Web Design Trends 2021

Web design trends keep evolving and changing over the years. Are you wondering what will be the web design trends 2021? The web design trends 2021 can be called an absolute combination of the visual designing and evolving technology. The technical possibilities are abundant and we will get to see web designers play with extremes by reinventing their previous styles or by experimenting with completely new techniques. However there are some popular styles which are evergreen and they are here to stay, like use of colorful flat illustrations etc. which we’ve been seeing over the last few years.

Web designers are experimenting and using incredibly creative ways to keep their sites operational and clean of clutter. They are busy creating masterpieces which absolutely stand out.

Let’s look into some of the popular Web Design Trends 2021:

1. Combining illustrations with Photos

The latest web design trend combining photos or images with simple hand-drawn 2D illustrations. Under this technique, the hand-drawn illustrations will either replace parts of the images or they will over write over the images to create a fun mixture of two realities.

2. Using dark themes

Dark mode is one of the latest web design trends incorporated by the web designs, it makes the website look ultra-modern, and is very easy on the eyes. The dark background highlights the colors and designs. The dark themes are better for OLED screens as they help in saving power and prolonging the screen lifespan.

This dark mode design also goes well with other popular 2021 design trends like using dark and moody color schemes along with glowing neon colors. It also goes well with hi-tech yet dark cyberpunk style of web designs.

3. Vintage-inspired or Retro styles

This year we will get to experience a real blast from the past. The vintage or retro design style of the early 50s and 60s is one of the most sought out theme in the latest trends of web design. Using vintage effects by using faded colors, black-and-white photos, classic images, vintage typography etc. This theme is mostly influenced from other media forms of those olden time, like television and magazines of that pre-internet era.

Websites may pick up nostalgic pieces and mix them with the modern style.

4. Black and white

2021 will be the year of experimenting, we will get to see many designers opting for black and white websites, websites sans any colour. The websites will be focused primarily on using black and white with grayscale images, it will be clutter free, crisp and modern. Such themes are often minimalist and include maxi typography and line art elements.

5. Illustrations combining art and design

Use of all kinds of Illustrations in web designing will be one of the latest trends in web design 2021. Web designers will use beautiful artwork right from watercolors and pastel in their web designs. Introduction of modern and weird art like use of characters having disproportionate bodies or no facial features etc.

6. 3D and motion effects

Today 3D has become an integral part of graphic and web designing. Web Design Trends 2021 will see a lot of use of 3D effects. In 2021, use of motion effects will be more appealing and engrossing than ever. Be ready to be surprised by interesting interactive 3D effects on websites which will keep you interested to stay longer on the page.

7. Minimalistic navigation

Today smartwatches are a craze, and more and more people are turning to them. If users have to navigate on such small devices, then the designer has to ensure that the website has minimalistic navigation. Navigation is the glue which keeps the website together. To accommodate extremely small devices, navigation has to be very simple, taking away the difficulty in usability. The designer has to ensure that the user need not move around a lot in search of things, as the more time they spend moving around the lesser time they will be able to give to the website.

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