Why Learning SEO Is Crucial for Web Developers?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategic activities that is done inside or outside your website to improve its ranking on search engines. The optimization that you do on your website is called on-page SEO.

Anything from choosing the correct structure for your title tags, metadata description, keywords optimization, semantic URLs structure, site structure, and implementing a sitemap, all fall under on-page SEO category.

On the other hand, everything you do outside your website such as social networking, link-building, and everything you do outside your site to increase traffic is considered off-page SEO.

In this article, we’re going to discuss that SEO and web development are NOT two separate careers. SEO and web development are intertwined together because they both stem from the same root.

Web developers with the help of web designers build a website from scratch but in my opinion, the web developer job goes beyond just building the website. He or she has to make sure how optimized their work is in the search engine results page (SERP).

In the next paragraph, we are going to talk about the most important factors for any web developer who wants to dive into the vast world of SEO and claim a piece of their revenue.


We developers Freelancers tend to work alone. They are often the web designer and web developer. Web developers can take a bigger share of the market if they add SEO to their basket of knowledge.

SEO knowledge is necessary for freelance web developers. If you’re a freelance web developer you should already have a good grasp of the fundamentals of SEO. Every freelancer out there needs to invest a couple of hours a day to learn SEO.

The process of learning is so smooth because as we previously mentioned SEO and web development are so similar. I guarantee you’d be an expert in SEO in less than 3 months.

Next time when you post an ad for a job on Indeed or Fiverr for web development it could be like this: get the whole package for just one price. a web designer, a developer, and Quality SEO services in Australia. That’s how I post my ads.

Enhance Your Resume

Now you’re probably saying, okay I’m not a freelancer so I don’t need SEO. Just let me stop you right there, SEO is an important skill for every web developer out there. Even if you’re an employee or looking to work for a Web Development company, SEO knowledge is a very attractive skill to add to your resume. In the future, you could be someone who does both SEO and the web development of a small company or a business.

More Job Opportunities

More skills under your belt mean more jobs. That’s why web developers never stop learning new languages and libraries. I remember when I first started learning web development, I thought I’d be done when I finish HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That turned out to be terribly a wrong assumption. The web developers’ learning process never stops. Additionally, integrating insights from Dora Metrics Dashboard can provide valuable data for enhancing your website’s performance and optimization strategies.

Get Extra Knowledge of How the Web Works

When you dive into the world of SEO, you will appreciate the web more. You will acquire relevant knowledge concerning how the web works. You will get familiar with how search engines work, what’s their algorithm for ranking websites, and all the most important factors that would take the website from the bottom of the page to the very top. In no time you would code SEO optimized website without even noticing it.

SEO and Web Development Complete Each Other

The SEO manager essentially completes or fixes the web developer’s job when he does on-page SEO. Things like proper use of heading tags. Metadata, alt descriptions, and a lot more, but in-depth. Nearly more than half of what an SEO manager does on a website, a web developer can learn to do too.

There are other activities that on the surface look as if are outside of any web developer spectrum. These activities are done after when a website is released to the internet. Stuff like local citations, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. A web developer can learn how to do these strategies in a heartbeat.


Web developers or those who are new to web development must recognize the importance of SEO in web development. It will boost your resume, provide you with more work than you already have. And makes you a true web developer who knows and understands the web perfectly.

Also, your moral conscious will be relieved because you have provided your clients with a robust, well-built, and SEO website. In addition to that, you will get lots of referrals from your happy customers. So, are you excited to learn SEO? Then what are you waiting for?