Why WooCommerce is most popular E-commerce Platform?

With the constant evolution in technology, more and more brick & mortar stores are making their online presence. The technology also grew in the eCommerce industry and emerging & startups juggle in between many platforms to choose the best & user friendly.

Among the all available eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is the most user-friendly eCommerce platform which can be adopted by every business of all products niche. When businesses hire WooCommerce developers for their online store development, they create the best & trending marketplace to sell their products & merchandise.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the plugin of WordPress technology. The implementation of this plugin will transform the normal website into an eCommerce website. It is an open-source plugin launched in the year 2015.  Here you will come to know why the business owners should use WooCommerce to create the interactive eCommerce website.

WooCommerce is the Cost-Effective

Pricing is a major concern while making decisions. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin of WordPress, so it is available free of cost. You can hire WooCommerce developers at very affordable rates and make your website responsive for all types of devices. Its advanced features of plugins, free themes, etc make it more reliable & flexible for eCommerce business development.

Customization of the StoreFront

WooCommerce has a large pool of free themes as well as paid themes. The free themes are available for all product niches that can be installed in a few clicks to create the online storefront.

When you hire a WooCommerce developer, the design can be customized as per the need of the business. The custom design on the online store influences the purchase from the store. Also, it provides additional benefits to the business by making it stand apart from the crowd.

Advanced Built-in Plugins

When it comes to making the selection on the easy builtin tool, then WooCommerce is the again choice for it. The advanced plugins of WordPress initiate the functions with a few clicks. When the entrepreneurs hire WooCommerce developers they add all essential plugins which are required to operate the online store in an efficient manner. WooCommerce provides the flexibility to add more paid plugins to manage the complexity of the eCommerce website.

Powerful & Effective Analytics

The eCommerce analytics gives the power to the business owner or admin to make the decision based on the data. It helps them to evaluate which products are performing better and whose need to optimize. WooCommerce analytics provides very clean, clear & intuitive data from which business admin can identify the potential activities to perform to get more sales & revenue.

Suppose the business owner uses some third-party analytics tools, so it can also be integrated when you hire WooCommerce developers. The developer sets the parameter which becomes easy to extract the data based on the date, categories, month, site visitors, and many more.

Very Familiar & User Friendly

WordPress is one the best Content Management System (CMS) on the global level. Similar to it, WooCommerce is also the most user-friendly eCommerce platform which can be used by the majority of non-technical people. With the easy admin panel of WooCommerce, the product’s status can be updated easily without the assistance of any professional experts.

Vast Room for Growth

The updates in the eCommerce business are ongoing, the required changes have to be made periodically as per the demands of the customers & business. WooCommerce has APIs which can be utilized to extend the data fetching with the rich documentation of the library. It allows the flexibility to make the necessary changes for the SEO to get a high rank on the SERP.

Final Thoughts

There are more terrific reasons to adopt WooCommerce for eCommerce website development. WooCommerce is packed with the advanced features that make it the one-stop destination for sellers, startups & entrepreneurs to create their own web presence with stunning design & robust technology.