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Typography Trends 2021

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Graphic design trends make designers run for their money, do trends even loiter around for longer?

Poor designers! The typography decisions you make while designing your posters, flyers, and business cards impact the sales, visits, and attendees respectively.

Using a user-friendly flyer creator can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your flyers, ensuring they catch the attention of your target audience and drive desired actions.

Creative posters speak volumes and are worth more than a thousand words, probably a million words because many times posters do stuff that long speeches cannot.

And typography de facto plays a vital role in making them a success. With the year 2020 dominated by Pick n Mix and The Minimalist designs predominantly, 2021 has something exciting as a surprise.

Coming to the designers’ rescue are the best typography trends of 2021 that will make it big in the coming year. Let me walk you through some of the hottest trends in typography that’d gain the spotlight in 2021.

Typography trends to watch out for in 2021

If you are a graphic designer, you would agree with me when I say that the design trends fluctuate like stocks, wouldn’t you? The frustration of using the same fonts and patterns over and over again in every project is felt by graphic and UI designers alike.

We all like a variety of options to choose from and what we love is our palettes full of the latest trendy stylish fonts and designs showing themselves off presentably for us to be used. So without further ado, let’s jump to the pulp of this blog 一 typography trends in 2021!

1. The Maximalist

Standing at number one on our list is The Maximalist. As Wikipedia defines it, Maximalism is a reaction against minimalism, an aesthetic of excess. The philosophy can be summarized as “more is more”, contrasting with the minimalist motto “less is more”.

Maximalism includes the use of bold fonts, colors, patterns, text overlays, shadow effects, and lavish designs. As an analogy, Minimalist is that silent frontbencher kid talking politely and Maximalist is the backbencher screaming at the top of his voice.

Remember the old Sunday circus posters? It makes a typical maximalist design example. You could hardly find any blank space in it, a distinguishing feature of the Maximalist design.

Maximalist font
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Undoubtedly, this design is expected to gain traction in 2021. Although the minimalist design is doing wonders in graphic and interior designing, artists are slowly picking maximalist design patterns creating visually compelling designs.

2. Fonts Medley

As the name suggests, Font Medley is a mix of multiple fonts assembled to create an attractive design that catches the eye. Keep in mind that you don’t create chaos in the name of art. Anything difficult to interpret or understand could backfire on you and may ruin your design objective.

Font Medley is a perfect mix of appropriate fonts that look good together. It has been making rounds on social media and web design of late and is going to be around for a long. So play around with different font styles and figure out which works the best for you and the audience.

Fonts Medley
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Check out this great fonts mashup design to get a clear idea of how it looks like. It may overwhelm you but what can’t you achieve with patience and the level of creativity you already possess, agree?

3. Recurrence

If you ask me, “ How do I make my artwork stand out from the crowd?”, I would reply saying, “ Why don’t you try Kanye West’s design invention?” You read it right, Recurrence or Repetition became a trend in the designing industry, courtesy of the American rapper and producer Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”.

What makes this one so special? It guarantees user attention with its striking look of repetitive phrases. The user gets intimidated to look at symmetric patterns and out of curiosity keeps gazing at the beauty of such an art.

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Didn’t you get awestruck with the above duo-tone repetition design? This art is a perfect blend of minimalism, recurrence, duo-tone, and a bit of vintage twist to it. Read on, there’s more to ponder for you!

4. Handwritten Art

Ideal for small and budding businesses, handwritten fonts serve the purpose of welcoming the customers with a conventional and a homely feel. Businesses realized this in 2020 and have already started utilizing it. What better time could it be to use this typography trend?

In the contemporary world, where handwritten letters got replaced by emails, handwritten notes and designs bring that feel-good vibe in people. Handwritten touch to designs make businesses feel less corporate and build trust.

If you are on the lines of launching a campaign through an infographic or a flyer, this design would be ideal. Try using this art and you would see your customer relationship skyrocketing.

Handwritten Art
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5. Build Your Own

While there are lots of fonts and typefaces out there, choosing one for your company could be a herculean task. Designing your custom typeface has never been so easy with companies like Google and Amazon already using their own.

Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Cartoonists, and Artists are making use of the drawing tablets for design and art, thereby making artistry easier than ever with lots of pretty cool features.

Font content editors do a pretty good job in this regard. Fontlab Studio, FontCreator, and Fontographer are just a few of the best custom font designer tools to give your font a personal touch.

Setting up the process might be a bit time-consuming but it will reap rewards you could never imagine in the wildest of your dreams. Creating and using your typeface sets you apart from the crowd and all your prints with the same typeface will certainly enhance your brand identity and recognition.

Summing Up

Summing it up for you, 2021 has a lot in store for the graphic designers and artists. While most existing typefaces may still be relevant, these chosen ones are the designs we would love to keep a close eye on in the ‘21.

If you are looking to build your brand identity, you shall consider creating your custom font typeface. The returns are incomparable. If you are rather focussing on sales or leads or visitors, The Maximalist and Fonts Medley, and Recurrence would do it all for you.

However, if you are working for a budding client or if you are a blooming designer looking to build a great customer relationship, handwritten art typography could do you wonders in 2021.