unique style to talk to your target audience. It needs to be consistent across your social media, website, marketing collaterals so that your audience can easily recognize your brand whenever they interact with your content.

For example take a look at the brand voice guidelines crafted for Hero Fincorp. We used the Aaker’s framework to define the personality of the brand –

Using this framework, we decided to focus on the following personality traits.

  1. Real and original
  2. Sincere and reliable
  3. Honest
  4. Friendly,
  5. Down-to-earth,
  6. Knowledgeable and successful
  7. Cheerful
  8. Kind and thoughtful
  9. Orientation toward family values

So, if HFCL was a person this is what he would be =

A 45-plus man who is a friend, warm, fun-loving, trustable, dependable, kind, thoughtful, always there, friend, mentor, advisor, intelligent, reliable, honest, cheerful and thoughtful.

Based on this, the guidelines for the brand voice was defined as –

  1. Warm, relaxed yet respectful — We are speaking from experience but we are always giving a friendly advice that people can trust. Natural, everyday speak, less formal, grounded in real life, and sometimes we are even fun. The voice has to be simple and clear— We want to be understood. We make it simple above all.
  2. Ready to lend a hand, caring, friendly — We always want our customers to know that we are on their side. We are their friend, mentor, and understand their problems and offer great info whenever they need it.
  3. Talk from experience and like a person – Use words that are optimistic, positive and conversational. Hinglish can be used. Do not use jargons and acronyms. Write simple. Give people enough information to make a decision.

These guidelines are used across their content – be it their blogs, or their social media pages or their website. This is crucial for any brand.

A content writing agency ensures that you define your brand voice, tone and stay consistent with it in every piece that reaches your customer.

3. Help Your Rank on Search Engines

Search engines like Google love content that is consistent, unique, and clear for readers to understand. It needs to be of high-quality, needs to have the right amount of long and short tail keywords, needs to have the right meta tags and slug, needs to be the right amount of words, needs to have the right topic, and needs to have the right amount of backlinks in order to rank.

That is exactly what you get from content marketing agencies that offer content writing services research.

4. Optimize Your Existing Content

In addition to new content creation, content writing services include optimising your existing website content as well. With search engine algorithms getting updating every year, most businesses are left with old and outdated content on their websites. This impacts SEO and rankings, and finally business.

Moreover, a content writing service agency has a team of seasoned writers and SEO professionals who can take up this task in no time.

Plus, the agency can help you repurpose this content in various forms such as webinars, social media posts, newsletters, infographics to mount up your engagement rate.

5. Multiply Your Sales Conversation Rate

Just writing content on your pages will not work. Website content and landing pages need persuasive content that are in total sync with the right conversion ratio techniques. The right copy, appearing in the right place, with the right Call to Actions and the right tone will help your traffic convert into leads.

Your high sales conversion rate is directly proportional to the quality of content you produce and your targeted audience’s actions on the CTAs.

There are different strategies to engage with customers and ultimately probe them to take some actions. Now, these strategies need regular brainstorming, improvision, and experimentation to meet the changing needs of customers.

The idea is to bring back the footfall to your landing page or website and ultimately convert it into a sale. This is something that you can expect your content marketing agency to take care of.

Final Words

Hiring content writing services in India has a huge advantage since it comes with affordability, quality, a trustable team, and content marketing experience. All of this can equip your business with a huge advantage – propelling your business growth through content. Unless you have an internal team of writers, marketers, designers and SEO, it’s always best to hire content writing services as it saves you a lot of headache, cost, and worries related to content production. Remember, that every business in today’s world needs strong content to drive its sales and marketing engine. How are you getting your content served?