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Beginner Tips to Write Engaging Content

Readers must connect to the writing to find the answers to your questions, and there are plenty of ways for the writer to connect to the reader. This relationship defines a great blog post.

But how do you connect with the reader? The simple answer is writing engaging content. There are multiple ways, and in this article, we share with you the top 8 tips to write engaging content and help readers grasp your content.

Shorter paragraphs

Look at free essay examples. People write them in long paragraphs, but blog posts are not essays., but blog posts are not essays. According to Brand Glow Up, shorter paragraphs reduce the chances of mistakes and are easy on the eyes.

Some other benefits of short paragraphs include being easy to read and scan, finding information quickly, and being easy to learn.

Each paragraph should contain a maximum of three sentences for better readability. If your website places ads, this also improves the ad viewability by placing more ads in-between content.

Add internal links

The next tip to better value content is using internal links. Internal links are those linked to your own content. This helps readers read more on the topic and find as much information as possible.

This also helps search engines find your content quickly to add it to their search index.

While using internal links, it is essential to add relevant links. Otherwise, users will quickly find the content off-topic and leave the site the first chance they get.

Add external links

Another one of the best tips for writing engaging content is adding external links. An external link is when you link to other websites. Those links have to be relevant to the topic of the paragraph (the article).

External links help search engines verify your content’s authenticity. They also help users find accurate information on the internet.

Furthermore, external links are one of the easiest ways to build connections with other writers in your industry. You can notify writers via email after linking to their website.

Add stats

Who does not like statistics? Stats are the best in providing value because finding stats about a product is challenging, and no one likes to spend hours conducting studies or finding stats on the internet.

If you want your readers to truly engage with your content, you must go beyond and find numbers about your product. For example, if it’s an electrical bulb, add its technical specifications such as the voltage, temperature, etc.

Stats also help your website bring more external links because bloggers tend to link to pages full of research and stats.

Use unique images

The next tip for writing engaging content is using unique images. Using unique images shows that the writer went the extra mile to provide a unique piece of content. It also builds your authority in the SEO world.

If you use products, you should take some unique photos before writing the review. If you are in tech, where you mostly talk about software, you use one of the visual designing apps, such as Canva or Adobe InDesign.

Canva is free and easier to use than InDesign, so you can take advantage of this program and design unique images for your articles.

Use Grammarly

It’s always best to use a grammar checker. Everyone makes mistakes, and when writers have so many thoughts, they type faster, increasing the chances of grammatical mistakes.

Tools like Google Docs, Word, or basic spell browser checkers are fine, but if you want an enhanced writing checkup, Grammarly is one of the best writing assistants. It is also free and available on Chrome and Firefox to check your grammar mistakes.

You can also use other programs like ProWritingAid, and Linguix, but Grammarly is the most popular and advanced.

Proper heading structure

Using proper structure is one of the tips for writing engaging content. A good heading structure allows users to see the important and unimportant sections.

If your heading structure is improper, it will confuse users easily, forcing them to leave your content.

One of the best ways to use proper heading structure is to write down the initial headings and then modify the values until the whole structure makes sense.

Using a table of contents

You can add a table of contents to your blog on the top to help readers navigate to the specific section of the article. This will help them find information quickly.

Another benefit of the table of contents is to help you see the heading structure allowing you to make any changes before publishing the content.

Put the important information at the bottom

As a writer, it is essential to provide the true value of your content. One of the ways to provide that is to let users read all your sections before reaching the main important section.

For example, if you are writing a product review, you can add a “Should you get this item” section at the bottom. Users must visit that section to see your final words about the product.

Moreover, this tip helps your content rank better in search results. If you put the most important content to the bottom, your users will need to scroll through and read other sections. This sends positive signals to search engines giving your content a better ranking.


There are other ways to write engaging content, but those eight tips are the most common.

For new writers, it can be hard to deliver great content, but with practice, your writing will get better.

If you apply the above tips from the start, it will become much easier to write content in any industry.

I hope the article helped. Thank you for reading. Please share this piece with other writers to help them write better content.