Digital Marketing

What You Should Ask a Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

If you own a company or you operate one, you will probably want some digital marketing at some point. Digital marketing can increase your company’s visibility, and it can get you more sales. You can hire a team of employees to handle your digital marketing, or else you can contact an outside agency and have them do it.

Let’s say you contact an agency about some Colorado Springs digital marketing. Before you hire them, there are a few questions that you should ask. We’ll talk about some of those right now. You need to get satisfactory answers before you set up a contract with this agency.

Do You Work with Companies This Size?

Some digital marketing agencies work with very large companies. If you have a huge, international company, you want an agency that knows about crafting strategies that will help a business entity that size.

You might also have agencies that work with medium-sized companies. You may operate in a few states if you have brick-and-mortar store locations. You should make sure the agency you’re thinking about hiring has strategies in mind that can help a medium-sized company.

Maybe you have a fairly small business. If so, it makes sense that you would hire an agency that can help a company that size.

Different-sized companies require different strategies, so make sure the agency you hire can work with the business entity you have.

Can You Operate with the Budget I Have Available?

You probably don’t have unlimited cash in your marketing budget. You will have a set amount and no more. You should ask the agency when you reach out whether they can set up a marketing campaign with that amount.

They should tell you the ideas they have for that size budget. If they say they can work with the money you’ve allocated and they can lay out a marketing campaign that you find suitable, then you can move forward.

What Techniques Will You Employ?

You should also ask about the specific techniques that the agency feels will help you. They might say they’ll look over your company’s website and optimize it. Maybe they will do some keyword research and add some additional keywords and phrases that you don’t feature there yet.

They may also add a company blog. Many business entities have them on their websites, and you may not have one yet. They might improve your website’s appearance by removing generic images. They can shoot some pictures and create some original videos that they can feature there instead.

They might help you with your social media accounts. Maybe you don’t have any yet. The agency can investigate which platforms you should use. You can’t use them all since that would spread your resources too thin. Some focus groups and questionnaires that the agency conducts should reveal which platforms your would-be customers use.

They might use some guerilla marketing techniques. They may create a PPC ad campaign for you. They may create a Google Business profile for your company. In some instances, they may try improving your online reputation if you have many negative reviews that former customers left.

Are You Available Right Now?

You might also ask the agency whether they can start your marketing campaign immediately. You probably can’t wait if they’re not taking on new clients right then.

Maybe they seem very professional, and they have the prior experience you need. They might not have enough resources to help you at this particular moment, though.

You may need several individuals working together from the agency that can handle your campaign. The agency might simply not have the capacity right now. They may have too many other campaigns going on, and they can’t give you the attention your campaign deserves at the moment.

If so, you might try a different agency. You need one that can give you all of their focus, or the campaign probably won’t succeed.

How Soon Will I See Results?

You might want some concrete results. Maybe you want many more website visitors every day, week, or month. You also want more sales. You might have a set increase you want. Let’s say you want 20% more sales within the first three months.

It’s difficult predicting exactly what results a marketing campaign will get for you. However, you can certainly ask how soon you might see the results you want if you hire this agency.

They probably can’t say exactly how many more sales or precisely how many more site visitors you will get. Still, they can probably tell you approximately what you can expect if you hire this agency and when you might notice these improvements.

Who Can I Contact?

You should also ask who you can contact from the agency in the future, assuming you hire them. In other words, you want a contact person within the agency.

Once they start your campaign, you should have a contact person with whom you can speak whenever you need some feedback or reassurance. If you have any questions, you need someone to whom you can reach out at any time.

The agency should have a name for you. This person will spearhead your campaign, and they will offer a detailed report whenever you need one.

What Do You Charge?

Finally, you must figure out how much this agency charges. You will have funds they can use to help run your marketing campaign. You must also pay the agency, though.

You must see whether they’re charging an amount you consider reasonable. If they demand more money than you can pay, you must use someone else.

You can compare a few different prices when looking at agencies. You might find one that has the same expertise, but they don’t charge as much. If so, they’re probably your best bet.

You can observe what experience and former client feedback these agencies have. That way, you can choose what is hopefully the best one.