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How to Use Google Analytics to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine

What is the purpose of your website? Is it for selling products or services? Or is it for promoting a new product or new store? Or is the website being used for creating awareness about your company and brand? As we can see the basic purpose of a website is to attract more people to the website and to make them loyal customers.

So now the next question, how successful do you think is your website is in fulfilling this purpose? It has been noticed that many small business owners and quite a few large companies do not bother spending time over this question.

The technical term for this purpose of a website is conversions. How many visitors visit the website and how many of them get converted into purchasing customers or sign up for emails or call the company for more information? The most important purpose of a website is to become a conversion machine, it has to convert as many visitors as possible into customers.

Let us introduce you to a tool called Google Analytics.

This secret tool Google Analytics can turn your website into a conversion machine. Below mentioned are ways how it can help in completely utilizing the potential of your website to the fullest for the growth of your business.

  • Tracking the bounce rate: A website is ranked by the Google search engine depending on its bounce rate. If your website is visited by a large number of visitors who leave the website within few seconds, it means that your website quality is low and visitors are leaving after just glancing at the first page without even going through the website. This data can be obtained from google analytics and it shows that there is a problem with the website’s designing or the content on the website is not intriguing enough. Using this data you can make changes in your design and content accordingly, to improve the website quality.
  • Discovering the source of the traffic: Using Google Analytics you can find out if website is being visited by visitors who are being directed from your social media page or through organic searches or through referrals from other websites. If you see a sudden jump in your web traffic, it is a good opportunity to check from which city or country are you receiving the traffic or through which mode have they reached your website. All this can in finding out more about your audience, and then focus more on that platform for future endeavors.
  • Find out the best page: Google Analytics can help you know on which page on your website the consumers spend maximum time. This most liked and visited page can be made your landing page and for planning marketing strategies around it.
  • Find out the type of content which works: Once you have found out the most liked and visited page through Google Analytics, the next step is to try to optimize all other pages of your website to match similar type of content and tone. This will help in improving the quality of the entire website. This will in turn help improve the quality of over the entire website. The pages which already have traffic, it can help getting insights into what content is working.
  • Trends Studies: Google Analytics can help you get the trend of your web traffic. Compare the trend over weeks, months and even a year to formulate a strategy. The trends will help you know about the peak time your website is visited and what are the times when the traffic is at a low. Google Analytics data is accurate and is highly useful in taking better decisions regarding marketing strategy and business.
  • Know the customer base: Google Analytics provides a complete insight about the visitors visiting your website right from their location, demographics, preferences etc. Understanding these potential customers help in incorporating their likes and dislikes before making any changes to your website layouts, designs and content.
  • Finding out the best keywords: Google Analytics helps you with a list of keywords which people are using while searching for your website. Use the right keywords from the list and then write your content surrounding them, to attract more visitors to the website. Using Google Analytics is a very good option for searching keywords rather than spending a lot of time and money searching keywords which may not get the desired results.
  • Competitor Analysis: Google Analytics can give you information on how well is your website performing as compared to other websites of companies from the same industry. This helps you to understand where you are required to make changes to improvise your website for better results.

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