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Why hire experienced front-end developers?

Three interesting facts for you to mull over:

1. The U.S. has more than 80,827 front-end developers.

2. Front-end developers in San Francisco, CA earn $118,538 each year on average. The number is the highest among all the U.S. states.

3. Each year, businesses fill 21,800 openings with web developers and digital designers.

Now you want to hire front-end developers. If every company is hiring front-end developers in such a huge number, you too must, right? However, before you go and start hiring processes, read this article till the end.

Why? You need to know why should you hire a front-end developer in the first place. What purpose will they have? What business issue the developers would solve or improve upon? We’re here with the answers.

In the next five minutes, you’ll learn all about the 6 reasons to hire experienced front-end developers. This complete guide will share how front-end developers:

  • Speed up the webpages
  • Design the website with clean and quality code
  • Come up with a responsive web design
  • Offer website optimization
  • Offer a smooth user experience
  • Optimize the website for better SEO results

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Note: the information is true at the time of writing. That’s September 2022.

6 reasons to hire experienced front-end developers

1. Increase webpage loading speed

Let’s begin with three alarming facts:

  • For each additional second of page load time, website conversion rates drop by 4.42% on average.
  • 70% of customers confirm that page speed influences their willingness to buy from an online retailer.
  • Websites with load times lower than 3 seconds have the highest conversion rates.

Thus, website page loading speed is essential to the success of your business.

Front-end developers know which tactics to implement and how to implement them to increase the webpage loading speed.

2. Offer quality and clean code

Quality and clean code helps to:

  • Maintain and modify the website features without much hassle.
  • Offer a smooth user experience to website visitors. Thus, the website has higher traffic and conversions than a website without a clean code.
  • Communicate the code to the person who will maintain the website in the future. A clean code that’s easy to understand is paramount in developing and maintaining a website.

An expert front-end developer is well-equipped with the process of writing semantically correct code. Furthermore, they come with the knowledge of best practices to implement.

Thus, if you’re asking, “What are the qualities of a great front-end developer?” the ability to write quality and clean code is one of the answers.

3. Offer a responsive web design

58.99% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

Thus, you must make sure users can browse your website on mobile devices without any hassle. Miss that and the website visitors have a competitor to go back to; causing you loss of traffic, leads, and revenue.

That’s where front-end developers come to your rescue. They know how to create a responsive web design to keep your target clients hooked to your website.

Check out five methods they use to develop a responsive web design:

  • Opt for appropriate responsive breakpoints
  • Begin with a fluid grid
  • Consider touchscreens during the conceptualization process
  • Opt for the correct typography so that they’re easily readable on all screen sizes
  • Opt for a pre-designed layout or theme if there’s a time crunch

4. Optimize the website

Here’s why your website must be optimized:

  • An optimized website offers a smooth user experience.
  • An optimized website ranks better in SERP results.
  • An optimized website increases conversion rates.

Here’s how front-end developers optimize your website:

  • The developers use a Content Deliver Network (CDN) to distribute the traffic load into a set of web servers. Thus, websites take less time to fulfill each user request.
  • The developers optimize the website images to increase the page loading speed. The developers use third-party tools such as Kraken, ImageOptim, and JPEGmini to achieve the same.
  • The developers use only the necessary plugins to help enhance the website’s functions. Uninstalling unnecessary plugins increases website loading speed.
  • The developers minimize the number of CSS and JavaScript files. The developers use third-party tools such as Script Minifier, Grunt, and WillPeavy to achieve the same.
  • The developers opt for Gzip Compression to reduce the uploaded file sizes. The process helps reduce server response time. Thus, the user receives a smooth user experience.

5. Improve user experience

Here are three interesting facts for you to mull over:

  • 80% of users will pay extra for a better user experience.
  • 44% of users will tell their friends about a poor online experience.
  • 45% of users prefer content that is optimized for all devices.

Thus, if you don’t offer a good user experience to your website visitors, you’ll lose out on website traffic and conversions.

That’s when front-end developers come to your rescue. This is how the front-end developers improve the user experience:

  • The developers opt for adequate white space. The feature is especially beneficial as white space around titles and texts increases user attention by up to 20%.
  • The developers optimize the page load speed. Consider the fact that an additional five seconds of page load time increases the bounce rate of the website to over 20% and you’ll know how beneficial the feature is.
  • The developers opt for CTAs (Calls to action) with power words to influence the website visitor to take action.

6. Improve website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Check out these three interesting facts first:

  • SEO allows businesses to reduce the cost of customer acquisition by up to 87.41% on average than digital marketing.
  • 70% of marketers confirm that SEO is more effective than PPC.
  • The first five organic results on the first page receive 67.6% of all the clicks.

Thus, a smart business owner like you won’t ignore SEO. A front-end developer optimizes the website for better SEO results. Here’s how:

  • The developers optimize the existing content via a thorough review. Furthermore, they push the Google crawlers to index the optimized content as well.
  • The developers structure the content to receive Featured Snippets.
  • The developers create backlinks from authority sites.
  • The developers improve local SEO. The feature is especially beneficial as 46% of all Google search queries look for local information.
  • The developers opt for internal linking to link the authority pages of your website to each other.

Thus, if you’re asking, “What are the top 3 skills most needed in a great front-end developer?” knowing how to improve the website’s SEO is one of the answers.

Reasons to hire experienced front-end developers – the fastest-growing job sector

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed the employment rate of web developers and digital designers will increase by up to 23% by 2031.

The growth rate is higher than the average of all industries.

Thus, you’d do well to step into the wagon and hire a front-end developer to upscale your business as well.

Now that you know the 6 reasons to hire experienced front-end developers, we hope the knowledge will help you make the most informed decision when hiring front-end developers.