Types of Corporate Communication Tools to Power Up Your Brand Identity

The lines between advertising and public relations are blurry; the probable reason, they are interrelated. And they are united under the corporate communication umbrella.

While they all have differences, they must stick together to help corporations put the message out both; internally and externally.

The need for corporate communication is evident; it is an important process that many organizations use because it helps build strong relationships with their stakeholders. It allows them to share what the organization does and its values, which builds trust and loyalty. This is how important corporate communication is.

It involves many kinds of messages sent to employees, customers, investors, or the public. Corporate communication can help an organization with many distinct functions and purposes.

To know how you can enhance it, keep reading.

What Are The Types Of Corporate Communication?

Internal Communication

Internal communication supports the company’s operations by informing employees about the organization’s operations, mission, and working, vision, and future goals.

It could be about business objectives and priorities, an upcoming change in programs, new policies and procedures, services offered, etc.

Internal communication helps in keeping the employees updated about the organization’s happenings and also helps in ensuring a smooth flow of information and communication.

External Communication

External Communication is meant for organizations, customers, shareholders, or the public. They inform them about the business and new products, services, and technologies. It could be meant to sell new products, build trust, or conduct business better.

The primary purpose of external communication is to attract, engage and inform customers about business updates.

But how can you enhance corporate communication and reach out to people better? Find your answer in the blog. Keep reading.

Top 6 Corporate Communication Tools To Power Up Brand Identity

Digital Signage Displays

Digital signage solutions are the best way to amp up corporate communication. As the screens can showcase content in real-time and easily attract the attention of the spectators, give them updates about the happenings of the organization, and keep them motivated to deliver better for the organization.

You can showcase best performers, greet employees on their birthdays, display motivational quotes, targets to be achieved, work anniversaries, etc., to keep the employees motivated to perform better while also enhancing the working environment.

Social Wall

A social wall is a smart strategy to enhance the employees’ experience by showcasing the activities happening on social media.

Through a social media wall, brands can showcase social media posts created and shared by their stakeholders. Thus, boosting enthusiasm in the work environment and easily keeping up the employee-corporate communication.


Visuals are gripping. They hold the attention of the audience and are also better perceived by them.

Businesses can create videos to better inform the audience and keep them updated about the organization’s happenings. Further, you can include a brief about the directors and the working staff, upload it on the website to attract better talent, and build brand advocacy amid the internal and external stakeholders.

Email Blasts & Newsletters

Some brands are doing exceptionally well by incorporating newsletters into their corporate communications strategy. If you are stuck for inspiration, you can share:

  • Favorable articles about your company
  • Any milestone achieved by the company
  • The behind-the-scenes look at your company
  • Insight into your company’s history
  • Monthly recaps of the business done

The best part about this is that you can target both internal as well as external audiences.

In-Person Interactions

Nothing can replace the power of face-to-face interactions. Digital conversations are nuanced, but the satisfaction and interpersonal relationships built by in-person interactions are unmatchable.

The culture of the company and face-to-face interactions feel cohesive with all other communication avenues. But, of course, this is also applicable for virtual meetings, which are becoming the go-to for most businesses because of the prevailing circumstances.

According to a Forbes Insights survey, 80% of people said they thought face-to-face meetings led to more robust, more resourceful business relationships.

Annual Reports

By the name of it, annual reports could seem yawn-inducing. But, they make for an excellent opportunity to talk about and display your business’s achievements in a creative and relatable way.

But, for annual reports to work like a dream, they must be impeccably presented, with clear and precise communication, precisely conveyed information, and a storytelling background.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Having superfluous communications is somewhat necessary to lock the growth of the organization. Therefore, businesses have to ensure that clear and precise information has been conveyed across departments and that the stakeholders are kept informed about the organization’s happenings.

If you have been looking for ways to enhance corporate communication, I hope this blog gives you insights into its enhancement.

Go ahead and enjoy employee-consumer-brand relationships like never before!