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Best WordPress Themes for Non-profit Organizations

Communication is everything for non-profit organizations, and this particularly concerns donor relationships. That said, how the message is presented also matters, as this can determine the success of your fundraising appeal in the long run.

To this end, you have to invest in specific brand communication elements like WordPress themes. These themes will add some vibes to your promotional messages and ensure that you get the message out promptly.

You can definitely get outstanding WordPress themes from a top software development company. It’s interesting to note that numerous themes are available for fundraising campaigns. In this article, we shall discuss some WordPress themes, but before we delve into that, let’s look at the things you need to consider before choosing a theme.


The features you wish to have on your site are among the first things to consider before selecting a theme. You should be clear about what you want to be integrated and how you want the site to appear. It could simply be about having a specific number of columns or having an adaptable header. You should highlight the features and check through the list of themes accordingly.


A responsive theme will do many wonders for your site. This factor primarily concerns ensuring that your site is very easy to use. Visitors do not have to struggle to navigate the site; this is why selecting a responsive theme is important. You will get to engage your audience better with such a theme and even increase your chances of raising more funds when it matters most.

Colour Scheme

The visuals, as reflected by the colour scheme, of the theme also matter. And this is not necessarily about going for some flashy or extremely vibrant stuff. The major thing is to have something that perfectly complements your site.

It’s worth noting that you can easily tweak the colour of most WordPress themes. To add to that, it would be helpful to create a site with a lighter colour tone as people will be more inclined to read from such.


As themes come in various designs, so do their prices vary. You should factor in your budget before ultimately settling for a particular one. Committing a fortune to subscribe to a theme while trying to raise funds won’t be advisable. You can get a few good WordPress themes at reasonable prices or even free.

Investing in WordPress themes is meant to add substance to your fundraising appeal. Therefore, you should not rush into purchasing one without test-running it. It’s important to evaluate the theme to see if it has been updated to WordPress standards.

You should be mindful that integrating WordPress themes can contribute to staff augmentation to some extent. They can complement the efforts of your employees when it comes to engaging donors.

It can also aid the process of reaching out and reconnecting with lapsed donors by offering a familiar and user-friendly interface. This can involve a specialized page or notations that cater specifically to such a group, thus inviting their involvement again. It’s crucial to not overlook this demographic while focusing primarily on new donations.

Now To Our 7 Best WordPress Themes For Non-Profits

1. SeedProd

SeedProd avails non-profits the room to create themes tailored to their needs. You can do this by utilizing its “drag and drop” functionality. Several theme templates can be used directly or modified as you deem fit. The preview feature on SeedProd means you will have a glimpse of how your site will appear to the audience. This would enable you to ascertain whether or not – where slight corrections may be required – the site can go live at a given time.

2. Essence Pro

Essence Pro ranks high in terms of performance with an impressive degree of responsiveness. It is one theme widely used in building non-profits’ websites. Essence Pro has got some exciting features, like page templates that you can use for blogs, landing pages and archives. A theme selection panel, adaptable headers and widget integration points are also available.

3. Ultra

Ultra is quite a versatile theme option, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. It is built with many unique features, including a visual page editor, pre-designed websites, a contact form, Google Maps, a one-click demo content installer, progress bars, etc.

You shouldn’t just be looking to use Ultra for cash donations alone, as you can also employ it to sell products to fulfil your fundraising objective. We won’t be mistaken if we tag Ultra as the “non-profit WordPress theme for all seasons.”

4. Grassroots

Grassroots is a distinctively developed WordPress theme that non-profits and fundraisers find handy when building their websites. The theme permits the use of contact form and WordPress donation plugins to promote fundraising causes.

Plus, it covers virtually all aspects of fundraising activities – from employees to donors, logo placements, and so on. The homepage also has a video background which you leverage to develop an amply captivating landing page.

5. Maranatha

Looking for a WordPress theme that is strictly for church fundraising? Then Maranatha has got to be your go-to choice – although many non-profit organizations also use it. The unique thing about this is that it comes with an inbuilt sermon management section.

You can use this to feel inspired to give your audience a charge about giving. Besides this, Maranatha bears other notable features that will be valuable for your fundraising cause.

6. Divi

Divi is another amazing WordPress theme non-profits should give a look-in. You can draw inspiration for your site from the pre-made layouts on it and build a responsive website in return. The features incorporated into Divi are really mind-blowing. And as though that is not enough, this theme has been designed to advance SEO objectives.

7. Charitize

Last on our list is Charitize; you need not be told that this was mainly created with non-profits in mind. You can customize it in different ways to suit your preference – the background, colour, content format, etc., can be easily altered.

More importantly, it has features like sticky posts, donate now button, a featured post column, contact forms, and much more. To make donations easy, Charitize allows the addition of various payment gateways, including PayPal. It is yet another SEO-ready WordPress theme.

8. Astra

Astra is an exceptionally popular multipurpose theme with a number of pro-quality non-profit templates. The theme is easy to use, fully responsive, SEO friendly and incredibly fast. It comes with over 240 readymade Starter Templates that cover every industry you could mention. Simply install, customize and launch. It really is that easy.

Astra is fully compatible with the WordPress block editor and leading page builders so customizing your template to fit your brand is a breeze. It also integrates seamlessly with most WordPress plugins including calendars, donation plugins and other tools a non-profit might need.

Final Thoughts

Having a resource like an excellent WordPress theme makes life easy for non-profits. This particularly relates to the creation of a functional website. Any of the themes briefly discussed above will certainly deliver the good as you hope to get your site up and running.