Guide on hiring the right Ruby on Rails developer

Ever since Ruby on Rails was introduced in 2004, it has become a popular programming language because developers saved more than half of their time with it as compared to alternative programming languages — which also helped cut down costs and speed up productivity.

ROR developers have created successful apps like Github, Shopify, and Airbnb. But hiring the right Ruby on Rail developers is a challenge because it is such a specialized language, and there are so many experienced developers in the field.

How to Hire the Right Ruby on Rails Developer

Here are a few other checkboxes you will need to tick off when you hire Ruby on Rails developers.

Technical Capabilities

  1. A ruby developer needs familiarity when it comes to these technical processes:
  2. Ruby language, and Ruby on rails framework.
  3. Object-oriented programming.
  4. SQL language and ActiveRecord ORM with particular emphasis on understanding generated.
  5. HTTP protocol, HTML & CSS and JavaScript language and frameworks.
  • GemsIn Ruby on Rails, gems are shared packages of functionality that others might find useful. Before hiring Ruby on rails developers, you can see if the developer has contributed to gems or built their own.
  • DeploymentA significant technical checkbox to look out for when you are hiring a ruby on rails engineer is taking a look at their past work to understand how they have deployed their application and made it up and running for many users at a time.

Soft Skills

Soft skills might be undervalued when hiring a talented ruby on rails developer, but they can be a game-changer when it comes to making a successful app.

  • Client InteractionOne of the most critical tasks that dedicated Ruby on Rails developers have to encounter is interacting with a client and understanding what they want so that they can mold their code accordingly. This is where good interpersonal skills come to play.
  • Team PlayerA successful app or project is seldom the fruit of the efforts of one person — the Ruby on rails developer must understand how to interact with the team in order to get the job done.
  • Learning SkillsAs Ruby on rails is a dynamic language, the ability to keep learning takes precedence over everything else. Websites such as ExamSnap offers training and certifications for many such programming languages.

Where To Find Your Ruby on Rails Developer

  1. Freelancing WebsitesYou can cover the usual suspects — Fiverr, Upwork, and

    But there are plenty of useful alternatives:

    • Ruby on rail job boards
    • Ruby on Rail jobs
    • RubyNow
    • RailsJobs
    • RailsJobsDe
  2. Headhunting PlatformsLinkedIn and other headhunting websites are a great place to check out a potential ROR candidates’ work profile.

    Ruby on Rails consulting for hiring can help you gauge the market and understand what sort of candidates will fit your Ruby on Rails developer role.

  3. Attend Developer EventsSince an interpersonal connection is vital in the hiring process, it might be a good idea to look for a candidate in person at a networking event for Ruby on Rails professionals.
  4. Recruitment AgenciesRecruitment agencies for IT professionals are a great way to hire Ruby on Rails professionals.

    You can customize your requirements of what you want your Ruby on Rails developer to do, and the recruitment agency can help you find the right match.

Once You’ve Narrowed Down a Candidate:

  1. Get ReferencesMake sure you see the references from previous clients. Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr give plenty of references, so does LinkedIn.

    Before you hire a Ruby on Rails developer, you can also ask your potential candidate for two or more references of their previous clients. Do look at any special abilities or interests that the employers have highlighted in the references and see if they suit your current project.

  2. Do A Sample ProjectSince Ruby on Rails is relatively new and you can’t hire candidates based solely on work ex, you can always ask candidates to do a spec project to judge their skills.

    However, if you do ask them to do a small sample project, be prepared to pay up.

    Though you may not use the candidate, they are still providing work for you, so make sure you have enough money in your project budget to pay for a small sample of their work.

Hiring is a Two Way Street

Developers are in high demand, and since it’s important to keep in mind with potential employees in any department, you need to reinforce why your company is a great place to work in, and the fact that you are giving them a great offer where they can grow in their career and work on projects that excite them!

Remember the more enthusiastic your potential candidate is to join your place, the better work you will get!


Hiring the right Ruby on Rails developer or the software development company that deals with Ruby on Rails requires a specialized set of skills. BoTree Technologies can assist you with finding the right Ruby on Rails developer for your project.