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Best AI paraphrasing tools you can use in content creation

“Every person can write but not everyone can be a writer” is a famous quote by Bardia Sinaee implies that it requires years of training, talent, and practice to be a good writer.

Writing is of different types, you cannot write hard-to-read deep meaning English when writing for the general public online or offline and instead you need to come up with precise, to-the-point and easy-to-read copy to make sure everyone understands what you wrote.

Also, as there are millions of web pages loaded with text and ideas, it can be hard to write unique content. For such purposes, paraphrasing is a technique used by most of the writers to write articles, blogs, website content and even academic copies like assignments and thesis.

Paraphrasing is using an existing idea or text as inspiration and rewrite it using your own imagination fueld with words to achieve greater clarity. Paraphrasing is a skill itself and you have to practice and gain knowledge about it before you ace it.

Fortunately, thanks to paraphrasing tools, rewriting text is not a difficult job anymore. These tools are built using different coding languages and is powered with AI (machine learning and deep learning) and NLP that generates near-human results in no time.

Manual paraphrasing of a 2 page article could possibly take hours and as compared, these tools can do it in minutes allowing you to save a lot of time and effort.

Also, another thing that is concerning is that it can be hard to find the right tool when there is an array of options available online. So to counter this, we have done the hardwork for you and gathered four top-rated paraphrasing tools that can effectively help you in content creation and offer great results.

However, before jumping onto the tools, it is better you should know what paraphrasing tools are and how to use them.

Paraphrasing tool and Its working

Paraphrasing tools, paraphrase tools or rewriter tools are AI-based machines that take in text and make certain changes in the text to improve the text, remove duplicate content, remove grammatical errors and so on.

These tools are easy to use and all you need is to copy/paste or upload your file that you want to rephrase and hit the button. You will get your text ready to be used in seconds.

Now let’s discuss four of the top paraphrasing tools available that are best for content creation.

04 best AI paraphrasing tools for content creation


At first, paraphrase tools used to change all the words with synonyms to make it unique but the resulting text used to be unreadable and when AI jumped in, the whole scenario changed. These tools are now learning with each result they produce and now have reached to a point where telling the difference between human written and computer generated content has become hard.

Still, users question the tool’s credibility whether they can rely on these tools or not with their important work. Well, for such users, we brought the tool that can help you while allowing you maximum freedom to choose the right paraphrased text that you can use.

Sentence rephraser

This AI-powered rephraser is unique and distinctive from other paraphrasers available because it rewrites a text sentence by sentence. When you enter the text, you have to move your cursor towards a sentence and click on the button that appears above. After clicking, it will analyze the sentence and will generate four different rephrased versions of the same sentence that you can copy and use anywhere you want.

This tool is hundred percent free and anyone can use it from any device they want. No signing up is required either.


The name of this tool tells much about its functionality. Plagiarism is a concern for every writer. No matter what they are writing, they have to avoid plagiarism at all costs.

You have to check your content before submitting or publishing it anywhere against millions of webpages present online. This can be done using a plagiarism checker. However, if you find any trace of plagiarism (unintentional) you have to remove it and paraphrasing the duplicate text is one of the best ways to do it.

This is where plagiarism fixer comes in. Plagiarism can occur in sentences, phrases and paragraphs and manually rewriting each can be daunting. So, to save your time and effort, you can use the

Plagiarism Fixer

This tool takes in content and makes several changes in the text to make it unique, plagiarism free and usable. This tool is available for free but there is a limit of 5000 characters per search that users have to abide by.


One of the main concerns for writers, bloggers, students and webmasters is semantic plagiarism. This occurs during manual paraphrasing when a human writer takes inspiration from a website along with some words and copy the style/delivery of the inspirational content. This is easily detected by search engines and good plagiarism checkers.

This occurs often and to avoid this, you have to rewrite all the duplicate content including words. So, instead of manually doing all the work, you can get help from the

Plagiarism Changer

This tool can remove all the traces present in the text including semantic plagiarism and can help you write content that is completely unique. All you need is to add duplicate sentences and paragraphs in the tool and it will do the job for you.


The last tool on our list is the This tool works differently as compared to the ones mentioned above. It allows users to create content according to their needs by offering four different modes offering different results.


Students can use the academic mode to create content according to the instructions. Bloggers and writers can use AI mode to generate content of highest quality. Anti plagiarism mode can be used by anyone to remove duplicate content from their text and creative mode is for users that want to rewrite outdated content and improve the text quality.

You can try and use all these modes for free as this tool charges nothing from the users and allows unlimited usage. Use any mode that matches your needs and copy the results without any hassle.

Final Words

Mastering paraphrasing skills is a tough job and even if you practice alot, it will still take some effort and time. Paraphrasing tools on the other hand can help you rewrite any amount of text in seconds which can be really helpful at times.

You can use any of the above mentioned tools to do this job for you. Also, you should proofread the text after conversion to ensure the text is ready to use before submitting or publishing it. We hope this article helped.