Best Website Builders for SEO

Every webmaster wants their website to get traffic. Traffic comes in when you nail the SEO. SEO comes with a lot of planning and hard work.

SEO is a tricky thing to get right. Learn the SEO tactics and apply it in your website and analyze it effects. And once you do, there’s still more to do. The algorithm changes constantly. And there is no email notification warning you that it has changed.

So one of the toughest challenges for SEO specialists is to keep themselves updated with the trends. They will have to look at competitors, see what they’re doing, and figure out if that formula is working or not before they can apply it to their website.

There is a preliminary step before all that is even thought about; building an SEO-friendly website.

You can include multiple elements and components in your website to help it rank in search engines. Many website builders help you achieve this.

Here are the top website builders for SEO.

1. Wix

Wix already has a good rap for being an awesome drag-and-drop builder. But did you know it is an excellent tool for building a website that is SEO-friendly?

SEO building begins much before you add the first element to your landing page. The domain name you select has a heavy weightage to how searchable the website is.

Ideally, the name should reflect your business. It should not be too complicated that a person can’t remember the spelling.

Wix allows users to select a custom domain name for their website. Many builders demand that you pay an exorbitant amount for a custom name. Wix isn’t such a builder.

You can get a domain name for free for one year. They practice private domain registration. This will protect your personal information and keep away spammers.

But that’s not where it ends. Wix has a solid set of SEO tools meant to bring traffic to your website.

The structure of Wix templates is built to be search engine-friendly. The builder allows you to customize meta tags, structured data. This will enable your content to appear as a rich result.

You will get a personal SEO plan that will take you through setting up an optimized website. It will show you how to connect to Google’s search console and track data effectively.

2. Squarespace

Racking up traffic is not so hard to do. What really matters is the type of traffic that your website gets.

It is impossible to have 100% conversions. But the sign of a successful business is a good margin of conversion.

Squarespace is one of the best website builders for SEO. Squarespace plugins has marketing and analytics tools that will help sort out your traffic.

Every website owner will be privy to the analytics provided by Squarespace to help understand your traffic. It integrates directly with Google Search Console, which will give you an in-depth analysis of what you’ve done.

The builder automatically sets optimized page titles and descriptions. This will help increase the searchability of the website. You can also hide certain pages from being crawled by search engines. An SEO panel will help you visualize how the site will appear on search engine results.

Optimization changes between website types. Squarespace has specific SEO tools for e-commerce. The pages are laid out such that customers can easily find what they’re looking for.The tool automatically generates SEO-friendly URLs and static pages for each product category.

3. Weebly

Contrary to what one would hope, SEO is not a one-and-done kind of thing. It needs to grow as your business grows. So when you create a website, you need to plan how the SEO will expand.

Weebly is one of the best website builders that facilitates easy expansion. And Weebly will help with your SEO from start to finish.

The builder provides integrated analysis that will help you run the website. This can even be accessed through Weebly’s mobile app. You can manage the site’s analytics from wherever you are.

Marketing is another side of increasing SEO. Weebly has an amazing email marketing platform that will help you retain your visitors.

Every website built on Weebly comes with a sitemap, which makes it easy to visualize the layout. Other elements like alt tags for images and page descriptions are available as well.

If all this seems like gibberish to you, don’t worry. Weebly has the perfect guide to make SEO understandable. It will point you in the right direction from the get-go. Check out the comparison page about Wix vs Weebly provided by web experts.

4. SITE123

This builder makes building a website as easy as counting to 3. Likewise, it makes applying SEO to the website just as easy. SITE123 has tons of tools that will help increase the search engine ranking for the site.

The meta tags, for example, play a big part in building SEO. SITE123 has tools to help make your meta tags perfect. It will help make the tags attractive, increasing the click rate of the page.

SITE123 automatically generates a sitemap. Search engines pull content from the site map to rank your page. An automatic sitemap won’t have any errors, unlike a manual one. This way, search engines receive only the correct information.

If you’ve slaved over building a website and its SEO on another platform, you’re not to worry. SITE123 has a 301-page redirect that will tell search engines where to find your website. You won’t lose any of the reputations that you worked hard to build.

SITE123 is integrated with Google’s webmaster tool. This tool will show you how Google sees your website. This will help you improve areas in which the site is lacking.

By knowing how to look at results and seeing what it represents, building SEO becomes easier.

5. WordPress

Last but not least,WordPress page builder. This builder needs no introduction. WordPress’s greatest positive is the sheer number of plug-ins it can integrate with.

And because this is WordPress we’re talking about, there are scores of SEO plug-ins to choose from.

Rankmath is one of the most popular SEO plug-ins. It provides an advanced XML sitemap, which helps with search engine crawling. Check out our extensive Rankmath review.

It also gives you titles and meta description templates. This ensures your content is right on track. The content analysis system on Yoast is next-level. It will give you suggestions as you enter content.

Rankmath will also give you full control over the site’s breadcrumbs. This is a navigation system through websites that will give the webmaster details about a user’s location on the website.  This helps owners know what pages visitors frequent.

All-In-One SEO is another WordPress plug-in. It will guide users from the website set-up stage to the ongoing optimization work. Other than Rankmath, Yoast is also one of the best SEO Plugin in WordPress.

AIO SEO keeps itself updated with the latest SEO requirements of popular search engines. Because of this, you won’t have to invest in professional help to increase SEO. It is also easy to integrate AIO SEO with tools like Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools.

This plug-in has features like XML sitemap, SEO meta information, search information, and even social integration. It will also analyze your content. And with that, help create content that search engines like.

So, which one of these should I begin with?

To build a successful website, you need to prioritize SEO from step one. Use Wix to get a free custom domain name and a free website. For impeccable content management and site analysis, use WordPress.