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The Benefits of Incorporating Cybersecurity into Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) principles have been around for quite some time now, with numerous changes and new rules that people should adhere to in order to create a good ranking online. Every successful business owner recognizes the value that good SEO can have for their business.

However, the very nature of SEO is rather volatile, partly because the internet itself is a volatile place with new trends and capabilities emerging on a monthly basis. In particular, there has been a significant increase in cybercrime over the past two years by up to 600%. This affects everyone online and that is why SEO principles change accordingly. Luckily, cybersecurity is also on the rise. Here are some of the benefits of implementing cybersecurity into your SEO strategy.

Consider using VPNs

The rise of VPNs or virtual private networks has been prevalent, particularly on a consumer-grade level. However, more and more companies are considering the value that a VPN has to offer.  They are even using a built-in vpn browser to ensure secure and private internet connections for their employees. The core principle behind a VPN is that it conceals your true IP address, so your real location is literally unknown.

The IP address is then rerouted to somewhere else in the world. This is especially handy if you want to hide the location of your servers carrying all of the valuable data. Your SEO ranking will go up, especially considering the many added functions such as the possibility to detect malicious cyberattacks and comprehensive encryption protocols.

Get certified

One of the quickest ways to instantly secure your website and make it safe both for your users and your brand is by recognizing the importance of getting an SSL certificate, which will allow you to encrypt your website’s data and can immensely help you with preventing cyberattacks. These vicious digital acts of crime are aimed at your company’s servers in order to get users’ private information such as credit card information and personal details.

If you put off getting certified you signal to your clients that you are not a very trusted brand and you do not take data privacy seriously. One more benefit of getting certified is that your SEO ranking instantly goes up, since Google monitors and then notifies users if they are entering an unprotected website, which can result in fewer visits and in less traffic in the long run. All of this negatively impacts your SEO ranking.

Use cloud storage

Sometimes during cyberattacks core, data can be compromised and if there is no backup there is no way to retrieve it, this can ruin a brand’s reputation and the functionality of your client services by resulting in prolonged downtime. However, the core elements of your source data can be stored on cloud storage. This is a great way to get an extra layer of security in case your on-site storage suffers a cyberattack or even a system malfunction. The best thing of all is that it is completely decentralized and, therefore, far from danger.

Watch the red flags

Performing regular audits is a must if you want to level up your cybersecurity. A dedicated cybersecurity team is guaranteed to boost your brand’s online traffic and SEO ranking by carefully inspecting the source code and looking for strange coding scripts. Hackers usually plant pieces of code blocks that run on your browser page and they have the function to spy on your users’ activity and look for passwords, credit card information, or even personal data.

If your users report that they cannot log in using their login credentials, chances are that your network is compromised and that hackers took over their accounts. In this case, you have to block these accounts and perform a network-wide check for any intruders. In addition, one dead giveaway is Google’s security alerts which give a warning that your page is no longer available. The Google console can confirm whether your URL is on the list of hacked URL addresses.

Adopt scanning strategies

One of the simplest ways to automatically scan for any malicious activity is to invest in antivirus software that can also perform threat detection. These programs can run on your servers and constantly monitor the security status of your network looking for suspicious files. The threat detection system is great at recognizing patterns and alerts you whenever there is some new suspicious activity, in this way you can prevent attacks before they happen.

One of the advantages of using these security tools is that they can schedule regular scans and maintain their firewall in the background. In addition, you should also consider using web analytics tools that can scan your log files to check for any irregularities. You could also use the tools which allow you to check the backlink profile, which is a guaranteed way to boost your SEO. Not only does this improve brand trust, and traffic but it also protects you from any spammers and phishing attempts that can affect your users.

The key to building a successful brand in this day and age largely depends on how well you establish your online presence through the use of SEO practices. A good chunk of having soul brand in this day and age largely depends on how well you establish your online presence through the use of SEO practices.

A good chunk of having success with your SEO strategies comes down to incorporating a high level of cybersecurity. Success with your SEO strategies comes down to incorporating a high level of cybersecurity. Some of the ways you can do this include: getting SSL certified, relying on the cloud for backups, using a VPN, watching out for clear warnings, and using threat detection systems.